XBOX 360 Games in Development

by Damian - on October 7, 2005

Microsoft recently announced the lineup of games for the initial release of the XBOX 360. Now you might want to get ready to cut and paste all of these game titles, because it will be nearly impossible to remember all of them. Here they are: Project Gotham Racing 3, Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo: Elements of Power. Yes that’s it. 3 games will be available for the XBOX 360 initially. …

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Black Toilet Rolls

by Al - on October 7, 2005

Black Toilet Roll

If this isn’t wacky I don’t know what is, black toilet rolls. I suppose it could be a hit for goths, or people that are blinded by illuminated sinks. Next we’ll be seeing striped paper (guess the color). Available for $2.50 a roll from Renova of $6 for a six pack a whopping $9 saving.

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Magic Taps

by Al - on October 6, 2005

Magic Tap

I’ve seen these a couple of times in the UK, where you put your hands under a tap and they automagically turn on (don’t know why it took so long driers have been doing it for years). Well you can now buy them for your home.

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Duke Nukem Forever (for Christmas?)

by Al - on October 6, 2005

Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem must be one of the most popular first person shooters ever made, geez it even had action figures at one stage. The latest version Duke Nukem Forever must be one of the longest games in development, ever! Ask the makers 3D Realms about a release date and this is what they say: The release date of this game is “When it’s done”. Anything else, and we mean anything …

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Gigabyte i-RAM Storage Drive

by Keith - on October 6, 2005

Gigabyte i-RAM

Do you find transferring files to and from your hard disk is a little time-consuming? Well, Gigabyte has launched a device called i-RAM, a hard disk storage alternative, which is based on fast DDR SDRAM chips rather than slow-but-stable flash memory chips. With data stored on memory chip, it is truly much faster than saving data onto rotating hard disk medium. Unfortunately, there are disadvantages to using i-RAM; that is, …

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ATI’s new range finally launches

by Marc - on October 5, 2005

Anticipated for months, ATI have today finally announced their next generation of graphics cards. Reviews and benchmarks are all over the web, take your pick from the usual sources (I saw the news on Anandtech). A comprehensive list of the current (p)reviews can be found at Rage3D. As usual it depends on what game you benchmark and what configuration you choose as to whether this new ATI range takes the …

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Stress relief…

by Marc - on October 5, 2005

Foam Brick

I’m sure we’ve all had days where we just wanted to throw something. Hard. Usually at someone, or at the very least at something breakable. And most of the time you just don’t follow through – the lawsuits, paperwork and general hassle involved in replacing the windows are all enough to put you off the idea. But I say go for it – just make sure you’re doing it with …

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ASCII Art From Photos

by Al - on October 5, 2005

I remember the days when newsgroups where one of the best sources for info and nobody had heard of a forum (how things have changed). As newsgroups were text only (forget the attachements in warez and shall will say adult ones) the geeky way to sign off a message was with an image made up of asking characters, like: What’s this? ( . ) ___( . ) That’s a big …

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