Diamond Light Bulbs

by Ally

Instead of hanging up decorative lights you could just hang up a plain light with a decorative bulb.  I’m not talking about those colorful cheesy lights that start blinking once they’ve gotten hot enough.  No, instead go for an overpriced but very chic Diamond Light.  Don’t worry it’s not a light bulb made out of real diamonds or some expensive crystals.  It just happens to take the shape of a …

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Remote Controlled Lightsaber Lights

by Ally

A lightsaber just isn’t a lightsaber unless it lets off that strange glow.  Well now you can put some use to that glow by making it double as mood lighting in your bedroom.  Nothing is bound to draw in the opposite sex more than flipping off that overhead light and letting the romantic glow of the lightsabers do all the work.  If you think just one won’t do the trick …

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Candle Powered Fireflow Lava Lamp

by Ally

I remember having a lava lamp that slowly warmed the lava and moved it about.  However, mine actually had a light bulb on the inside.  This lava lamp can even be used while you’re camping, since it doesn’t even require a bulb or to be plugged in.  Instead this lava lamp goes for the lo-tech approach.  To warm up the lava it only requires a handy little tea light, making …

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Jeans made to shock pickpockets

by Ally

In my home area I’m not in the slightest bit concerned about someone picking through my pockets or purse.  However, no one in a large and strange city doesn’t realize the risk you run when you let on that you’re a tourist.  Even if you live in a city all of the time, as soon as you get into a crowded area you’re abundantly aware of how easy it’d be …

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Evil Fortune Cookies

by Al

Not sure I’d class these as a gadget but they’re sold at Think Geek and surely good for a laugh, “Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies”. See, Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies look just like the real thing because, well, they are the real thing. However each of the 10 cookies contains a mean, evil, funny, or depressing fortune. The wrappers are blank, encouraging you to prank friends, family, coworkers, strangers, …

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Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

by Ally

Despite the fact that this is smart, admittedly, it’s weird.  If they had attached a normal colored light it’d probably be slightly less odd, but as it is, it makes the toilet shine red or green.  Now those color choices aren’t just there for decoration though, they do actually have a purpose that could keep you from having any light night issues.

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Hatcams offer hands-free video

by Ally

Nothing will make your entire family cringe more than you wearing around a Hatcam.  Sure, it means all the hands-free videos that you could ever desire, but you’ll still look like a dork.  Now there are certain cases where some things prove more important than looking like a sane human being.  Like if no one ever believes you when you say how big the fish was that you almost caught, …

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Facebook Like Button becomes stamp

by Ally

It’s a tricky thing being a Facebook addict, sometimes the outside world is just a little too bland.  Thankfully one addict finally found a way to help you cope when you’re not able to log in.  Just pick up one of these rubber stamps and you’ll be able to like things in a true Facebook fashion.  Never again will you have to live your real life in a non-cyber way.

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