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+10 Electronic Dice Barbarian Gauntlet

DId you grow up playing RPGs (Role Playing Games), or some of those Fighting Fantasy books that used a pencil, and eraser, a couple of dice, and of course, plenty of your imagination as you make an attempt to complete a particular quest in the book? Surely you would be familiar with some of the workings of RPGs as well as book-based games like the Lone Wolf or Fighting Fantasy series. Having a +5 or +10, with 2D6 being familiar terms to you, here is something in the flesh that might just make you shed a tear or two of nostalgia – with the $69.99 +10 Electronic Dice Barbarian Gauntlet.

I guess you can call this the invisible dice, where it relies on barbarian magic (or rather, modern technology) that lets you roll electronic dice with but a flick of your wrist. After all, your wrist wears the +10 Electronic Dice Barbarian Gauntlet, and you can opt to roll 1 or 2 dice simultaneously, choosing from d2 to d4, d6, d8, d12, d20 and d100. Not only that, the +10 Electronic Dice Barbarian Gauntlet will also come with stopwatch, timer, dual counter, and clock modes. The “magic” stops when it runs out of all 4 AAA batteries.