Learn to Play Guitar

by Anita - on December 5, 2005

Do you have a budding rock in roll star in your house or maybe a wanna be rock star that needs a few a lessons? If so then you must get one of the stringless guitar’s that will teach them how to play the guitar so it does not sound like a cat with his tail caught in the door. This stringless guitar has its own built-in tutor and a …

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Hybrid Assistive Limb

by Marc - on December 5, 2005

Science fiction meets science fact yet again in this robotics project from the University of Tsukuba. The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL for short) is a very cool looking application of robotic technology. It reminds me of the cargo loaders in “Alien”, or perhaps it’s more “Robocop”. It’s a metal exo-skeleton that straps to a person’s limbs and magnifies the effect of their inputs. I think they need some better marketing …

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Virtual Air Guitar

by Al - on December 5, 2005

Air Guitar

If you thought grown men looked pretty stupid when seen playing air guitar you ain’t seen nothing yet. A bunch of students at the Helsinki University of Technology must of felt sorry for air guitarists with their lack of sound so have invented the first virtual air guitar. The way the air guitar works is the guitarist (if you can call him (or her) that) dons a pair of highly …

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22 Mega Pixel Camera

by Al - on December 4, 2005

Mamiya 22 mega pixel

I’m more of a point and click camera person and am very happy with my 5.1 Mega Pixel Sony Cyber-shot (recommended by our camera buff Marc) but after reading up on a new 22 Mega Pixel monster I thought it only right to report it here. I’ve never heard of Mamiya before but if you know your cameras I’m sure they’ll be a familiar name (they’ve been around for over …

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Healthy Jump

by Anita - on December 3, 2005


This is one gadget that can really help in your exercise program. We all know just how important exercise is for our health but most of us get tired pretty quick and give up, not because of the exercise itself but because of trying to remember everything. With the Healthy Jump, it will keep track of your number of jumps for every workout. It will even calculate the number of …

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Philips KeyRing USB Digital Camera

by Anita - on December 3, 2005


For one of the most easiest compact digital cameras on the market today you have to check out the Key Ring USB Wearable Digital Camera. Not only is this digital camera compact but it is also one that you can carry along with you and fit into your pocket. This camera is a digital still picture camera that ahs a USB flash memory drive. It can hold up to 400 …

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Wireless Spherical Speakers

by Al - on December 3, 2005

Music Sphere Speaker

We saw a fair few bits of cool audio equipment at the stuff show and Marc wrote an interesting piece abouthome audio systems. Today I came across the music sphere, it might not be as sophisticated as the Sonos but it’s a whole load cheaper and still lets you transmit music around your home.

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Canon DC20 makes DVD Camcorders Smaller

by Keith - on December 3, 2005

Canon DVD Camcorders

Especially for vacation-goers; Currently only retailed in Singapore, Canon released two new models of DVD camcorders – DC10 and DC20. The release of these models is intented to capture the market, and gain a strong foothold in where it is packed with competitve challengers, such as Sony, Hitachi and Panasonic. To ensure it is the ONE, DC10 and DC20 are designed to boast the smallest, slimmest and most well-built DVD …

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