NukAlert Radiation Alarm (keyring)

by Al - on September 30, 2005

There must be a geiger counter craze going on at the moment. Following on from the geiger counter watch we reported on a few days a go you can now buy a Radiation detection device that can be attached to a set of keys, otherwise known as a keyring. The keyring chirps like a proper geiger counter (remember them from school) when radiation levels above the norm, with the frequency …

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Wireless G 10x Optical Zoom Internet Camera (DCS-6620G)

by Keith - on September 30, 2005

D-Link Wireless Internet Camera

As one of the leading provider of wired and wireless IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras, D-Link once again introduces another new member of the SECURICAM Network family of the Internet Cameras: the DCS-6620G. Featuring Wireless G capability (802.11g wireless connectivity) with 10x optical zoom lens, this Internet camera also features dual codec support, built-in microphone, and low light-sensitivity. With its small size, it sits easily undetected in a corner. This device …

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GammaMaster geiger counter watch

by Marc - on September 28, 2005

GammaMaster watch

I was going to write a post about a cool Japanese watch I saw, but in trying to find it I came across this one which is much better! are selling an integrated geiger counter and digital watch, so if those pesky terrorists release a dirty bomb in your immediate vacinity you’ll be the first to know. (Although I think the big bang might be a subtle hint too). …

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Geeky Wrapping Paper for Forum Junkies

by Al - on September 28, 2005

Geeky Paper

It’s all well and good buying the perfect gadget gift for that special geek in your life but wrapping the present in paper covered in clowns or balloons isn’t really appropriate is it now. You can now get much more suitable (and expensive) wrapping paper to prove how much thought you’ve put in to that special present.

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NOKIA 3250 – Music on the Move

by Keith - on September 27, 2005

Nokia 3250 gives the Twist

Over the weekend at an electronic music festival that took placed in Berlin, Germany, this exquisite Nokia 3250, Nokia’s latest music phone, captured the spotlight of Nokia Trends by several people who attended the festival. Given a unique design, the mobile phone added a twisting axis down the centre of the phone, to transform a traditional phone keypad into dedicated music keys. In addition, it can store up to 1 …

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Illuminated Sinks *Confused*

by Al - on September 26, 2005

Illuminated Sink

As gadgets go many are pretty pointless but still fun and useful in some kind of quirky way. I’m struggling to find a use (beside the obvious) of these sinks that light up, some may say they look cool whilst I’m not so sure I’d class an LED illuminated sink as cool.

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by Anita - on September 26, 2005


Women like gadgets just as much as men and these cute, unique, and stackable friends will become their favorite. This new innovative idea will ensure you do not get bored while sitting at your desk. They are not just another what-not to place out of the way and look at from time to time. They will brighten up your desk and interact with one another.

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Not your average pogo stick

by Marc - on September 25, 2005


Wow. Pogo sticks have come a way since I was a kid. The ones I remember were not much more than a spring in a tube. You could bounce around with them but you’d not clear more than a foot or so off the ground. The inventors of the flybar obviously decided that wasn’t good enough. They went back to the drawing board and came up with something that can …

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