1.3-megapixel Portable Digital USB Iriscope


Are you rather bored at work that you can’t seem to find an impetus to step up your game or offer something new to the organization? Guess you might want to fill up your time with the 1.3-megapixel Portable Digital USB Iriscope for PC & Iridology Camera then, where it will hook up to an available USB port, capturing an image of your iris using the capture software for fun. Of course, modifying it through a graphics editing program might just yield some unusual results especially when you apply a wide range of filters available, but those who want to know about their health status might just see what the included software says through analyzing your iris. Heck, you can even be the toast of your department by running a private personal clinic during lunch break, giving out diagnosis one after another with the most frequent one being, “You’re in the wrong job” so that you have the chance to be top dog soonest possible without any competition left hanging around. Impossible? Best find ways to make back the $120.69 you spent on this, then.

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