Pillow Lites

by Al - on September 6, 2005

The Philips R & D team have been busy of late and found a way of weaving LED lights into fabric material, which they are calling photonic textiles. The special material is as soft as conventional fabric and can be used as bedding or even worn. They currently have prototype pillow cases that can display scrolling SMS messages and our working on higher resolution models that can play various animations.

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Incred-a-ball golf ball

by Marc - on September 6, 2005

Remote controlled golf ball

This is too cool! It’s one of those things that you always talked about and dismissed, but now someone’s actually gone and done it. Yes, it’s a remote controlled golf ball It’s almost enough to make me take the sport up… ‘Nuff said. Check it out at iwantoneofthose.com.

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The Wristwatch Television Set

by Anita - on September 5, 2005


Are you one of these people that just must not miss your favorite television show or sports event on TV? Are you missing all kinds of events such as office parties, dinner parties, even your own child’s play performance because you are addicted to a certain television show that you just dare not miss? If you can relate to any of the above then you need the Wristwatch Television Set. …

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Digital Picture Frames

by diceman - on September 5, 2005

Photo of the segway

Over the past 5 years digital cameras have been gaining popularity amongst photography enthusiasts and everyday Joe’s alike. So it is no wonder that digital picture frames have now slowly began to catch on. With a digital photo frame, you are able to have a number of images available with easy to use flash cards. You can have the images scrolling, or just have your favorite picture set. The frames …

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Guess the Google

by Al - on September 5, 2005

Guess The Google

I’m often amazed at the things Google release and I’m equally fascinated at services, tools and games that are dreamt up by people using the Google search engine and API. Guess the Google is a really simple (as many of the best are) but addictive game. To play you have to work out (or guess) the keyword used to find 20 pictures on Google Images. This may sound easy but …

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Foodsaver vacuum pack machine

by Marc - on September 5, 2005


Unfortunately the Foodsaver is a genuine “as seen on TV” range of products which generally doesn’t bode well for a quality item, at least over here in the UK (cue vision of Chuck Norris extolling the virtues of an ab-workout machine…) Having said that though this does look quite cool. Why vaccum pack your food? For one, it lasts longer in the freezer. The second and possibly less obvious reason …

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Geek pushbike!

by Marc - on September 4, 2005

Flight deck

There are those who enjoy cycling for it’s own sake. Those people who actually enjoy tweaking and upgrading their bikes the same way I would do with a PC. Then there are people like me. I’d cycle somewhere, possibly, given a clear day and lots of time but I don’t really want to give up the creature comforts. The “Smover” concept from Shimano is marketed at the latter group. What …

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Wheely Cool – KMX Carts

by Al - on September 4, 2005

KMX Kart

These look fun, wheely wheely fun :D. BMX’s, roller blades and skateboards pale into insignificance in the fun stakes when compared to the new 3 wheeled KMX Karts. These ingenious designed carts will draw admiring looks where every they are seen, and once you learn how to do stunts like 360 degree spins everybody in the neighbourhood will want a go.

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