Empatica smartwatch looks out for your respiratory health

by Edwin - on February 23, 2019

Prevention is always far better than curing an illness, which is why Empatica has come up with a brand new smartwatch that is not only able to tell the time accurately, this timepiece will also be able to help alert its wearer in the event where there is danger of developing a serious respiratory infection prior to any symptoms showing up. Empatica’s smartwatch will be based on the technology of the company’s Embrace2, a smartwatch that is worn by those who live with epilepsy.

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Vivo V15Pro revealed

by Edwin - on February 22, 2019

Chinese smartphone manufacturer continues to break new ground with a spanking new device, the Vivo V15Pro smartphone. This all-new handset will be the first model after the NEX flagship concept that sports the industry’s first elevating front camera, a cool feature that makes you want to play with it over and over again. Granted, the moving parts will eventually experience enough wear and tear to cause problems, but I suppose it is robust enough to last until you get tired of the device and shoot for a newer handset. With the Vivo V15Pro, you will find that it sports upgraded AI technology with the Google Assistant built-in.

>!–more–>In terms of its photo taking ability, the Vivo V15Pro is not a handset to be trifled with. It boasts of the AI Triple Camera that will help elevate your photography sessions to a whole new level, and security is further augmented courtesy of in-display fingerprint scanning. The front camera will feature an elevating mechanism and packs in a whopping 32MP that will help capture great looking selfies with unrivalled clarity. Getting rid of the notch will also provide a stunning 91.64% screen-to-body ratio, resulting in an unprecedented immersive viewing experience that is ideal for both gaming and video viewing. The side and top bezels measure a mere 1.75mm and 2.2mm respectively, making you feel as though you are immersed in whatever you’re looking at.

At the back lies a 48MP quad pixel sensor, an 8MP super wide-angle camera, and a 5MP depth camera that will help you capture great looking shots without even trying very hard. With a “four-in-one pixel” technology in the main rear camera that merges four pixels into one large pixel, you end up with high-quality 12MP photos even in low light conditions. In terms of performance, the Vivo V15Pro will not disappoint with the Snapdragon 675AIE Octa-core processor running underneath the hood. There are two models available: one with 6GB of RAM while the other has 8GB of RAM, but both will feature 128GB of internal storage space. There is no word on pricing as at press time, but it will certainly cost a pretty penny considering the flagship level hardware it comes with.

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Xpad wireless charging pad is the world’s thinnest

by Edwin - on February 21, 2019

It takes a certain amount of cojones to push for a product that can carry a superlative adjective in front, such as the world’s thinnest or lightest. PlusUs is no shrinking violet, having recently introduced the Xpad that it touts to be the world’s thinnest and first-ever flexible wireless charging pad. The Xpad is actually a charging pad that is made entirely from genuine Italian leather, real timber veneer or cork. At first glance, most people would not think of it as a wireless charging pad actually thanks to its beautiful, modern design that was specially handcrafted from eco-friendly materials. As for the Xpad’s compatibility with a bevy of modern day smartphones, do not worry as it has been proportioned to accommodate virtually all different smartphone sizes and is ideal regardless of whether you use it at home or at work.

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Card Lok all-in-one phone wallet

by Edwin - on February 20, 2019

Let us face the facts: just about everyone owns a smartphone today, making it more or less an indispensable tool regardless of whether you are a youth or an adult. The smartphone too, has its fair share of accessories that make life more convenient and interesting. Some smartphone cases offer nothing but just protection, but what if you could tack on something that will help keep you organised along the way? Enter the Card Lok all-in-one phone wallet from Chrome Cherry.

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Eve Flare lets you set the mood anywhere at home

by Edwin - on February 19, 2019

EVE Systems knows that everyone would like to return to a safe and comfortable place at the end of a particularly difficult day. After all, the home is meant to be a refuge for us, so why not help make your abode a little bit more welcoming with the all new portable LED lamp Eve Flare? Currently available in both the US as well as Canada, the Eve Flare is a unique lamp that delivers up to 6 hours of illumination without having to be plugged into a power outlet. This helps you set up the mood at just the right place no matter where you are, although it would be nice if the battery life could be a wee bit longer. Still, it is ideal for those intimate moments as well as when you have family and friends over for dinner.

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Plugable boasts of tool-free NVMe SSD enclosure

by Edwin - on February 18, 2019

Most notebooks these days come with an SSD as costs begin to plummet and it becomes easily available, not to mention offering a far better performance capability as opposed to traditional hard drives. External SSDs have yet to really catch on though, but here we are with Plugable’s latest release that might make you want to jump aboard the bandwagon. Enter the Plugable USB-C NVMe Enclosure that lays claim to being the first high performance NVMe enclosure which boasts of a completely tool-free,
spring-loaded design when it comes to inserting and removing a compatible SSD. Oh yes, not forgetting the inclusion of advanced thermal management that will help to maximize performance as well as device lifespan.

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Focal Sphear Wireless in-ear headphones

by Edwin - on February 17, 2019

I strongly believe that every single one of us should own a decent pair of headphones. After all, music plays a very pivotal role in life, making difficult times easier to get through as well as uplifting one’s spirit and inspiring us to greater heights in many of our activities. Focal has come up with their next generation in-ear headphone known as Sphear Wireless, targeting those who would want both quality sound and freedom. The Sphear Wireless will bring together listening quality, comfort and freedom of movement in a single device, offering excellent tonal balance, expert treble handling and a slew of dynamics.

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Cherry MW8 advanced wireless mouse

by Edwin - on February 15, 2019

Are all computer mice created equal? Gamers will tell you with a very strong personal conviction that the answer is a resounding “No!”. Regular office workers might find the mouse to be something that they do not give much thought to, but if you would like to see your productivity amped by a degree, perhaps it would be wise to take the Cherry MW8 advanced wireless mouse into consideration as this peripheral comes with a slew of innovative features that has been specially built-in so that it is able to meet the highest standards of the most discerning user.

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