NEC LCD Technologies – 4.1-inch System-On-Glass LCD Module

by Keith - on October 17, 2005

In Tokyo, NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd. has announced on October 17, 2005 the successful development of a 4.1-inch (10.4cm diagonal), wide video graphics array (W-VGA), system-on-glass (SOG) liquid crystal display (LCD) module for hand held and mobile devices, enhancing the richness of picture quality display on small screen. This “cool” LCD module is expected to commence mass production at the end of 2006. Sounds like a long wait, but what …

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Casio LK-46 61 Key Full-Size Keyboard with Lighted Keys

by Anita - on October 17, 2005


Playing music was never so easy when you place your fingers on the keyboard of the Casio LK-46. This great keyboard lights up the way for you to be playing your favorite tunes just like a professional in no time. It comes complete with a three step teaching system that is even great for those youngsters that think they want to play the piano. Try the Casio before you spend …

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Arm Pillows

by Al - on October 17, 2005

Arm Pillow

Whilst browsing around I recently cam across this in gizmag. It’s a pillow available in Japan that is designed for people (well women) who like to nestle up to an armpit when going to sleep. Basically its a pillow shaped in a half body one arm kind of way, and lets the sleeper snuggle and cuddle when trying to get to sleep. If you know Japanese you can read and …

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Pepper pad now available in Best Buy

by Marc - on October 16, 2005

Pepper pad

If there was ever “One gadget to bind them” this might well be it. A tablet PC with a decent screen (8.4″), browser, email client, movie and video players etc plus WiFi, bluetooth AND to top it all an infra red blaster that can be programmed as a learning remote. It looks like it’s got a small but useable keyboard over on the left panel with a number pad on …

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Beer Machine

by Anita - on October 15, 2005


Are you tired of drinking bottled or can beer and desire a refreshing cool one that tastes like they use to from the tap? Well, with the beer machine you can create your own home brew and enjoy them at home. With the beer machine you will be enjoying your own home made beer easier than getting into your car, driving to the bar or to your local store to …

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Stopwatch (Questionable Gadget)

by Damian - on October 15, 2005

Stop Watch

I recently had to buy another stopwatch because my last one broke. I’m sure you’re asking 1) why does a normal person need a stopwatch and 2) how do you break a stopwatch. Well I mainly use my stopwatch for keeping track of the time between sets when I’m working out. The old one I had got a little wet. OK it could a little damp, because I happened to …

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Gigabyte Silent-Pipe II Technology

by Keith - on October 14, 2005

Gigabyte Silent-Pipe II

Is your cooling fan making that irritating, intolerable noise, disrupting your entertainment? Well, we have a solution here. In Taiwan, GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leader in quiet graphics card cooling solutions, has announced their latest release of Silent-Pipe II technology. This new invention generates natural airflow to provide more efficient cooling without the use of any bulky heat sink or noisy fan.

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Super Fridge

by Damian - on October 14, 2005

Super Fridge

The final product that I’ll be covering in IBM’s Smart Kitchen is their Super Fridge. I’m not sure the actual name that IBM gave this fridge, but Super Fridge is just the nickname I use to describe it, because to be honest I think it could kick the crap out of my refrigerator. The Super Fridge has a list that tells you exactly what is inside your refrigerator. There is …

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