Tux Droid toy alerts you

by Edwin

There is something that bugs me about the Tux Droid – it is missing the customary bowtie that most penguins seem to wear. Perhaps it lost the bowtie when making its pilgrimage across ice floes? Basically Tux Droid is a felt-covered desktop companion that utilises wireless technology to fetch information from the wonderful web and convey it to you in various charming ways. His accompanying USB fish transmitter (no, really!) …

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Superyacht looks like it belongs to International Rescue

by James

Focus 21 France

Could it be Thunderbird 7? Well no, but it sure does look like Brains consulted on it’s design. It’s the Focus 21 from France and it can not only sail the seven seas, it can fly over them as well. The Yacht’s design is one of a giant wing with engines – a flying wing for the water.

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Star Wars, Err, Ducks

by Al

Princess Layer Pondtrooper Luke Pondwalker

It might be Star War’s thirtieth anniversary but these are just silly, Star Wars rubber ducks.

Use the force or give yourself to the duck side! At last technology finds its way to the humble rubber duck. Water activated, these ducks glow and then gently phases different colours. Great for any Star Wars fan.

Each duck costs £8 (~$17) amd you have 3 to choose from, the PondTrooper, Princess Layer and Luke Pondwalker. When will the craziness end?

Christmas Trees go wireless

by James

Wireless Christmas Tree

If you’re going to lay out $400 for a Christmas tree this year, why not buy a tree with LED lights that can light wirelessly? It’s an exciting technology. Nearly a hundred years ago, Nikola Tesla envisoned a world where power could be broadcasted all around the world. And now, coupling low power LED technology with RF frequency technology is bringing a smaller scale version of that vision to the …

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Wear your rank

by Edwin


Web ranking is the geek’s way of throwing his/her weight around – especially when you’re pretty much up there as one of the big fish. Alexa is a popular method to rank your website, and while it isn’t exactly accurate, you also get to check out how others are doing. You can now show off your current stats with these new Alexa T-Shirts which feature some pretty wacky phrases such …

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One boiled hard drive, coming up!

by Edwin


Now this idea is definitely more wacky than that of wrapping your Xbox 360 with a towel so that the motherboard will warp back to its original position after overheating. One dude from Mandible Games claims that heating up his drive expanded the misaligned heads within, and hence he was able to access his precious data within after running around like a headless chicken for a week. Ok, so I …

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Piggy USB hand warmer

by Edwin


Just in case you’re feeling a little chilly these days (after all, winter is coming) and even that hot, steaming mug of hot chocolate doesn’t seem to work in keeping your mittens warm, there is always the Piggy USB hand warmer. It is big enough to house both your hand and a mouse, so you get to continue with your work without feeling the chills. Source: 7Gadgets

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Insta-Snow – Enjoy Snow whatever the Weather

by Al

Insta-Snow 100 Gram Jar

We have a lot of bad weather in the UK but we don’t get that much snow to enjoy, this is were Insta-Snow could help, simply add water and hey presto, you have snow! This is one of the coolest products we’ve seen. Just mix a scoop of Insta Snow powder with water to make an eruption of fluffy snow that will not melt and lasts for weeks. It’s safe …

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