Palm Z22 Handheld

by Keith - on October 21, 2005

Following some confusing merger of palmOne and PalmSource some time ago, a brand new handheld Palm Z22 is finally being introduced to the public. To compliment a fresh start for Palm, a new modeling scheme is engineered in Palm Z22, including functions to allow users ease of use. Palm Z22 is specially built for first time owners, students, housewives and ladies in search of lightweight but highly functional PDA in …

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Yet Another Digital Picture Frame

by Al - on October 21, 2005

Digital picture frame

We’ve reported before on digital picture frames but when looking at the new stuff on ThinkGeek this one caught my eye. It’s got all the standard features of ordinary digital picture frames but has a few extra features to keep us true gadgets lovers happy, firstly it doesn’t need to be connected to a computer, it accepts a wealth of different memory cards (why there are this many different types …

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Naim home cinema in a box

by Marc - on October 20, 2005

Naim home cinema in a box

I like Naim. They’re a uniquely British hi-fi company who insist on doing things their way because they claim it’s better. For example they are one of the few (only?) companies to still use 5 pin DIN connectors for their interconnects because it’s supposed to sound better than the standard phono jack the rest of the world uses. Convenience? Pah! “Whatever it takes to make it sounds good” seems to …

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Learn with the V.Smile Pocket

by Damian - on October 20, 2005

VSMILE pocket

The other night I saw a commercial for Vtech’s new V.Smile Pocket. Vsmile is a gaming system that is a learning system. The V.Smile Pocket is the company’s handheld gaming system. They allow your children to play video games, but learn at the same time. V.Smile offers games for children ranging from 3 to 9 year of age. The system has games that feature popular characters like The Lion King, …

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2,ooo Dollar XBox 360

by Al - on October 20, 2005

XBox360 Bundle

Whilst doing my usual gadget site trawl I came across a post on Gadget Review about an extraordinary XBox 360 bundle that you can pre-order. I’m pretty sure everybody knows that the XBox 360 is Microsoft’s next assault on the games console market, it seems to have been hyped for at least a year and is due out in time for Christmas (funny that). The software shop GameStop is offering …

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Gadget Belt for Tools :)

by Damian - on October 20, 2005

Gadget Belt

OK. I’m calling you out. You know who you are. You’re the tech head that wears 15 pounds of gadgets on your waist. There’s nothing wrong with have tons of gadgets. There’s just no need to wear them all at once. I see you walking around with your company phone, company pager, personal phone, and PDA all clipped to your belt. I mean do you need to display them all. …

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Honda’s driverless car!

by Marc - on October 19, 2005

Honda LKAS

Real life is fast catching up with the movies when it comes to automotive technology. Not only have Mercedes put night vision into the new S class (that’s another story) but Honda have launched a car that really can autopilot! The ’06 model Accord will offer the option of a new safety system: LKAS (Lane Keeping Auto Assist). LKAS is designed to handle the specific case of drivers falling asleep …

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AvantGo RSS Beta

by Keith - on October 19, 2005

AvantGo for RSS

As RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is becoming part of desktops and laptops users, how about having an RSS feed directly on your hand held devices, such as PDA, small screen smartphone or PocketPC? iAnywhere, a subsidiary of Sybase, announced the release of new RSS features for its popular AvantGo(R) mobile Internet service, in beta version, Several new features packaged in the beta version, include allowing users greater ease-of-use for viewing …

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