Best Gaming Keypad [2019]

Razer Tartarus V2 on desktop

Best Overall: It’s not the cheapest option, but there’s also a reason for that: The Aula Excalibur is designed to offer you an infinite number of commands with eight programmable keys, and the design of the keypad is intended to help reduce fatigue more so than other keypads as well. Best Budget Gaming Keypad: You’re … Read more

Best Indoor Grills [2019]

Best Overall: The Elite does everything you could want from a standard grill. You want the searing action and neatly present food? It does that. If you want to do more than just grill, it gives you the option to switch out the plates and create all sort of culinary dishes. You’ll find that the … Read more

Best Wireless Adapter [2019]

Wifi adapter connected to router

Best Overall: If you want the best, you want the Asus AC3100 PCIe Wireless Adapter. While it’s not nearly as portable as some of the other wireless adapters, it will keep you running at peak performance. Not to mention, it looks FREAKIN’ cool! Best Value: If you want a great wireless adapter, that isn’t a … Read more