Put a spring in your step…

by Marc - on November 22, 2005

… literally! In the same vein as the pogo stick we previously covered, these powerisers look like a more versatile method of leaping tall buildings in a single bound. They are attachments that clip on to normal shoes to give you that bio-augmented feel you’ve always wanted ever since you saw Steve Austin run in super-slow-motion Run at 20 MPH and leap 6 feet in the air – sounds like …

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SYMANTEC Norton Internet Security 2006 PUBLIC BETA

by Keith - on November 22, 2005

Symantec Norton Internet Security 2006

More powerful than ever, Symantec Corporation introduces its Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2006 Beta Version 9.1, with LiveUpdate 3.0 for Windows 2000/XP. It claims that this beta releases is much faster, smarter, and easier to use. The software contains a comprehensive set of award-winning tools that helps to automatically block out hackers, viruses and spyware; filtering dangerous phishing emails as well as annoying spams; an impressive firewall giving full control …

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Bar Master Deluxe

by Anita - on November 21, 2005


How many times have you had friends over and when you offered to prepare them a drink they named off a drink that you had no idea how to create? Well, with the holidays on the way you had better brush up on your bartending skills by learning all the different types of drinks and how to prepare them, learn what type of glass you should serve the drink in …

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Kidz-Med TeddyCam

by Anita - on November 21, 2005


We all worry about our children when we leave them in the care of others, even in our own home, that is why this Kidz-Med TeddyCam is excellent for reassuring us that our little ones are in the best hands possible. No matter, if you use a nanny on a full time basis or you use the next-door neighbor as a babysitter for a night out on the town, you …

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New and Improved LED Badges and Buckles

by Al - on November 21, 2005

New and Improved LED Stuff

I know we’ve reported on the LED Belt buckle before but as it’s now up to Version 2 I just had to write about it again, along with the matching scrolling LED badge. Starting off with the Scrolling LED badge (II), well it looks pretty much like the Scrolling LED badge version I. It still fastens on via a magnetic clasp though does appear to be a shade smaller it’s …

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Mushkin 2GB XP4000 REDLINE Dual Kit

by Keith - on November 21, 2005

Mushkin REDLINE XP4000

On April 2005, Mushkin astonished the enthusiasts by releasing what many considers, the best and fastest DDR memory modules available for AMD Athlon64 platform. Originally, the XP4000 REDLINE modules were introduced as 512MB modules available in both single and dual channel (1 GB) kits. The manager of Research and Development, Mushkin Inc., Brian Flood, stated “Mushkin named these modules REDLINE to denote the extreme speed and performance delivered from this …

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Is it a boat, is it a plane no it’s a Hydro Fibian

by Al - on November 20, 2005

Hydro Fibian

What remote control toy costs 300 quid and doesn’t now whether it’s a boat or a plane, the Hydro Fibian of course. I must admit first impressions are not great, this does not look like three hundred pounds worth of advanced remote control quality kit and the official website leaves a lot to be desired in the design department but this toy is cool…

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First Lenovo thinkpads reviewed

by Marc - on November 20, 2005

It’s been nearly a year now since IBM sold off their PC division to Chinese manufacturer Lenovo and I’ve been eager to see what the result of this sale has been in terms of new products. While I don’t expect many people cared about the fate of the desktop machines, the IBM ThinkPad series of laptops have gained something of a cult following for being tough as boots and having …

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