XBox 360 Prices are Out

by Al - on August 19, 2005

Microsoft have released the prices of their new console the XBOX 360 and it should be out just in time for Christmas.

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New Media Centre Keyboard

by Al - on August 18, 2005

MCE Keyboard

Looks like Microsoft are still pushing their Media Centre PC, not only are they doing the MCE Extender box so that we can see and control the PC in any room with a TV they are now about to release a keyboard to use on the sofa. Reading about it sounds pretty cool, it has back lights on the most used keys and the customary Green Button found on all …

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Guard that Bedroom

by Al - on August 18, 2005

lazer trip wire

Does your kid brother or sister like sneaking into your room when you’re asleep or not there. What are you going to do about it, well now you can alarm the room the geeky way using lazer trip wire just like you see in the movies. Unless you have a sister like Miss Jolie you can sleep safely in the knowledge that nobody will enter your enclosure without a gut …

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Preview: Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

by Al - on August 18, 2005

Nokia 770

Nokia are most renowned for their mobile phones but that may soon change with the up and coming release of the new Nokia 770 Internet Tablet It runs on Linux and can be used to browse the web at broadband speed via it’s inbuilt Wi-Fi or when Wi-Fi isn’t available you could connect using any compatible blue tooth phone. The GUI is controlled via stylus (like PDAs) which for browsing …

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BBC Promise TV

by Al - on August 18, 2005

It looks like the BBC is finally going to put up some competition to TIVO and Sky Digital. They are working on technology that will automatically record 7 days of television. This means all TV will effectively be on demand and you’ll never miss that favourite show again. I’ve also heard rumours (from a respected source) that channel 4 are planning to make all of their archive program footage available …

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LED Keyboard

by Al - on August 18, 2005

LED Keyboard
Loads of programs have different uses for different keys, especially games. Wouldn’t it be really cool if every key was like a mini LCD screen and the contents of it would change depending on what program you were using.

Well the smart people at Art. Lebedev Studio are on the case and have a prototype. It looks pretty swish and will be on many gadgeteers shopping lists when it’s released.

You can be editing images one minute with psd keyboard

then if you fancy a bit of fragging switch to quake mode quake keyboard

The Start of Coolest Gadgets

by Al - on August 18, 2005


Coolest Gadgets is born I’ve been blogging for a while now and thought it was about time I wrote about something that really interests me rather than just writing about myself and life in general (which must be boring to read). One thing I’ve always enjoyed and spent money on over the years is gadgets, you name it kitchen gadgets, computer gadgets even garden gadgets I’ve tried them all. The …

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