Wheely Cool – KMX Carts

by Al - on September 4, 2005

These look fun, wheely wheely fun :D. BMX’s, roller blades and skateboards pale into insignificance in the fun stakes when compared to the new 3 wheeled KMX Karts. These ingenious designed carts will draw admiring looks where every they are seen, and once you learn how to do stunts like 360 degree spins everybody in the neighbourhood will want a go.

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Useful security on a USB flash drive?

by Marc - on September 3, 2005

Bio USB drive

USB flash drives are nothing new and they’ve been offering some sort of secure partition or encryption for a while now. Some of them have even used fingerprint recognition. But guess what – the security functions of them all are completely useless on anything except the PC you’ve installed the drivers onto! It’s great having my email / site passwords / personal details with me, but if I can’t access …

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Magellan RoadMate 700 Portable GPS (MG904)

by Anita - on September 3, 2005


One of the coolest gadgets I have seen is a GPS. These are great for all those guys that hate to stop and ask for directions and try to use their male senses to find their way around. Now, they can even have a GPS system that is voice activated, turn by turn. The Magellan Roadmate 700 Portable GPS is easy and affordable to add excellent-quality, talking color GPS to …

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Sumo Costume

by diceman - on September 2, 2005

As a kid growing up in a small town in northern Canada, my aspirations of becoming a world ranked sumo champion seemed unattainable. However, thanks to the Inflatable Sumo Costume, my dream is closer than ever. Now I no longer have to stuff my face with Twinkies or walk around the house in my underwear to prepare for sumo domination. This unexpectedly comfortable nylon costume comes complete with built-in nappy …

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Wireless Electronic Locater

by Anita - on September 2, 2005


This is one great gadget for anyone that is constantly losing things such as their glasses, keys, remote control, cell phone, etc. All you have to do is press a button on the portable base and the disc that belongs to that object will beep very loudly. With this wireless electronic locater comes with four beeper discs that you attach to items that you are always misplacing. These discs attach …

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Nikon WiFi cameras

by Marc - on September 2, 2005

Nikon p1

I’m a bit late to the party on this one as it was announced yesterday, but Nikon have launched a couple of new digicams with WiFi connectivity. “Cool” I thought as I went burrowing for details, but having given it some thought and had a look at the scant information about how they’ll work I’m not so sure. To get the basic stuff out of the way the P1 and …

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New Site Skin

by Al - on September 2, 2005

Coolest Gadgets now has a whole new look and feel! It didn’t take us long to get bored of the old look so we have had a new and original site skin written for us from scratch by a friend. We’re really happy with the look as it’s pretty unique and very clean and simple to read. Thanks again Ollie.

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by Marc - on September 1, 2005


Here’s something that deserves a mention. In the best tradition of gadgets it’s novel, cheap, was probably based on alien technology and actually serves a useful purpose! The marvel that is modern chemical engineering has managed to produce the Sticmatz ; a not-quite-rubber mat that will hold anything placed on it securely, at just about any angle, without leaving any residue when the item is removed. Great for holding the …

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