Shocking Liar

by Anita - on November 19, 2005

Whether you are wishing to catch your best friend, telling little white lies, your spouse, or your children this gadget will sure let you know the truth while giving the fibber quite a shock. Everyone is known to tell little white lies, whether they do it not to hurt someone’s feelings, not to get others in trouble or just to make themselves look better in someone’s eyes. Well, now you …

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Sun Dial Watch

by Al - on November 19, 2005

Stonehenge Sun Dial Watch

If an LED watch isn’t retro enough how about a sun dial. Continuing in our tradition of reporting on the multitude of time keeping instruments (I’m desperately trying for the sake of variety not to call them clocks and watches (again)). We’ve just found a remake of probably the oldest time keeping device; the Sun Dial. These wonderful time pieces were very popular in historic times and could be seen …

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Light Snacks

by Anita - on November 19, 2005


If you are looking for great new gifts this year to give out to family and friends then you are sure to find these Light Snacks an awesome gift to give. Not only will it not empty your wallet to purchase several sets of these for everyone on your gift list, but it will also be a gift they will definitely use. How many times have you gotten up in …

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Inflatable Massage Chair

by Al - on November 19, 2005

Inflatable Massage Chair

This isn’t the newest of products but it’s the first time I’ve seen one, it may not be the quality of the OSIM massage chair but a portable inflatable massage chair is still pretty cool. I actually read the advert for this in a newspaper supplement (The Daily Star embarrassingly enough). The description of “The most wonderfully relaxing chair you will ever buy” may be a slight exaggeration but the …

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Laundry Rug Bag

by Anita - on November 18, 2005


Okay, you have sent your son or daughter off to college but you know you will see them when they run out of clean clothes to wear. Well, why not give them a gift that will at least keep all their dirty laundry in one place even if it is on the floor. The Laundry Rug Bag is an innovative new way for all those lazy souls that just hate …

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Tiki Tissue Box Holder

by Anita - on November 18, 2005


This unique gadget is a great way to hand out tissues for those runny noses or during one of the girly movies when all women seem to cry. This Tike Tissue Box Holder will have everyone smiling no matter the reason they need a tissue. Not only will it be used often but is also a great conversation piece. You can sit one up in every room in the house …

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Everything Wifi on a stick!

by Marc - on November 18, 2005

Where to start with the cool AH-225H from ZyXEL? First and foremost it’s a WiFi hotspot finder. Whether you’re into wardriving or just need to find some internet access for a quick google lookup a hotspot finder is pretty much a necessity (unless you’re better than I am at spotting those piddly “WiFi hotspot” signs hiding in the windows of coffee shops) The unit has a separate rechargable battery and …

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Football Remote Control

by Anita - on November 17, 2005


Is your husband, boyfriend, father, or son a giant football fan? Do they sit in front of the television and not move during a football game? Do they dream of the years they were on the high school or college football team? If so, they would probably enjoy this cool football remote control. The man in your life and all of his friends will get a kick out of not …

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