Crazybaby reveals the Air (NANO) wireless headphones

by Edwin - on November 24, 2017

Crazybaby is known to be a pioneering designer and developer of personal audio devices as well as software services, and today they have concentrated their efforts on the former by announcing the launch of the Air (NANO). Available on Indiegogo for $99 a pop, the Air (NANO) is a pair of wireless earbuds which will be able to offer great quality audio without having you get all involved in a …

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Razer Blackwidow Ultimate scoffs at water and dust now

by Edwin - on November 23, 2017


When we think about mechanical gaming keyboards that are of calibre, most of the time we would turn to tried and tested names such as Razer. Razer revives the Blackwidow gaming keyboard by adding in water- and dust-resistant capabilities, hence earning it the moniker of the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate mechanical gaming keyboard. This keyboard that was created specially for gamers have been redesigned in order to be more resilient, boasting …

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Misfit Command Hybrid Smartwatch

by Edwin - on November 22, 2017


Fancy picking up a smartwatch that also carries a blend of the traditional analog timepiece? Well, if that is your intention, you would definitely have no issues when you lay your eyes upon the Misfit Command Hybrid Smartwatch. This is an advanced timepiece which will merge the iconic design of the old school analog watch while offering the kind of powerful connectivity that only a smartwatch is able to deliver.

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Grace Digital reveals the Encore+

by Edwin - on November 20, 2017


Grace Digital Inc. is one of the top names when it comes to portable and home audio systems that incorporate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, so it is just as well that the company has announced the Encore+. The Encore+ has arrived just in time for the holidays, making it a very decent option if you have absolutely no idea on what to purchase for your loved ones and friends this …

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Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse ups your ante

by Edwin - on November 18, 2017


It is safe to say that Razer has a monopoly on gaming peripherals quite unlike anyone else. After all, this is the company that has churned out winner after winner when it comes to gaming hardware, be it the mouse, keyboard or headphones. In fact, Razer has come up with gaming laptops that are right there with the very best of them, and we are glad to bring word that …

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Huntkey USB-C Adapter

by Edwin - on November 17, 2017


Huntkey is no stranger when it comes to the world of accessories for notebooks and computers, and this time around they have come up with yet another accessory that many people would find useful: the Huntkey USB-C Adapter. This is a 60W USB-C laptop adapter, where it will boast of the latest USB3.1 SuperSpeed and intelligent charging technology. The reason that Huntkey has come up with this particular accessory is …

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InventHelp’s Cord Charmer could usher in era of clutter-free charging stations

by Edwin - on November 16, 2017


Everyone likes to work in a clean, neat and clutter-free environment, unless you were Smaug the dragon who has a really long lifespan and can’t be too bothered about which jewel and treasure is stored where. For the rest of us mere mortals, an organized desk is a reflection of an organized mind. InventHelp would like to help those of us who find it difficult to keep things neat and …

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Panasonic Lumix G9 is a high performance system camera

by Edwin - on November 15, 2017


Panasonic has done it again — something good, that is, by revealing the all-new Panasonic Lumix G9. This is a flagship Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera that will not only be able to deliver an outstanding degree of mobility, it will also come with an extremely high response speed. Being inspired by the GH5’s level of high performance, the Lumix G9 is proud to achieve the highest-ever image quality in …

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