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by Al - on September 23, 2005

Following a suggestion from one of our readers (thanks Rick) we now offer an email newsletter. This will be sent out weekly (or there abouts) and include snippets of recent posts and other news that we have found of interest. We’ve also published our Privacy Policy which basically says we won’t share you email address with anybody else EVER. If you want to sign up for the newsletter just send …

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Electric lock pick

by Marc - on September 22, 2005

Electric lock pick

How I missed this when I did my round up of spy gadgets I don’t know. It appears that the subtle art of lock picking has not escaped the inexorable march of technology. Having said that this looks like a pretty brute force approach to the problem of gaining entry without a key although it’s not as brute force as, say, a sledgehammer so perhaps it has merit. Apparently jamming …

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Dell DJ Ditty

by Keith - on September 22, 2005

Dell DJ Ditty for $99

A music player aimed to challenge Apple’s iPod, Dell recently developed a portable media player in an attempt to break Apple’s dominant on the portable music market. Expected to be released on Tuesday, this music player comes with 512 MB of storage.

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The Geeky Belt Buckle

by Al - on September 22, 2005

Scrolling LED Belt Buckle

I was browsing around Think Geek and came across this cool LED powered belt buckle. It consists of 147 LED lights that you can program to display scrolling messages. Whether you’d want to be seen in public wearing one is a different matter.

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The USB Powered Massage Ball

by Anita - on September 21, 2005


We all have stress whether we are students sitting in front of our computers seeking out information for that term paper, working for a demanding boss, or just stressing out playing online games. Yes, playing bingo can be stressful when you get close to winning a thousand dollars. But, what can you do? You sure can’t jump up and run to get a massage or take a shower to relieve …

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Real world surveillance

by Marc - on September 21, 2005

Bomb proof security film

A few people have commented to me that they’ve enjoyed the “Spy Stuff” section on coolest gadgets so I thought it would be interesting to have a look around and see what’s out there for use in the “real” world. Bear in mind that some of this stuff is only sold to governments (and from the prices I’ve tracked down I know why too) but it’s still interesting to see …

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Hot Stuff Laptops

by Al - on September 21, 2005

Cool Travel

Laptops are designed to be of must use when people are on the move, but they are far from the most ergonomically friendly devices. They generally kick out a considerable amount of heat, which either ends up heating your thighs or being reflected from the desk back into the laptop causing the fans to have a whizzing frenzy. A company called Xbrand may have the answer to your scorched thigh …

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Diablo Sandwich Toaster

by Anita - on September 20, 2005


Who doesn’t enjoy a nice toaster sandwich? But, usually you have to get out the skillet, heat the pan, and then cook the sandwich. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a sandwich maker that will make it all very simple, and not be one of those big and bulky types? Well with the Diablo Sandwich Toaster you will be able to enjoy all kinds of toaster sandwiches in just minutes …

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