Valentine Gadget Gifts

With put this page together to try and help gadget lovers find a romantic gift for that special person in your life. As we tend to love gadgets a bit too much a few of these gifts may not have the desired affect but result in a slap in the face :) but they’re still cool

Flower Petal Printer

Flower Petal Printer

This is a great gadget for getting one upmanship on the office romantic, instead of just sending a boring posy of roses you can personalise them with your own individual messages on every petal. What makes this gadget ectra special is that you are buyinh it for your self and can use it every year, though you may need to change partners to keep the novelty alive :). More info here.

Geek Love Heart

Make Your Own Pulsating LED Love Heart

If your partner enjoys playing with small things :) and making stuff, put their dexterious abilities to the test with this romantic (yeah right) PCB, LED flashing heart. It’s the thought that counts.

You can read more about it here or buy one at Think Geek.


Snore Stoppers

If that special person is keeping you awake all night for all the wrong reasons, instead of giving them black and blue ribs buy them a subtle remedy, a snore stopper. After a good nights sleep (by both parties) mornings are always so much more fun ;).

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