The ultimate seat?

by Marc - on October 26, 2005

I wish more Japanese gizmos were available to us in the west. Take this for example. Clearly the picture is of a control panel. But for what? An air conditioning system? An alarm clock? No, it’s the control for a toilet seat!

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What have Google got in store now?

by Marc - on October 26, 2005

If the rumours are to be believed Google are readying another weapon in the quest to assimilate the entire internet. Google Base looks like a sort of information free-for-all where you can put “stuff”, tag it, and get it indexed. Ars Technica have a more coherent and detailed look at the idea.

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by Marc - on October 26, 2005


If I didn’t know better I’d swear this was something from the pages of The Onion but unfortunately I think it’s the real deal. Worried about your cat catching birds? Strap a neoprene bib around it’s neck so it can’t actually strike them. Or better yet, don’t get a pet that’s genetically programmed to hunt… If this looks like the answer you’ve been looking for you can pick them up …

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IBM assists Microsoft’s Xbox 360

by Keith - on October 26, 2005

Xbox 360

Powered by IBM processor, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 finally revealed its secret that engineered its huge data-crunching processing speed. Earlier last Tuesday, attendees at the In-Stat Fall Processor Forum obtained a sneak preview of what made up next generation Microsoft Corporation’s Xbox 360 game console. Where in today’s computing desktops, Intel and AMD are looking at dual core CPU. As for Xbox 360, the interior comprises of state-of-the-art THREE PowerPC cores …

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What iZ it, it’s an iZ

by Al - on October 26, 2005

iZ Musical Dancer

As you can probably tell by the picture this is one strange gadget, if we had to guess what it was just by looking at it we’d also struggle. According to the inventors of the iZ the green alien looking thing is an “interactive animatronic DJ/speaker” which basically means it’s a speaker that moves and you can interact with :). You can connect it to your favourite music player using …

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New squeezebox from SlimDevices

by Marc - on October 25, 2005

Squeezebox v3

I’ve long been a fan of SlimDevices and their Squeezebox line of networked audio streamers. I’ve been using them for years and although they are more expensive than the competition the quality of the package (hardware, software and community/support) can’t be beaten. What do they do? They … err… stream audio over a network! Basically the squeezebox is a bridge between your PC hard drive full of downloaded legally bought …

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Face in the Forest

by Anita - on October 25, 2005


Meet Prankster, just one of the Face in The Forest personalities. Why not give your trees a personality of their own with these unique and unforgettable Faces in Forest. With these wonderful faces, you can show the world just how you feel each and every day or even the entire personality of your household.

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Flock 0.5 Preview Web Browser

by Keith - on October 25, 2005

Flock 0.5

With Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) taking up at least 90% of the market, Mozilla’s Firefox as the next contender to compete with Microsoft, there are also other handful of website browsers, such as Opera, Netscape, as well as Mozilla’s own browser. This time, Flock Developer has released a cutting edge Firefox-based Web browser dubbed ‘Flock’, which integrates next-generation Web technologies such as RSS content feeds, blogs and bookmark and photo …

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