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When it comes to wearable technology, there are dime a dozen examples on display, and the smartwatch is one of the prime devices that showcase just how versatile wearable technology can be in changing our lives for the better. BEAM Authentic figured out that there are still other unexplored areas when it comes to wearable technology, which is why it has come up with the BEAM smart wearable button that will open up the door for one to broadcast the exact things that they care about out in the real world.

Each of these BEAM smart wearable button will feature a round AMOLED display, with 24-bit color, allowing the digital device to be the modern-day version of static, analog expression which used to arrive in the form of button badges that had long appeared on hats and backpacks, while also making a statement like t-shirts and wristbands of yore. With the BEAM app, people are able to upload single images or dynamic, rotating content, slideshows and GIFs courtesy of the company’s partnership with GIPHY.

Carrying the status as the first digital dynamic button in the world, BEAM is available for purchase for $99 a pop, where the BEAM app itself is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Andrew Zenoff, founder and CEO of BEAM Authentic, shared, “We are very rapidly losing the art of meaningful, human conversation. With all the backlash over social media bullying, ‘screen time’ and ‘screenagers,’ BEAM demonstrates that people can use technology to not hide behind, but to start conversations in the real world that break the ice, discover common interests, and help people engage and get to know each other for productive purposes.”

Why not learn to express yourself differently and in a new, modern manner this time around with BEAM? It lets you share messages on things that you care about with the rest of the world, and you can now do it in style.

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The Knog Oi Bicycle Bell politely moves pedestrians from your path Mon, 29 May 2017 19:30:39 +0000 Kong Oi Bicycle Bell

Once you add riding a bike to your daily routine, you start to realize what accessories you would benefit from. If you live out in the country with limited street lighting, then adding visibility will be your priority. If you’re in a bigger city, visibility will be equally important, but navigating your way through hoards of pedestrians will be another aspect to worry about.

If you want to politely get people to move out of your way without blasting an air horn, the Kong Oi Bicycle Bell could move them of their own accord. This is a small circle that you can fit on any type of bicycle bar, and you only need to pull back the tab and release it to get a clear bell sound. It’s not anything like the obnoxious bike bells you’ve heard in the past, and take on more of a wind chime approach, sounding pleasant, light, but crisp.

This comes in large and small, fitting 22.2mm bars or 23.8-31.8mm bars. The size will affect the price, which is in a range of $12.99-$27.99, and it comes in black, brass, copper, and silver. These are made of stainless steel, high tensile springs, aircraft grade aluminum ringers, a reinforced nylon mount, and are sure to make anything who hears them move out of the way.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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The Kucho Air-Conditioned Cooling Pack – keep your cool in school Wed, 17 May 2017 18:30:14 +0000 Air Conditioned Backpack

When you have to walk a mile or two to get to class, a backpack with a few books in it becomes a heavy burden that digs into your shoulders after the first few minutes of your journey. When the summer sun is in full effect, you also get to experience the joys of a tremendous amount of back sweat, making your bag a soggy mess the rest of the day. You can only cut down so many layers  of clothing to cool off before you might be charged with indecent exposure.

While you don’t want to strap ice packs to your bag or limbs  since you’d still have the issues of being wet and heavily encumbered, this Kucho Air-Conditioned Backpack Cooling Pack can help. This goes in between your bag and back, blowing cool air on you in multiple directions so you can stay at a more comfortable temperature. It won’t completely cool you off during a grueling walk in the sun, but it will make the experience mildly more tolerable.

This runs off of 4 AA batteries, and has low and high settings for the fan. If you keep it on high, the batteries should last you for 8.5 hours, while being kept on low they will hold out for 44 hours. It’s ideal for outdoorsy types who like being out in the sun, but if they don’t have problems overheating, they may not be willing to cough up $150 for something that isn’t a cure-all.

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The FitBark lets you know if your pooch is being a couch potato Wed, 10 May 2017 19:30:27 +0000 FitBark

Dogs are slobbery balls of energy that are in a constant state of motion when they’re not being adorable on the couch or patiently begging for food. Sometimes though, they start being cute on the couch more than they should and pack on weight. We’re all prone to weight gain, but when it comes to your dog, it’s your responsibility to do something about it so they don’t develop health issues. It’s the same as having a kid who always wants to eat Cheetos and play video games, and making sure they don’t do that.

While the biggest indicator for keeping tabs on your dog’s health is looking at their poop and the associated schedule around that, it would be nice if you had other means. The FitBark is an activity tracker just like your FitBit, it just goes on your dog. This will give you better insight into what their daily activity is like, so if there are any major changes you can factor that into the information you give to the vet if there are problems.

This little bone-shaped device was made to be worn by dogs, so it’s durable enough to withstand their adventures, as well as waterproof in case they are especially mischievous. You’ll get 24/7 activity tracking, and be able to set health goals based off of that information. It comes in baby pink, cool grey, emerald green, light blue, and true red, all costing around $70 a piece. Regardless of the size of your pup, this will be able to keep tabs on their daily romps.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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BetterBack forces you to keep better posture Tue, 02 May 2017 18:30:57 +0000 Better Back

Your parents can scream at you until they’re blue in the face, but it’s not going to make you have better posture. Unless you actively want to change something, you’re not going to, which is why we carry a lot of bad habits into adulthood. Eventually we realize that the things our parents told us to do were for our benefit, and have to begrudgingly change our ways after the fact.

If you still slump and slouch, especially when sitting at your desk, then the BetterBack will help you change your crooked ways (before it’s too late). For those that have terrible posture, this is the first step to not only sitting better, but correcting your posture indefinitely. This folds around your back and knees, essentially forcing you into decent posture, but in a comfortable, hammock-like way.

Only using this for 15 minutes a day can help your body’s muscle memory know what good posture is and keep it that way. This will work on any chair, meaning it’s perfect for the office, during the big game, on a plane, or just sitting in quiet meditation. When you’re not using it, this will fold down and zip up to a little package size so it can go in your bag when it’s not needed. This is a $59 purchase that could drastically alter your posture, if you remember to make yourself use it.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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PowerUp FPV – Paper Airplane VR Drone Model Kit Tue, 18 Apr 2017 18:30:53 +0000 FPV Powerup

We love to experience the world in new and exciting ways, and have no problem spending a little money to do it. Some people, with big wallets, like playing with the latest and greatest toys and gadgets, while others don’t mind waiting for the price to drop or build it themselves. If you aren’t adept in the waiting or building department though, it might just be better to save and pay up.

While you could definitely build yourself a paper airplane at home and have a modicum of fun, it won’t compare to the PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane. You’ll still have to build the paper airplane part, but this kit will let it fly for 10 minutes, and give you a bird’s eye view of the flight. On top of that, using the included Google cardboard FPV viewer, you’ll be able to control the direction of the plane with your head movements alone.

This uses a micro USB for charging, comes with 2 spare propellers, has 8 template sheets for making your plane, a spare rubber bumper, sense cleaning swab, 550 mAh Lipo battery, and a smartphone protection strap. You’ll be able to live stream and record your flight through your iOS or Android smartphones, where you’ll also be able to steer manually if you prefer. This isn’t a cheap toy at $199.99, but you’re an adult, and you can spend your money how you want.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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These Kevlar Cut-Resistant Sleeves laugh in the face of a knife-fight Fri, 07 Apr 2017 18:30:45 +0000 Kevlar Cut-Resistant Sleeves

Sometimes we wear scarves or gloves to be fashionable, but not every accessory was meant to wow onlookers. It’s not unreasonable to want to feel like you’ve got the upper hand if a bad situation were to land in your lap. This is especially the case if you live a bit of a rough-and-tumble life, with a penchant for injuries.

While these Kevlar Cut-Resistant gloves can’t save you from everything, they’ll certainly guard you against scratches, cuts, and scrapes. These are DuPont Kevlar brand, and double-ply knitted to give you seamless construction and make them more than able to conform to any arm. They stretch comfortably so that they’ll stay in place even when you’re in a constant state of motion such as riding a bike or working in the garden.

These come in medium or full-sized, and will additionally provide you some light protection from heat. They’re 18” long and come in a pair at $19.99 regardless of what size you choose. These were made to be multi-purpose, so whether you find yourself doing work such as glass or knife handling, food service, warehousing, gardening, or any other instance where you might get a cut or scrape, these could be quite useful. If yellow is your color, then you could always sport them in the winter, especially if you have long walks home at night in less-than-desirable areas.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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This FIR Amethyst Belt will help with your circulation Wed, 05 Apr 2017 18:30:54 +0000 FIR Amethyst Belt

When you deal with aches and pains, it’s hard to live out your days as a normal person. Not moving seems just as painful as moving, and it’s hard to enjoy anything that’s happening around you when you’re constantly hurting. Seeing people walking around with a smile on their face is almost jarring, because you can’t imagine what it’s like to not suffer all the time. If this scenario applies to you, then it’s about time to start taking matters into your own hands about improving the quality of your life.

While changing up your diet, starting to stretch and work out more will do wonders for your body and mind alike, sometimes a little heat therapy can go a long way too. This FIR Amethyst Belt emits Negative ions and Far-infrared waves to provide a penetrating heat, making it great for strains or muscle pain. It has settings for 1-9 hours, though you can preheat the belt to the max, unplug and use it for as long as the stones hold heat.

This does have untreated amethyst stones in it, which might mean something to those of you who study gemstones. The heating area is 18 x 8”, though the strap itself measure 55″ or 63” depending on how long you need it to be. Regardless of which option you choose, this will cost you $225, and at that price point it had better provide you with some form of relief.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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The Avegant Glyph are headphones that separate you from the real world Wed, 29 Mar 2017 18:03:10 +0000 Avegant Glyph

Dealing with people is usually the last thing anyone wants to do. While some humans are awesome, going out in public with a whole mess of them on a train, plane, or bus is sometimes overwhelming in a bad way. We use music and social media to tune them out, but that doesn’t completely remove the potential for eye contact, or worse…conversation.

If you want to completely tune out of reality and have a long commute home, where you don’t have drive or pay attention to your surroundings in any manner, then these Avegant Glyph Headphones will be a dream come true. These are a video headset that will let you watch movies, play games, and more through this audio and video portable theater. They can connect to just about any smartphone, tablet, drone, or gaming console up to 40,000 feet away, or about 7.5 miles away.

You’ll be able to wear these like normal headphones and use them as such, but obviously the big draw is the display aspect. The cool thing about this device is that it reflects light with over two million micro-mirrors, which replicates natural human eyesight, so you won’t burn out your eyes at such a close range to the screen! Keeping that in mind, these are not cheap at $499, but it will give you some measure of privacy when it feels like you have none.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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Paracord Zipper Pulls – Don’t throw out that jacket! Tue, 21 Mar 2017 18:30:00 +0000 Paracord Zipper Pull Tab

Our society is heavily based in an endless cycle of buying, throwing out, and upgrading the things we own. It’s not like we want to cover our country in a landfill, but there isn’t much of a push to fix, recycle, or reuse things. That being said, there are lots of ways you can make your current belongings last longer, and that goes for everything from gadgets and gizmos to clothing.

If you have a penchant for ripping the tabs off your zippers because of your strong grip, then you only need to replace it rather than toss the whole thing. You could use a keychain ring, or for added functionality there’s this Paracord Zipper Pull. Since you’re likely to break more than one zipper in a lifetime, they come in a four-pack, with color options of black, camo, green, army green, yellow, red or pink. It’s a simple metal loop hook that should fit on any size zipper.

The neat bit about these is that they have 1.8 feet of paracord on each hook, meaning you’ll have 7.2 feet of paracord if you were wearing all four. This is a pretty cheap purchase at around $12, and will not only solve the problem of the missing pull tab, but will give you an EDC item for possible emergencies. It’s having little things like this handy that can turn a bad situation around.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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