Sony 2 GB Memory Stick Costs Less

by Keith - on September 14, 2005

The MSX-M2GS Memory Stick PRO Duo from media from Sony introduces 2 GB of storage for today’s memory-hungry devices, such as compact digital camera, portable audio devices, Sony PSP Handheld equipment, and even as flash memory storage for files. One of this may cost less than $200.

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Google Blog Search

by Al - on September 14, 2005

Two posts on the trot without an image, I must be slipping. Google have just expanded their impressive range of search services by releasing Google Blog Search and as with most Google products it’s in Beta. With Google’s purchase of Blogger it seemed inevitable that that they would combine their existing search technology with blogs, though I am surprised it took this long. The search isn’t just limited to blogger …

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Wi-Fi faster than Ethernet

by Al - on September 14, 2005

Airgo Networks have just announced a new WiFi chip that boasts speeds up to 240 Mbps, that is over 2 times as fast as standard Ethernet and 5 times more speedy than existing WiFi solutions. It uses MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple Output) technology which basically means it has multiple antennas for both sending and receiving. As with existing Wifi solutions actual throughput is significantly less than the maximum speed, but even …

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Memory Foam Seat Cushion

by Anita - on September 13, 2005


Are you tired of back pain and wish to have a more comfortable seat that will conform to your own body shape or the position in which you normally sit. If so, then the Memory Foam Seat Cushion is for you. This unique seat cushion will give you the relieve you deserve from sitting at you computer or your office desk for hours. It was designed especially for stress reliving, …

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Connected Kitchen

by Marc - on September 13, 2005

IceBox flipscreen

Some very cool, if ultimately doomed to failure stuff here from Salton inc. First, the Icebox. This one I do rather like. It’s a TV/DVD player/net browser/video monitor/radio for the kitchen with an integrated touchscreen. There is a choice of form factors – the iMac clone looks cute but I’m particularly fond of the foldaway under the counter “fliptop” model. They also include a washable keyboard and mouse – it’s …

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Samsung unveils world’s first 16-Gigabit memory chip

by Keith - on September 13, 2005

16Gigabit Memory Chip Revealed

Samsung Electronics Co.,the world’s largest Personal Computer (PC) chip maker declared that they have developed the world’s first state-of-the-art 16-Gigabit flash (NAND) memory chip using the most advanced cutting-edge nano-technological equipment. The instrumental part that make up the chip is by instilling 50-nanometer manufacturing technology into the silicon chip.

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Playstation Portable

by Anita - on September 12, 2005


Sony is the name we all know for bringing us their awesome game systems that entertain us while we are sitting at home or at a friend’s house. Well, Sony has now given us the ability to carry these games along with us and play games without the need of a television. With the PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) you will not only be able to play games but you will also be …

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Pixel Blocks

by Al - on September 12, 2005

Pixel Blocks

It’s times like this that I can forgive ThinkGeek and similiar sites for making a sizable dent in my income. But these look cool, an adult neon version of lego. Simpler than that technical stuff but more fun and advanced than the simple straight block, this is cool.

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