Whiskas Cat Bed

by Anita - on November 4, 2005

If your cat as fussy as most and do not enjoy sleeping the normal dull cat bed then your meticulous little friend is sure to love the new Whiskas Cat Bed. Any cat will love the stylish look and appeal of this cat bed. All cats absolutely love small places and their own time to be left alone. Giving your cat their own unique one of a kind bed will …

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Geeky Dog Tags

by Al - on November 4, 2005

Geek Tags

Never lose your loved geek again. Not quite as in your face (well crotch) as the Geek Belt Buckle we reported on a couple of months ago, these Geek dog tags are pretty cool. There made from Sterling Silver and even include a chain that wouldn’t look out of place with a plug at the end of it. If you don’t want to spell it out that your a geek, …

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See in the Dark with Lighted Slippers

by Al - on November 3, 2005

Torch Slippers

Okay you’re lying in bed listening to your favourite tunes on your pillow speaker when you realise there’s one last thing you need to do before getting your daily shut eye. Your bedroom floor is littered with toys and gadgets which combined with the fact you had a few beers earlier means navigating to the bathroom without injury or gadget breakage is going to be a challenge to say the …

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SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker

by Anita - on November 3, 2005


Do you enjoying listening to music to go to sleep at night, but your partner can’t sleep with any noise? Then you must get the SoftSpeaker Pillow speaker. This is one of the coolest gadgets I have ever seen. Quit letting your better half to make you give up listening to music or your favorite radio program just because they need to get up early to go to work. You …

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NASA World Wind 1.3

by Keith - on November 3, 2005

NASA World Wind

I am sure most of you would have watched Star Wars before. Imagine finding yourself landed on a foreign land, or looking through the most powerful tracking system over your screen, overlook an area over a piece of land. This is what NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) World Wind has in for you. With NASA World Wind, installed users can view the moon in 3D image, with Clementine data …

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We are Cool Site of the Day

by Al - on November 3, 2005

Cool Site of the Day

I’m happy to say we’ve been chosen by Cool Site of the Day to be the, well er Cool Site of the Day. If you’ve found us for the first time from CSOTD welcome to Coolest Gadgets. If you’re a regular CG reader and would like to help us by sparing 5 seconds, you can could vote for us via the CSOTD top frame. Thanks.

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Voice Activated Universal Remote

by Anita - on November 2, 2005


For all you couch potatoes out there, a great innovative product will keep you on the couch and keep your fingers from wearing out pushing the buttons on the remote control was introduced recently. This universal remote allows you to use your own voice to change channels. Not only will you be able to change channels on your television with the voice activated universal remoter but you can control your …

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Rawshooter premium launches

by Marc - on November 2, 2005

Rawshooter premium

I’ve been using the free version of Pixmantec’s RAW conversion software for a while now and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the permium edition that hit the shelves earlier this week. If you use a digital SLR you need to try the RAW mode of your camera and see for yourself the quality difference it can make over using the normal JPEG setting. RAW files are the digital …

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