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15-Pair Large Footwear Turntower makes sure you won’t have rogue footwear ever again

15-pair-footwear-turntowerLet’s face it – men and women are wired very differently, despite sharing many similarities in terms of the humanoid structure. However, when it comes to the more stylistically inclined males, having a couple of pairs of shoes simply will not do – the more, the merrier, just like the ladies. Hence, if you would like to ensure that your unique designer shoes remain in tip top condition without getting lost around the home, perhaps it is time you invested in the $249.95 15-Pair Large Footwear Turntower?

The 15-Pair Large Footwear Turntower is an elegant wooden tower which neatly stores up to 15 pairs of men’s shoes (up to size 13) shoes and has the ability to rotate a full 360° for easy access to all footwear. It is an Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, where all of its five levels will be subdivided into a trio of oversized cubbyholes which are large enough for storing men’s or women’s dress and casual shoes of all sizes and types. All it takes is a spin of the smoothly turning tower in order to quickly locate the pair that you want. The turntower will offer a simpler retrieval system than storing shoes in a stack of boxes, and it boasts of a compact design that makes sure the mates remain in tidy, orderly pairs, as opposed to having them in a messy jumble on a closet floor.

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