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100 FREE iPhone Games

As we haven’t given the iPhone enough coverage recently I thought I’d quickly share this service, iPhone Nova it gives you unlimited free access to a load of original games, movies, music, etc.. for your iPhone. Check it out.

One of our readers also submitted, iPhoneGold. It has a list of 100 free games specially for the iPhone.

As I’m in the UK I can’t get my hands on an iPhone yet which is probably a good job as if I did I don’t think fellow CG writer Andi would speak to me again, see this rant post) .

6 thoughts on “100 FREE iPhone Games”

  1. I’m in love with MindDojo at the moment. It’s incredible how good of a job dbelement did, this is almost as good as brain age on the DS

  2. Indeed is a good site. We use it in Hyderbad to download movies and pley them in our office.

    They have lots of HD movies and some people download games and apps.


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