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10 Egg Steamer gets the job done in double quick time

10-egg-steamerOne of the best ways to enjoy food the healthy way – while making sure that all of the bacteria on or within the food are killed, would be to steam it. Surely at 100 degrees Celsius, none of the bacteria are going to survive such searing heat, and best of all is, you will not need to use so much oil in your cooking, too. A steamer would do the trick quite well, but when it comes to eggs, that might require a whole lot more experience to get it right according to different preferences. Why not let the $49.95 10 Egg Steamer do the job right instead?

The 10 Egg Steamer happens to be a countertop cooker which will make use of steam heat in order to perfectly prepare eggs, minus the guesswork or mess. As its name suggests, it will be able to cook up to 10 hard- or soft-boiled eggs (in under 20 and 10 minutes, respectively), as well as churn out a quartet of poached eggs or a three-egg omelet on the included trays. Using it is as simple as filling the base of the device with the right amount of water required for that particular recipe on the included measuring cup, and when the eggs are ready, a beep will inform you.