Put a spring in your step…

by Marc

… literally! In the same vein as the pogo stick we previously covered, these powerisers look like a more versatile method of leaping tall buildings in a single bound. They are attachments that clip on to normal shoes to give you that bio-augmented feel you’ve always wanted ever since you saw Steve Austin run in super-slow-motion Run at 20 MPH and leap 6 feet in the air – sounds like …

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New and Improved LED Badges and Buckles

by Al

New and Improved LED Stuff

I know we’ve reported on the LED Belt buckle before but as it’s now up to Version 2 I just had to write about it again, along with the matching scrolling LED badge. Starting off with the Scrolling LED badge (II), well it looks pretty much like the Scrolling LED badge version I. It still fastens on via a magnetic clasp though does appear to be a shade smaller it’s …

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Is it a boat, is it a plane no it’s a Hydro Fibian

by Al

Hydro Fibian

What remote control toy costs 300 quid and doesn’t now whether it’s a boat or a plane, the Hydro Fibian of course. I must admit first impressions are not great, this does not look like three hundred pounds worth of advanced remote control quality kit and the official website leaves a lot to be desired in the design department but this toy is cool…

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Multi-function Office Thing

by Al

Tool Logic Thing

This little gadget wouldn’t of looked out of place in an office a decade or so ago. It’s called the Tool Logic Office Companion and offers the following handy tools and features in a small black box. 1 mW laser pointer Ballpoint pen (I can’t believe they classify this as a tool) Screwdrivers (+/-) Letter opener (when your finger doesn’t work) Screwdriver socket Staple remover Precision scissor (No idea what …

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Shocking Liar

by Anita


Whether you are wishing to catch your best friend, telling little white lies, your spouse, or your children this gadget will sure let you know the truth while giving the fibber quite a shock. Everyone is known to tell little white lies, whether they do it not to hurt someone’s feelings, not to get others in trouble or just to make themselves look better in someone’s eyes. Well, now you …

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Sun Dial Watch

by Al

Stonehenge Sun Dial Watch

If an LED watch isn’t retro enough how about a sun dial. Continuing in our tradition of reporting on the multitude of time keeping instruments (I’m desperately trying for the sake of variety not to call them clocks and watches (again)). We’ve just found a remake of probably the oldest time keeping device; the Sun Dial. These wonderful time pieces were very popular in historic times and could be seen …

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Tiki Tissue Box Holder

by Anita


This unique gadget is a great way to hand out tissues for those runny noses or during one of the girly movies when all women seem to cry. This Tike Tissue Box Holder will have everyone smiling no matter the reason they need a tissue. Not only will it be used often but is also a great conversation piece. You can sit one up in every room in the house …

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Soundproof Microphone!

by Marc

Soundproof Microphone

I don’t know where you can find these – there has to be way of getting hold of the wackier Japanese gadgets in the west though. Come to think of it, if you’ve ever had to suffer a karaoke party this might not be so wacky! From the always entertaining Odd things from Japan we present the sound absorbing microphone! It looks like a regular mic with a large cover …

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