Incred-a-ball golf ball

by Marc

This is too cool! It’s one of those things that you always talked about and dismissed, but now someone’s actually gone and done it. Yes, it’s a remote controlled golf ball It’s almost enough to make me take the sport up… ‘Nuff said. Check it out at

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Sumo Costume

by diceman

As a kid growing up in a small town in northern Canada, my aspirations of becoming a world ranked sumo champion seemed unattainable. However, thanks to the Inflatable Sumo Costume, my dream is closer than ever. Now I no longer have to stuff my face with Twinkies or walk around the house in my underwear to prepare for sumo domination. This unexpectedly comfortable nylon costume comes complete with built-in nappy …

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by Marc


Here’s something that deserves a mention. In the best tradition of gadgets it’s novel, cheap, was probably based on alien technology and actually serves a useful purpose! The marvel that is modern chemical engineering has managed to produce the Sticmatz ; a not-quite-rubber mat that will hold anything placed on it securely, at just about any angle, without leaving any residue when the item is removed. Great for holding the …

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Crank it!

by diceman

How many times has the power gone out and you had to rummage through your junk drawer to find a flashlight, only to discover the batteries have died? Well those dark days are now over. The Forever Flashlight Dynamo is a nifty little gadget that uses a crank system to produce electricity giving you bright light whenever you need it. With just one minute of steady cranking, you can produce …

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The new Trekkie Communicator

by Anita


Have you ever wanted a Star Trek communicator that could attach to your lapel? Well, now you can have just that. Vocera has designed a wireless voice communicator that resembles the communicator that was used on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The new technology allows you to just press a button and say the name of the person you wish to speak with and you will be put through to …

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Space Shuttle on eBay

by Al

Space Shuttle

Just goes to show you can buy anything on eBay these days. I’ve just seen the following advert on Google. Guess NASA must be a bit strapped for cash, I think the worst eBay advert I’ve ever seen was one for dead people it said something like “Buy Dead People on eBay”.

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Vases or Faces

by Al

Wooden Faces Vase

I think everybody must have seen the optical illusion puzzle of a the picture which depending how you look at it looks like 2 people face to face or single vase. Well a company has actually made a business out of personalising it.

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