LED Light Gloves makes life easier

by Edwin - on August 2, 2018

Gloves are pretty handy things to have around the home. You will need them when you engage in gardening, or perhaps some heavy duty Do It Yourself projects in order to protect your hands and fingers from nasty cuts or abrasions. Apart from that, gloves are also extremely useful when the temperature drops as the seasons change, and are also used in certain sports. LEDLife.us has recently announced the launch …

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Vuze XR Dual Camera

by Edwin - on August 1, 2018


When it comes to action cameras, there are many different kinds of models out there. However, we do know that virtual reality cameras are catching up in terms of popularity, allowing one to record an environment where it is possible to capture a realistic look of the surrounding place before sharing it with the rest of the digital world. HumanEyes Technologies has come up with the Vuze XR Dual Camera, …

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Kensington CoolView Wellness Monitor Stand with Desk Fan

by Edwin - on July 31, 2018


When it comes to accessories for the office drone, the name Kensington certainly does have a fair number of ‘hits’ in the past. For instance, the Kensington PowerLift back-up battery, dock and stand is something that will not only prop up your iPhone, but doubles up as a nifty power bank as well. Fast forward to today, and Kensington has introduced the CoolView Wellness Monitor Stand with Desk Fan, where …

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Power Mountain power bank carries 50,000mAh of juice

by Edwin - on July 30, 2018


The modern day road warrior does carry a whole lot of mobile devices around, and these tend to run out of juice along the way, especially during a particularly hectic day when the device is accessed all too frequently. This has transformed the traditional power bank into something that is an essential item not to be forgotten when traveling, and the larger the capacity, the better. The Power Mountain certainly …

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YEVO Air wireless headphones

by Edwin - on July 29, 2018


Many of us can’t live without our music, which means we bring our music with us wherever we go. This translates to owning a pair of headphones in order to eke out the maximum amount of audio quality from our digital tracks. While a regular pair of headphones ought to do for most of us, the more discerning audiophile would definitely prefer to settle for a pair of wireless headphones, …

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Emporio Armani smartwatch oozes with style

by Edwin - on July 28, 2018


For fashionistas and those who have a penchant for the world of style, the name Emporio Armani certainly evokes a sense of respect, as this house of fashion has certainly done its bit to suit up the rich and the famous for so many decades. Rather than just rely on cloth and thread alone, Emporio Armani has also moved on with the times, working on a smartwatch that will certainly …

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Mobvoi reveals TicWatch Pro

by Edwin - on July 27, 2018


Smartwatches have been around for a few years now, so much so that the novelty has worn off and the more practical aspects of a smartwatch is often taken into consideration before making a purchase decision. Mobvoi, a Google-backed entity, has decided to forge ahead with its all-new TicWatch Pro, where it is being touted to be a premium wearable smartwatch that carries an equally premium price tag of $249.99 …

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Philips Momentum 43” 4K HDR Quantum Dot Monitor

by Edwin - on July 26, 2018


EPI is the company as well as brand license partner when it comes to Philips monitors, and they have recently announced the availability of the Philips Momentum 43” 4K HDR Quantum Dot Monitor. Also known by its model number 436M6VBPAB which is far harder to pronounce and remember, this happens to be the first DisplayHDR 1000 monitor in the world that sports the new Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) DisplayHDR …

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