IBM Shopping Buddy

by Damian - on October 18, 2005

IBM has a new product in a few select grocery stores called Shopping Buddy. Basically Shopping Buddy is a Wi-Fi enabled, GPS equipped laptop. That’s right grandmothers and housewives everywhere can get their technical shop on. The item is slated to save you time. How does it do that? Let’s say you need to know where the peanut butter is. You type in peanut butter and up pops a map. …

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Paint.NET v2.5 Beta 4

by Keith - on October 18, 2005


Paint.NET is an image and photo manipulation software designed to be used on computers that run Windows 200 or XP. Jointly developed at Washington State University with additional help from Microsoft, Paint.NET is meant to be a free replacement for the MS Paint software that comes with all Windows operating systems. The programming language used to create Paint.NET is C#, with GDI+ extensions. In addition, it is equipped with many …

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Insane Halloween Lights

by Al - on October 18, 2005

Halloween Decorations

I know a guy from the forum circuit, that takes his celebration decorations pretty damn seriously. The multitude of lights he puts around his house at Halloween and Christmas is a spectacle to behold. This witching season the total number of lights in his display is 7,148 and it’s not just the sheer number of lights that make it cool but the X10 interactive remote control.

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World’s smallest linux computer

by Marc - on October 17, 2005

World\'s smallest linux computer

This has to be some sort of record. A linux computer in a module the size of an RJ45 connector. The picotux claims to be the smallest Linux computer in the world at just 35mm×19mm×19mm. It’s got a 55Mhz Arm7 CPU and 8MB RAM. Your 215 euros gets you a 10/100 ethernet jack, a serial port and a power supply. And that’s it – you won’t be playing doom on …

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Be Arty Paint a Cow

by Al - on October 17, 2005

Cow Parade

I’m sure you’ve all heard of CowParade the world famous where various artist go around painting, well er cows sculptures. Even though it’s the world’s largest public art event there are still artistic luddites (like me for one) that have never heard of CowParade (oh the shame) but thanks to good old firebox can now get involved too.

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NEC LCD Technologies – 4.1-inch System-On-Glass LCD Module

by Keith - on October 17, 2005

NEC LCD Technologies

In Tokyo, NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd. has announced on October 17, 2005 the successful development of a 4.1-inch (10.4cm diagonal), wide video graphics array (W-VGA), system-on-glass (SOG) liquid crystal display (LCD) module for hand held and mobile devices, enhancing the richness of picture quality display on small screen. This “cool” LCD module is expected to commence mass production at the end of 2006. Sounds like a long wait, but what …

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Casio LK-46 61 Key Full-Size Keyboard with Lighted Keys

by Anita - on October 17, 2005


Playing music was never so easy when you place your fingers on the keyboard of the Casio LK-46. This great keyboard lights up the way for you to be playing your favorite tunes just like a professional in no time. It comes complete with a three step teaching system that is even great for those youngsters that think they want to play the piano. Try the Casio before you spend …

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Arm Pillows

by Al - on October 17, 2005

Arm Pillow

Whilst browsing around I recently cam across this in gizmag. It’s a pillow available in Japan that is designed for people (well women) who like to nestle up to an armpit when going to sleep. Basically its a pillow shaped in a half body one arm kind of way, and lets the sleeper snuggle and cuddle when trying to get to sleep. If you know Japanese you can read and …

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