Talking Bone

by Anita - on November 7, 2005

Do you find your pet becoming lonely and then destroying things around the house when you are at work or gone just long enough to run to the store? If so, they you may wish to give him your voice while you are gone with this talking bone, then he will feel as if you are still there with him. Now your dog will be able to hear your voice …

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Festoon Beta – for Skype and GoogleTalk

by Keith - on November 7, 2005

Festoon Beta

Skype has been one of the leading voice conference software, downloaded by millions over the world. In addition, Google, introducing GoogleTalk, has recently rise up to challenge the other Internet Messaging (IM) clients, such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and ICQ. Currently, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ offered video chats, but GoogleTalk and Skype are lacking in this area. Nonetheless, Santa Cruz Networks has developed Festoon, a form of plug-in to …

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Digital Sound Projector for your Plasma

by Al - on November 7, 2005


Whilst at the Best of Stuff show another interesting product we saw was the Yamaha YSP-1000 Digital Sound Projector. The YSP-1000 is capable of producing full surround sound from just one unit (which fits nicely beneath a Yamaha 42″ Plasma display). The way it works is by bouncing sound waves off the walls to give the impression the sound is coming from the side or behind. I was pretty skeptical …

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Q-BE Mp3 player

by Marc - on November 7, 2005


The phrase “impossibly small” springs to mind but that doesn’t really describe it, so hopefully the photo will emphasize just how diminutive this MP3 player is. One face of the cube is a screen (so it already scores over the iPod shuffle) and it also packs USB connectivity and a rechargeable battery. They seem to be available in a few different OEM guises – are selling a differently branded …

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Logitech G15 Keyboard

by Keith - on November 7, 2005

Logitech G15

Offering gamers an unprecedented level of in-game information, challenge and experience, the Logitech G15 keyboard is state-of-the-art programmable and controllable device, designed especially for gamers. As the first keyboard in the G-series family, the Logitech G15 is equipped with built-in auxiliary LCD display, 18 programmable keys, and packaged with advanced software, making it easy for customising commands for every different game. The adjustable-tilt, backlit LCD can be programmed to display …

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Nuvu foldable projector screen

by Marc - on November 6, 2005

Nuvu screen

As Al rightly said, I jumped all over this. It was one of the first things we saw on our way around the show and it was was of the day’s winning products for me. Nuvu have a really unique take on the portable projector screen concept and given that high quality small projectors are starting to become affordable I’d say they timed their entry into the market perfectly. Traditional …

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Cool Transparent Speakers

by Al - on November 6, 2005

Ferguson Hill Transparent Speakers

One of the first unique gadgets we saw at the Stuff Show were some very unique looking speakers by the UK company ferguson hill. The speakers stood 1.65 metres tall (or 5′ – 5″ in `real` money). They were made from some sort of transparent plastic so would blend into the surroundings of any futuristic home. They also had some desktop versions which would look perfect connected to any PC …

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Stuff Show, First Impressions

by Al - on November 5, 2005

Nokia Dancing Girls

We did the best of Stuff Show yesterday and it was a great day out. Had a bit of a panic on the day, first I was woken up with shouts of a water leak in the loft. After fixing that (well turning the water off), rushing for the train, there was then big time security at the station which nearly resulted in me missing the 9:50 to London. We …

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