Coolest Gadgets Playing with cool gadgets in the ongoing search for the Coolest Gadget Fri, 24 Mar 2017 20:33:27 +0000 en-US hourly 1 LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth headset now boasts of JBL Signature Sound Fri, 24 Mar 2017 19:00:56 +0000 lg-tone-ultraThere is nothing quite like having a lovely pair of headphones to be able to enjoy the kind of music that you like to listen to, as that would enhance all of the audio detail that it was meant to deliver during recording by the artiste at the studio. Well, LG Electronics has worked and refined on their LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth headset that will now boast of offering more than half a day’s worth of music listening time, now how about that?

Not only do you get a fantastic listening experience overall, you will also be able to look good while wearing it and enjoying your favorite tunes. The next item on your playlist will sound as though you were right smack in the middle of the recording studio, where this around-the-neck Bluetooth headset will boast of Dual MEMS microphones, JBL Signature Sound and Quad-Layer Speaker Technology.

The asking price for this next generation LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth headset stands at $99.99 a pop from the folks over at Sprint, and it will play nice with the latest iOS as well as Android-powered smartphones, making the most out of the new LG G6 and the LG V20 along the way. Thanks to its around-the-neck style, the LG Tone Ultra offers a personalized fit that remains there regardless of whether you are listening to music or attending to a phone call.

The presence of the legacy Tone tangle free, retractable earbuds ensure a great fit, while there are also easy-to-reach buttons that are located on the side of the LG Tone Ultra so that it becomes second nature to toggle between making and answering phone calls, as well as listening to music. Best of all is, it comes with more than half a day of listening time before requiring a recharge, which is a big deal for audiophiles who are always on the move.

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This Projection Alarm Clock will keep you constant when traveling Fri, 24 Mar 2017 18:30:51 +0000 Projection Alarm Clock

When you have to uproot yourself to travel for work on the regular, it can be tough to feel grounded. Every slight variant of a hotel room makes you feel more and more detached from any form of stability. Not only that, but it’s hard to keep track of when you are in the world. We bring clothes and toiletries with us when we’re on the road which give us some form of familiarity, but the more you travel, the more you start knowing exactly what items you’d prefer to have handy so you can feel more at home wherever you are.

Some people bring portable french presses with them to avoid drinking “swill”, and others like having gadgets that bring a sense of normalcy to their travels, like this Projection Alarm Clock. This was meant to be taken on the road since it can fold down to 4.5 x 0.94 x 3” when closed. It can charge your smartphone, and projects the time onto the ceiling or wall in a bright red light. While it may not do much, the constant of a red light against the wall or ceiling being one of the first things you see when you wake up will at least let you know that you’re in a somewhat familiar place.

You will need 3 AAA batteries to make this work, and it comes with an optional micro-USB cable so you can use the backlight and projection constantly if you’d like. The LCD display will show you the full information for the date and time, while the projection will only give you the digits of the present time. The projection arm can be angled 90 degrees, and you’ll have backlighting options of bright, dim, or off when it is being powered through the micro USB cable. This $26 device will give you some measure of commonality on the go.

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These Travel Space Saver Bags help you bring more on your travels Thu, 23 Mar 2017 18:30:39 +0000 Space Saving Bags

When you’re going on a trip that lasts longer than a week, you want to pack enough so that you’re not wearing the same thing five times. However, you don’t want to be facing an extra bag charge at the airport, or deal with the fee for going over the 50 pound weight limit for checked bags. The ideal situation is to have a carry on and a personal item, but what options are there if you’re traveling for an extended period of time and have a suitcase that won’t close?

These Travel Space Saver Bags could certainly grant you more room in your luggage so long as you’re not going over the weight limit. They’re sized medium to large for packing clothing in a vacuum sealed bag that only needs the air squished out of it without the aid of an actual vacuum. In addition to giving you more room in your bag, you’ll also get protection for your clothes from dust, odors, bugs, and moisture, in case your trip takes you on some wild adventures.

This set comes with 8 bags, four being large, which measure 28 x 20”, and four medium, at 24 x 16”. It’s a pretty cheap purchase at only around $18, and will make planning your outfits and keeping them organized a breeze. These double-zippered bags are made to be reused indefinitely, and come with sealing clips to make sure they keep the air out no matter what.

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New Sony BRAVIA OLED 4K HDR TV range priced, now available Thu, 23 Mar 2017 13:00:54 +0000 new-sony-bravia-oledAre you on the lookout for a brand new TV? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would be pleased to know that Sony has announced its brand new range of Sony BRAVIA OLED 4K HDR TV collection — alongside its pricing and availability, of course. This would be Sony’s first large consumer OLED TVs, where they boast of unparalleled black levels alongside contrast, a brand new Acoustic Surface sound technology, all packed into a unique design.

The BRAVIA OLED 4K HDR TV will be made available in stores from the beginning of next month onwards, and are already on display at retail stores — especially at Sony Square NYC, which happens to be a showplace for the latest when it comes to Sony entertainment and technology based in New York. The XBR-A1E will come with a unique combination of the superior picture quality of OLED that is powered by Sony’s 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme.

It will be accompanied by the world’s first Acoustic Surface sound system, as well as an edge-to-edge stand-less form factor. Your eyes will be treated to more than 8 million self-illuminating pixels, enabling the BRAVIA OLED 4K HDR TV range to deliver a significantly enriched visual experience alongside unprecedented black levels, rich and lifelike color, dynamic contrast, blur-less image and a wide viewing angle. With the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme running at its heart, it can further extend the capability of OLED in order to deliver an exquisite 4K HDR picture.

The XBR-77A1E which is a 77″ class TV does not have its pricing details determined as at press time, while the 65-inch XBR-65A1E is going for a rather hefty $6,499.99. Those who have a smaller budget can always consider the XBR-55A1E, which is a 55-inch model that will cost $4,999.99 a pop. Any takers?

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G-SHOCK from Casio reveals new Akazonae-Inspired MR-G Thu, 23 Mar 2017 12:00:27 +0000 casio-mrgFancy getting a new timepiece, now that your current one has started to lose its lustre, or needs some maintenance to get it up and running at optimal levels? Casio might have the answer for those who have a Japanese slant to things in the form of the latest G-SHOCK model, which would be the Akazonae-inspired MR-G. This luxury timepiece will boast of coloring that can only be found in traditional samurai armor, and nowhere else.

The latest color addition for the men’s luxury MRGG1000B timepiece that is inspired by the red Akazonae coloring, and this particular color did symbolize rank and valor amongst traditional Japanese military commanders of yore. Paying homage to G-SHOCK’s Japanese heritage and strength, this brand new timepiece will boast of the colors that are found in elite samurai armor, sporting a black titanium bezel as well as band, coupled with red lettering and gold IP accents that provide it with an ultra-refined look alongside the toughness that G-SHOCK is famous for.

Some premium features include a titanium case and band, boasting of a diamond-like carbon coating and sapphire glass crystal that deliver outstanding scratch resistance and durability. This particular model comes with GPS capabilities to boot in addition to G-SHOCK’s Multi-Band 6, and works under the guise of GPS Hybrid Atomic Timekeeping technology that will be able to deliver accurate timekeeping just about anywhere you are. This is made possible via the receiving of GPS satellite signals or terrestrial radio signals from up to six transmitters located around the world, based on one’s location and environment. There is also Tough Solar technology that ensures stable operation even when power-hungry functions are used.

All models will come with standard G-SHOCK technology such as shock resistance and 200M water resistance, a latitude indicator, airplane mode, dual dial world time (40 time zones, 27 cities + UTC), an LED super illuminator light, neo-brite luminous hands, daily alarm, day/date display, 1/20th second stopwatch and a countdown timer, with an asking price that some folks might choke at — $3,000 a pop.

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The Talelight Electronic Bumper Sticker will let you change your opinions Wed, 22 Mar 2017 18:30:50 +0000 Talelight Electronic Bumper Sticker

Bumper stickers have long since been a way of communicating your thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the state of the world in a very public manner. You can cheer on a politician, encourage people to smile, or give warning that others are too close behind your car for your liking, all from a paper sticker on your bumper. The problem with this form of communication is that the sticker is going to fade from exposure to the elements, and your opinion on the content of the sticker might one day change.

If you like to spice up what you want the world to see on your vehicle, you could always get the Talelight Electronic Bumper Sticker. This is a full-color LCD screen that was made to survive being attached to the back of your car, and is powered from any standard 5V USB power source. That being said, it comes with a 15′ long cable so it can reach the cigarette lighter inside of your car.

This only shows static images, and has the space to store up to 25 pictures, of which it can play in any order of your choosing. The images being displayed are 1280 x 320 pixels, and can be created in any program. It’s not cheap at around $135 after shipping, but it will let you show anything you think is worth flashing to everyone else on the road. Now if only it could play movies so you could pull it in the car for entertainment on long trips.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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Paracord Zipper Pulls – Don’t throw out that jacket! Tue, 21 Mar 2017 18:30:00 +0000 Paracord Zipper Pull Tab

Our society is heavily based in an endless cycle of buying, throwing out, and upgrading the things we own. It’s not like we want to cover our country in a landfill, but there isn’t much of a push to fix, recycle, or reuse things. That being said, there are lots of ways you can make your current belongings last longer, and that goes for everything from gadgets and gizmos to clothing.

If you have a penchant for ripping the tabs off your zippers because of your strong grip, then you only need to replace it rather than toss the whole thing. You could use a keychain ring, or for added functionality there’s this Paracord Zipper Pull. Since you’re likely to break more than one zipper in a lifetime, they come in a four-pack, with color options of black, camo, green, army green, yellow, red or pink. It’s a simple metal loop hook that should fit on any size zipper.

The neat bit about these is that they have 1.8 feet of paracord on each hook, meaning you’ll have 7.2 feet of paracord if you were wearing all four. This is a pretty cheap purchase at around $12, and will not only solve the problem of the missing pull tab, but will give you an EDC item for possible emergencies. It’s having little things like this handy that can turn a bad situation around.

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ZEEQ smart pillow is now ready to be purchased Tue, 21 Mar 2017 16:04:02 +0000 zeeq-smart-pillowYou might be one of those filthy rich people who are able to afford the best bed possible, but on the other hand, you might be one who finds it difficult to fall asleep on that mighty expensive bed. Perhaps having too much to worry about concerning your fortune sprouting wings and flying away, eh? Well, the ZEEQ smart pillow is something that might help you get to sleep better, and not only that, improve the level of sleep quality while making sure that your partner remains undisturbed along the way.

Touted to be the most sophisticated and comfortable smart pillow in the world, the ZEEQ is available for purchase over in the UK. This extremely advanced and unique pillow intends to deliver deep and undisturbed sleep. You also do not have to struggle with remaining awake in order to turn it off, and neither do you need to wake up while having that groggy feeling. Your partner would also be more than happy to inform you that he or she no longer has to put up with your terrible snoring issue!

What does the ZEEQ smart pillow come with? There is a snore alarm first and foremost, where the microphone and motion sensor will work together in order to record and monitor the levels of snoring, using gentle vibrations to wake you up in a gentle manner so that you will be nudged into a new (and quiet) sleeping position. Not only that, the inclusion of Bluetooth technology that works in tandem with 8 micro speakers will make sure that the ZEEQ lets you drift off to sleep nicely by playing either your favorite collection of tunes, or to take advantage of the custom binaural sounds. There is also a programmable sleep timer that makes sure you are not disturbed once you have entered dreamland.

The battery in the ZEEQ can last for an entire week, and will juice itself up via microUSB. It also features Tencel fabric that boasts of a fully removable and washable Tencel pillowcase, as well as a wood based fibre that naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria. Expect the ZEEQ smart pillow to retail for £249 apiece for those who are interested.

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Case-Mate features Allure selfie case for better looking narcissistic shots Mon, 20 Mar 2017 19:00:28 +0000 allure-casemate“Selfie time!” is a phrase that many of us hear on a regular basis, and even more so when it comes to gatherings with family and friends. Check out social media accounts of many people today, and you will see selfies and food shots being two very popular themes. Well, the front-facing camera has certainly improved by leaps and bounds over the years in a smartphone, but there is still room for improvement. Case-Mate knows this, which is why they have worked with Allure in order to deliver the all-new Allure x Case-Mate Selfie Case.

This particular Allure x Case-Mate Selfie Case will feature adjustable, professional-grade LED lighting that can illuminate the user’s face with a soft, flattering glow. The case itself comes with a 360° rotating ring that delivers additional functionality and security; all the while maintaining dual-layer drop protection. The user is also able to capture up to 2,000 selfies with a single, full charge. In order to sweeten the deal, the Allure x Case-Mate Selfie Case comes with a complimentary one year subscription to Allure Magazine, as well as a month’s subscription to the Allure Beauty Box.

The asking price for the Allure x Case-Mate Selfie Case? $70 a pop on Case-Mate’s e-commerce site, although folks will soon be able to pick it up from their local Verizon retailer in due time as well. Those who are interested can choose from rose gold or a shade of black, with the latter being made available only some time down the road.

Now the Allure x Case-Mate Selfie Case is a new smartphone case that delivers protection while offering a stylish solution at the same time. Those who love snapping selfies would definitely want to check it out, and it is one of the very few smartphone cases that needs to be charged, now how about that?

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This Keyboard Waffle Iron will have you typing on your breakfast Mon, 20 Mar 2017 18:30:56 +0000 Keyboard Waffle Iron

When you work a 9-5 salaried job, you’re supposed to clock in, do your work, and clock out. While that’s what should be happening, you almost always end up working overtime and stressing out about what didn’t get finished or is on the docket for tomorrow even though there’s nothing to be done about it in your off hours. There are those lucky few who enjoy their jobs though, and don’t mind that their work bleeds into the rest of their lives.

While it’s definitely not for everyone, those who love their work, specifically on a keyboard, will get a kick out of this Keyboard Waffle Iron. This is a die-cast, non-stick aluminum griddle press that will let you create keyboard-shaped food on the stove. This is not like those waffle irons you find at a hotel that will heat themselves, but rather one that needs to be placed on a stove burner for heat.

You will still have to flip it to get an evenly cooked exterior on your food, but it has curved handles that are sturdy and heat resistant so you don’t need to worry about oven mitts. This is a $69.99 purchase that is pure novelty factor, but it will make themed parties far more festive. It’ll be up to you whether you have waffles every day, or if you want to experiment with making cookies, brownies, or whatever strikes you with this iron. You could also try putting an actual keyboard inside and see what happens when you melt it, for scientific purposes.

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