Coolest Gadgets Playing with cool gadgets in the ongoing search for the Coolest Gadget Wed, 13 Dec 2017 16:00:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 CZUR reveals the ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner Wed, 13 Dec 2017 16:00:58 +0000 czur-et16A scanner is not something that many people have or own, but this does not mean that there is no market for it. CZUR knows that some folks find a scanner to be extremely useful, especially when it comes to digitizing something that has been printed for posterity. This has led to CZUR coming up with the ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner, a device that is dedicated to delivering smart office solutions that are jam-packed with technology while boasting of the human touch. With the ET16 Plus, book scanning performance and efficiency will be improved, both for home as well as industry users.

Thanks to the incorporation of the innovative Side Lights, the ET16 Plus is able to evenly reveal the entire document so that it delivers a precise, balanced scan, all the while doing away with glare from glossy pages. This means certificates, magazines and laminated documents are all fair game, and it also enables the ET16 Plus to scan a wider range of materials while offering an improved scanning performance to a far greater degree. There are also specialized finger cots which have been specially optimized to execute finger removal with a higher degree of accuracy.

Not only that, CZUR has made book scanning a whole lot more efficient and intelligent through the constant optimizing and upgrading of the CZUR Scanner image processing software. Through this, users have the potential to benefit a whole lot more from a faster processing speed of ET16 Plus. The ET16 Plus is basically an innovation of a desk-light-sized smart book scanner that delivers a fast scanning speed (1.5 seconds per dual-page). It is also an industry-first with the Flattening Curve feature, letting it auto-flatten curved pages.

Being compact in design with an easy operation and an affordable price, this is the perfect tool to preserve rare documents and compile a digital library/archiving center.

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Logitech reveals trio of Circle 2 bundles this holiday season Tue, 12 Dec 2017 19:00:38 +0000 Blog-Circle-BundleWhen it comes to the mad rush of the holiday season, there are always plenty of things to take into consideration, including getting the right kind of gifts for other folks. The thing is, we might end up in a frenzy knowing that we are running short on time and having absolutely zero ideas on the kind of gift to purchase. Well, fret not if you know of a particular person or family who would like to have a greater degree of security at home, as Logitech has conveniently stepped forward to offer a trio of new Circle 2 bundles which will bring together home security cameras, popular mounts and accessories.

These are totally new bundles which can be deemed to be perfect as a gift for someone who is on the lookout for the very first home security camera system, and it also works great as an additional ‘eye’ to keep watch over various parts of your home. The Circle 2 Cameras will boast of 1080p quality video recording, 180-degree wide-angle view, Smart Alerts and notifications, in addition to the latest smart home integrations that work with Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo Show, the Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit (when the camera is in a Wired mode), and Logitech’s own Pop Smart Button.

You will be able to save $100 with the Circle 2 Combo Pack that sports a pair of wired cameras and a single window mount for $299. For those who would like to save more, the $329 Circle 2 Combo Pack that comes with a pair of wireless cameras and a single rechargeable battery is worth checking out. Last but not least, there is the Circle 2 Multi-Pack with two wireless cameras and a wired camera that will save you $150 with its $429 price tag. All of these bundles are available now all the way through to December 23.

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Razer offers gaming grade Wi-Fi for the home Mon, 11 Dec 2017 19:00:12 +0000 portalWhen it comes to gaming performance, one particular name tends to stand out from the rest of the crowd: Razer. Razer has always sought to deliver nothing but the very best when it comes to products for gamers, knowing that this can be a very, very fussy and particular group of people who tend to blame their tools whenever a loss is on the cards. Why not minimize the possibilities of such excuses by obtaining the latest gaming grade router? Razer has worked with networking partner Ignition Design Labs, where the latter are the ones behind the award-winning Portal Wi-Fi router, to roll out a new Portal router that has been specially created just for gaming purposes. In other words, the two companies have collaborated in order to bring about an optimization of features as well as performances rolled into a single device.

Razer figured out that device connectivity is a major area that requires improvement for gamers, where a sub-par router is often the culprit when it comes to lag, screen tearing and buffering whenever one would like to enjoy live-streamed content. The mesh-capable Portal Wi-Fi routers will do its bit to prevent such setbacks from happening through the implementation of key technologies. Both high bandwidth gaming and streaming applications would not be too much of a trouble for the Portal router.

The Portal router will be available worldwide from the first quarter of 2018 onward, with an asking price of $149.99 apiece. It boasts of patented congestion-busting technologies which will always enable the fastest speeds and lowest latency in order to deliver the best gaming experiences. With FastLanes Simultaneous Multi-Channel DFS technology, your devices will be able to operate in exclusive radar-protected channels by avoiding unreliable and slow Wi-Fi during peak hours. Anyone who would like to make sure their game is right at the top would do well to check out the Portal router from Razer.

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OtterBox Venture Coolers target holidaymakers with a sense of adventure Sat, 09 Dec 2017 19:00:01 +0000 venturecoolerNormally when we think of the brand name OtterBox, most of the time we would have sweet memories of their seemingly indestructible smartphone cases that not only work great while providing a layer of protection for your spanking new handset, they also look good, too. This time around, OtterBox has something that will be very different for holidaymakers, being the coolest holiday must-have item for folks who love campsite cookouts, simply sitting down with other people while sharing stories over cold brews, with the OtterBox Venture cooler.

After all, everyone has their very own style of doing outdoor stuff their own way, ranging from roughing it out in the rugged wilderness or simply relaxing by a remote lake, to perhaps enjoying the way life goes by at the neighborhood park or a close-by beach, the main point would be to do it while having some fun. Hence, having worries about both food and beverages being kept safe and cold should be eliminated altogether.

The OtterBox Venture Coolers are the perfect gift that keeps hot coffee hot and cold smoothies cold, where it boasts of superior cooling technology as well as trusted OtterBox durability. The Venture will deliver superior ice life and is certified bear-resistant, featuring easy-open latches, durable built-in handles, anti-slide rubber feet and 2 inches of refrigeration-grade foam which makes it a crucial piece of equipment for any outdoor outing.

There is also the idea of a modular system incorporated into the OtterBox Venture Cooler, where one will be able to customize it with various accessories that will certainly be different from one owner to another. For instance, the campsite chef would find the cutting board and side table attachments useful while the avid tailgater would prefer to include the bottle opener and a cup holder which will be attached to the sturdy mounting system. As for boating enthusiasts, this group is not forgotten, either, thanks to the presence of attachable dryboxes and RAM Mounts RAM-TUBE fishing rod holder. One can choose from the Venture 25, Venture 45 and Venture 65 which will retail for $249.99, $349.99 and $399.99, respectively.

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66 Audio reveals PRO Voice wireless headphones that carries Alexa voice recognition Wed, 06 Dec 2017 19:00:00 +0000 provoiceWhile the brand name 66 Audio might not be all that famous, the company is a noted pioneer when it comes to wireless consumer audio technology. Having revealed their all-new PRO Voice Bluetooth wireless headphones, this is a special pair of wireless headphones that will be different from the rest due to its unique capability of featuring integrated Amazon Alexa voice recognition. In other words, you get a breakthrough in how one communicates in the digital world, as PRO Voice will bring Alexa outside the home in order to deliver a fluid voice experience regardless of where the user is, as long as there is Internet connectivity.

Among the list of breakthrough innovations include up to 125 feet of wireless range, 40 hours of non-stop playback, crystal clear HD sound, and the MotionControl companion app, where all of it arrives in a durable yet sporty design which allows those who are active or simply dormant office drones to find it equally useful.

With the PRO Voice, you can access tens of millions of songs via Prime Music, play games and even order a pizza, courtesy of simply asking Amazon Alexa. It will be a whole new user experience for many, where PRO Voice’s new ActiveVoice recognition technology will work in tandem with the MotionControl smart app (available on iOS and Android platforms) which enables users to customize many different kinds of headphone features. Those who reside in the US, UK, Canada and Germany are able to ask Alexa to play their favorite tracks from Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and TuneIn, while Alexa voice control for Spotify will also be available after its launch.

Different voice-control technology will include play, pause, next track, volume up and down functions, which means you never ever have to glance at your smartphone again to interact with your music with this $139.99 bad boy.

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Lifeprint delivers a new photo and video printer Tue, 05 Dec 2017 19:00:49 +0000 lifeprintPolaroid looks like they might have some competition on their hands when it comes to extremely small and portable printers that work best with smartphones. Lifeprint has come up with an all-new 3” x 4.5” Wi-Fi and Bluetooth printer which does both photos and videos, where it is capable of creating and printing out Augmented Reality Hyperphotos from your camera roll, Facebook, Instagram and Saved Snaps, among others, in order to make them come to life as though it is magic. This new printer is available exclusively on as well as Apple stores worldwide.

Perfectly timed to launch before the holidays where people love to create and share special memories, this new Lifeprint printer will come with a free application that makes it extremely easy to edit, print, and share photos and videos with family, friends, and basically anyone else, regardless of where they are. Augmented Reality will enable your videos to come to life right there and then, while the Wi-Fi capability lets you print from anywhere in the world with larger prints being recommended for a better quality and experience. Who would have thought that videos could be printed out?

As part of the marketing plan to show just how Lifeprint is going to change the way we share our everyday memories, even the packaging itself will come to life with Augmented Reality technology. In other words, you will be able to watch a video about the product right on the box. With Lifeprint, sharing physical photographs with someone else across the globe is similar to sending a text — as long as they give you their permission, of course. The Lifeprint app paves the way for users to customize prints using filters, memes, stickers, and more. All photos and stickers will be printed on sticky-backed ZINK Paper.

This 3” × 4.5” Lifeprint printer will retail for $149.99 a pop, while compatible Lifeprint film will arrive in packs of 20 and 40 that will go for $29.99 and $49.99, respectively.

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TAP showcases new wearable keyboard and mouse Mon, 04 Dec 2017 19:00:23 +0000 tapThe keyboard and mouse have certainly come a long way from their early days, where they were just pieces of plastic and other material which were crude to use. Then came along the ergonomic keyboard which was supposedly able to help alleviate all kinds of repetitive stress injuries among users, especially cubicle drones who do nothing but hammer against the keyboard all day long. Wireless technology came along, followed by wearable technology. It is TAP that has decided to tap into the world of the wearable keyboard and mouse, pardon the pun.

This all new wearable keyboard and mouse is certainly fashionable, and it does lend an air of Tom Cruise’s Minority Report interface although we have yet to arrive at such level of technology. Pre-orders for the TAP wearable keyboard and mouse are already being taken, with an asking price of $129.99 a pop.

It will operate sans wires, which makes perfect sense as no one would like to be tethered to something and looking ridiculous. Using Bluetooth connectivity, this wireless wearable keyboard will be able to transform just about anything that you touch into a surface on which you can type on. I would say that this is a natural evolution of the holographic keyboard that we have seen more than a decade ago, except that this one is far more versatile in its use since there is no “base” device to speak of. Being a one-handed keyboard, there is a learning curve to adapt to, but modern day technology fans should not find it to be an issue. It will alter the paradigm for controlling and texting to mobile devices such as wearable screens, AR/VR, smartwatches, accessibility devices and pro tablets such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

Definitely one of the cooler wirelses keyboards that we have seen in a while, that is for sure!

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ION360 U 360-degree camera with wireless charging sleeve capability Fri, 01 Dec 2017 12:00:37 +0000 ion360-uA protective case for a smartphone has been deemed to be a prerequisite for quite some time now, apart from a protective screen, of course. Well, ConvenientPower Systems has come up with something different this time around: an industry-first, even, in the form of the wireless charging design for the 360-degree smartphone camera that is known as the ION360 U. This is an all-new wireless charging accessory which is truly unique, offering an innovative solution for existing power-hungry social media, photo and video applications.

Everyone loves capturing a lovely photo in the first place, and sharing it on social media would naturally be the next logical step. Well, the ION360 U certainly brings things to a whole new level, by offering simultaneous wireless charging of both the smartphone and 360 smartphone-connected camera, it offers new dimensions concerning immersive mobile video and wireless charging convenience.

Camille Tang, President, ConvenientPower Systems, noted, “By implementing wireless charging into the smartphone battery case, the functionality of the smartphone wireless charging option is extended when the phone and the 360-degree camera accessory are connected. The growth of power-hungry applications like experience-sharing on social media, and immersive 360 video create the need to always be charged, wirelessly, and while on the go. This new wireless charging design for the smartphone camera meets this need.”

Right now, ION360 U’s wireless charging photo and video live streaming smartphone battery case will only be available for certain iPhone and Galaxy models, and it is obviously Qi compatible, so if you are running on an LG, HTC, or other handsets not from the select iPhone or Samsung Galaxy models, you’re out of luck. For the moment, at least, as one can always hope that ConvenientPower Systems would do something to remedy the situation for smartphone users who are loyal to brands apart from Samsung and Apple.

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Musio the AI social robot Thu, 30 Nov 2017 13:00:10 +0000 musioModern day technology has seen the path of new toys being transformed into highly interactive robots, although one of my fondest memories of such a toy robot would be the Sony Aibo. The Aibo was an adorable dog robot, but it surely had its limitations, not to mention ridiculous price tag that put it out of reach of many. Here is an AI social robot known as Musio, which is extremely cute to look at thanks to its Japanese design roots. What is more important is the fact that Musio is a robot friend that takes the time and effort to understand and remember conversations through all the various interaction with different users — which is more than what I can vouch for when communicating with certain humans.

AKA LLC is the developer of the world’s first artificially intelligent social robot, the Musio, and Musio will be based on AKA’s AI engine ‘MUSE’. This communication robot is capable of interacting socially with all people regardless of their age, where it will be assisted by NLP (Natural Language Processing), Vision, and AKA’s rich interactive content ecosystem. In other words, Musio fits the bill perfectly when it comes to address the world’s growing demand for a robot companion.

Raymond Jung, CEO of AKA LLC, shared, “AKA’s next step is with Europe’s traditional hardware companies seeking innovation. By presenting Musio the robot, AKA is introducing its core technology, MUSE, to our future partners. We believe that our AI engine will present immeasurable opportunity to those calling out for ‘AI Plus’ for the upcoming industrial revolution.”

Musio was launched in Japan earlier this year, making it the top selling social robot in that part of the world. The English conversation feature made it quite a hit, having been configured via MUSE’s context-aware deep-learning algorithm. It can remember dialogue in the past with users, and is also context aware, allowing a natural flow of conversation quite unlike smart speakers in the vein of Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Definitely something that I would love to see end up under the Christmas tree this year!

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iStand Walking Cane arrives in three flavors Thu, 30 Nov 2017 12:00:08 +0000 istandA walking stick is something that we all might need to grapple with as we get older, for one simple reason: our balance and gait aren’t what they used to be, so it is useful to have a “third leg” to get up and around while minimizing the chances of falling down. So far, the basic premise is pretty much the same, although in the past there has been technologically-infused ideas of a walking stick such as the Tactile Wand Electronic Walking Stick. Being close to a decade old, how about getting something more updated and useful such as the iStand Walking Cane that will arrive in three flavors?

WhatBox, Inc. claims that this will be the last walking cane that you will ever need to buy, where regardless of the model that you purchase, it will be fashion forward. Of course, there is the staple version which will not carry any kind of technology at all, but we are more interested in the other two models that will sport integrated technology. For instance, there is the iStand with FindMyCane, being a trackable cane that has been infused with GPS technology so that it is a whole lot easier to find out where the cane was last left behind.

The other would be a smart cane with fall detection and Alzheimer’sAlerts capability, also know as iStand Cane with SmartWalk technology. It targets those who might simply wander around and are in need of memory care. Regardless of which model that is picked up, all of them features a flexible shaft for joint comfort, and a no-trip base that stands alone. All of iStand’s smart safety products will not have any burdensome subscription so that seniors and their families will be able to enjoy safety and comfort without having to break the bank.

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