Voltaic Solar Backpack

by Marc - on September 15, 2005

“Geek” and “Hardy outdoor adventurer” are not two phrases that usually share a paragraph. Nevertheless these rucksacks from Voltaic are practical as well as being cool and high tech so I can see them being bought by both groups. Nah – who am I kidding, they’re a geek toy through and through! The idea is simple: Tech toys eat power, and we have lots of them. So… put some solar …

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NEC Water-based Cooled Desktop Released

by Keith - on September 15, 2005

NEC Water-Cooled Desktop

Water-based cooling systems have been known to be part of today’s electronic equipment, such as cars and automobiles. However, Japanese PC makers, NEC, feels that consumer PCs should also benefit from same technology, especially with extreme high heat dissipation from fast processing chips. Over-clockers will find this very useful.

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iPod Nano destruction tested!

by Marc - on September 14, 2005

Dead nano!

The iPod nano has been on the streets less than a week and already someone has decided to see how much punishment it can take! Ars Technica have a pretty detailed review of Apple’s new toy but since it’s a given that it sounds great and looks better they decided to devote some time to the question we’d all like to answer if only we could afford it: What does …

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GroomeeZ Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush for Cats & Dogs

by Anita - on September 14, 2005


We all know how much trouble it is to keep our pets brushed especially if they have long hair. If your pet is anything like mine you will have to clean out the brush several times in one brushing and that can also be a large pain. Then, your pet has already rushed off and you once again have to get them ready to be brushed. But, with the GroomeeZ …

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Sony 2 GB Memory Stick Costs Less

by Keith - on September 14, 2005

MSX-M2GS 2 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo

The MSX-M2GS Memory Stick PRO Duo from media from Sony introduces 2 GB of storage for today’s memory-hungry devices, such as compact digital camera, portable audio devices, Sony PSP Handheld equipment, and even as flash memory storage for files. One of this may cost less than $200.

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Google Blog Search

by Al - on September 14, 2005

Two posts on the trot without an image, I must be slipping. Google have just expanded their impressive range of search services by releasing Google Blog Search and as with most Google products it’s in Beta. With Google’s purchase of Blogger it seemed inevitable that that they would combine their existing search technology with blogs, though I am surprised it took this long. The search isn’t just limited to blogger …

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Wi-Fi faster than Ethernet

by Al - on September 14, 2005

Airgo Networks have just announced a new WiFi chip that boasts speeds up to 240 Mbps, that is over 2 times as fast as standard Ethernet and 5 times more speedy than existing WiFi solutions. It uses MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple Output) technology which basically means it has multiple antennas for both sending and receiving. As with existing Wifi solutions actual throughput is significantly less than the maximum speed, but even …

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Memory Foam Seat Cushion

by Anita - on September 13, 2005


Are you tired of back pain and wish to have a more comfortable seat that will conform to your own body shape or the position in which you normally sit. If so, then the Memory Foam Seat Cushion is for you. This unique seat cushion will give you the relieve you deserve from sitting at you computer or your office desk for hours. It was designed especially for stress reliving, …

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