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12 Surface IQ Pentagon

12-sided-pentagonSo you think you’ve got the brains to handle just about any puzzle in the market, and the Rubik’s Cube is child’s play for you? Why not try on the 12 Surface IQ Pentagon for size? This $59.99 toy ought to provide your grey matter with a reasonable workout before you turn away from it in frustration.

Introducing the 12 Sided IQ Pentagon, or as we like to call it, Brain Death in a 10x10x10cm Package. Twelve sides and twelve colors to challenge your mind and keep your hands busy. Perfect for standing in line at the DMV, sitting in the waiting room at the dentist’s office, killing time while your professor re-explains the concept for the legacy kids, or biding your time while the server is down.

Perfect for those who want a complex IQ challenge game, where it could possible help unleash your creative thinking powers while providing relevant brain training without having to fire up one of those Nintendo DS titles.