USB Mug Warmer (with 4 port hub)

by Al

There seems to be no end to USB devices, you can now get a USB powered cup holder/warmer. So you no longer need to be worried about your coffee mind fuel going cold whilst you’re slaving away at the keyboard. As you’d expect from any good cup holder it also incorporates a 4-port USB hub so if they ever bring out a USB toaster you could plug that in to …

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More LED Stuff to Wear

by Al


After reading Marc’s post on his new LED flashlight I thought I’d have a look around and see what other LED bits I could find. Thanks to the Red Ferret Journal I found the trend setting (not) LED Cap available at Alibaba who also stock the LED Dog Tag.

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Jonny Glow

by Anita


How many times have you gotten up in the middle of the night to run to the bathroom and are blinded by the light? Well, now you can enjoy going to the bathroom and not even worrying about turning on a light at all. You will see exactly where you should go. The woman of the house is sure to love this gadget as much as any man. There will …

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Geeky Dog Tags

by Al

Geek Tags

Never lose your loved geek again. Not quite as in your face (well crotch) as the Geek Belt Buckle we reported on a couple of months ago, these Geek dog tags are pretty cool. There made from Sterling Silver and even include a chain that wouldn’t look out of place with a plug at the end of it. If you don’t want to spell it out that your a geek, …

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See in the Dark with Lighted Slippers

by Al

Torch Slippers

Okay you’re lying in bed listening to your favourite tunes on your pillow speaker when you realise there’s one last thing you need to do before getting your daily shut eye. Your bedroom floor is littered with toys and gadgets which combined with the fact you had a few beers earlier means navigating to the bathroom without injury or gadget breakage is going to be a challenge to say the …

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Mop Slippers

by Anita


Are you real tired of cleaning the floor after each and every person in your family walks across the floor with muddy feet? Well, then you should get every one a pair of mop slippers. Just put a pair for every member of your family by the front and back door and then have them remove their shoes and place on the mop slippers. This will stop the mud and …

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An Interview with Alek about his Halloween Lights

by Al

Alek Halloween Lights Interview

We’ve got a bit of a special today, an interview with Alek Komarnitsky, who’s famous for his interactive Halloween and Christmas light displays. As tonight is witching night it only seemed appropriate to publish this interview today. So without further ado let’s hear what Alek had to say.

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Unique Towel Holder (seeing is believing)

by Al

Dog End

There are many unique gadgets and innovations out there, if you ever wonder how somebody comes up with the ideas for some of the wackiest contraptions, you might find the following of interest. “I was sitting in a particularly dull lecture one day giggling to myself about the striking similarity between old fashioned tea towel holders and a certain part of the anatomy. Later that day as I walked home …

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