Vienna Deluxe Automatic Espresso Machine

by Anita - on August 21, 2005

How many times have you wanted a professionally brewed latte or espresso and just didn’t have the time to leave home, it was late at night, or the weather was terrible? Well, now with the new Vienna Deluxe Automatic Espresso Machine you can have professionally brewed lattes or espressos in the comfort of your own home. Saeco’s patented removable brew group technology gives you an easy-to-use interface that lets you …

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Space Shuttle on eBay

by Al - on August 21, 2005

Space Shuttle

Just goes to show you can buy anything on eBay these days. I’ve just seen the following advert on Google. Guess NASA must be a bit strapped for cash, I think the worst eBay advert I’ve ever seen was one for dead people it said something like “Buy Dead People on eBay”.

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Voice Stress Analyzer used as a Truth Detector

by Anita - on August 20, 2005

Voice Stress

Do you ever wonder if your husband is really working late, if the kids really finished their homework, or if your wife is really helping a sick friend? If so, then the Voice Stress Analyzer will give you the answered you are seeking. The voice stress analyzer can determine is the person talking is telling the truth, it analyzes the stress level changes in the voice and can work either …

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Voodoo Knife Holder

by Al - on August 20, 2005

Voodoo Knife

Fancy a pretty unique knife holder for the kitchen with an element of humour, introducing the Voodoo Knife Holder. This wicked kitchen gadget comes complete with 5 knives which when you’ve finished using you can have the pleasure of sticking them into the voodoo doll, just imagine it’s your boss or ex In the UK you can get one from Firebox (where else :))

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Chocolate Fountain

by Al - on August 20, 2005

Chocolate Fountain

I was at a friends wedding a couple of years ago and at the reception they had an ice sculpture of a swan (not sure why) and also a chocolate fountain which I’d never seen before or since. You just put bits of fruit or mash mallows on the end of skewers and then put them under the chocolate fountain to get a nice generous coating of warm milky chocolate.

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The Self Guard ST DVR SG-1000

by Anita - on August 19, 2005

Self Guard

The Self Guard ST DVR SG-1000 is a very small recording system that will digitally compress and store all information that is captured by the camera, microphone, image processor and external sensors. The size of this unique recording system is only 85mm x 55mm x 22mm so, it is very easy to carry with you where ever you go. The technology used with this super surveillance device is just as …

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Sanyo Roborior

by Anita - on August 19, 2005

Sanyo Roborior

Perhaps a “guard dog” that looks like a futuristic art piece will be the next craze. Sanyo has announced that their “Roborior” will be released in Japan in November or December of 2005. This uniquely shaped home protection robot was designed by British artist Paul White and will not only protect your home from intruders but will also give you a wonderful conversation piece. This decorative home protection system comes …

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Vases or Faces

by Al - on August 19, 2005

Wooden Faces Vase

I think everybody must have seen the optical illusion puzzle of a the picture which depending how you look at it looks like 2 people face to face or single vase. Well a company has actually made a business out of personalising it.

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