Pet Plants

by Anita

I found the cutest gadgets around, if you can call them gadgets. I guess it would be according to how you look at them. These adorable pet plants can be carried around with you every place you go and bring you joy. The pet plants come from the Orient and they seem to be a huge hit in the UK. Why do they get all the cool stuff before we …

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The Mood Blurb

by Al

Flirting Moodblurb

As much as we like flashing lights and nano electrical wonders it’s still nice to see the odd low tech gadget from time to time and this week it’s the Mood Blurb. The Mood blurb (cool name) is as low tech as they come, they are like your own personal speech bubble that you attach to you laptop to convey your current mode, status or avoidance factor to those around …

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Woman Remote Control

by Al


I always seem to get more joke emails around Christmas time and by the looks of it, this year is going to be no exception. It may not be a Harmony Remote Control but what man wouldn’t want one of these controllers Thanks Russ

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rsstroom reader for your restroom

by Anita


If Archie Bunker, from “All in the Family”, were around today, he would not believe this new innovative way to read the news in the restroom. He always grabbed the newspaper and his reading glasses before heading off to the bathroom upstairs, in this sitcom. Today, all he would need are his reading glasses with the invention of the rsstroom reader. Yi Tien Electronics created this wacky gadget. What it …

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by Marc


Here’s a new twist on an old idea – it seems that having a snorkel stick to the boring job of letting you breathe underwater is so last year. In the new age of multifunctional devices the AquaSnorkel includes an FM radio to keep you amused as you float face down. Underwater radio? Yep, by using “unique bone conduction” technology you really can hear the top 40 through your fillings …

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by Anita


Nuvo is the very first humanoid robot that was designed especially for home use. He walks, talks, listens and reacts. When he was first introduced, he became very popular throughout Japan and after a few English lessons; he is now available all over the world. He may look more like a modern sculpture than a robot, but he is in fact a very high-tech creation. He has 4 sensors, 15 …

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Cool USB Memory Storage Devices

by Anita


If you are tired of those ordinary, plain old USB memory storage devices and want a little more to spruce up your computer, you will be glad to know that there are many unique memory storage devices in several shapes, color, and designs. You can enjoy choosing from replicas that resemble sushi, cute little ducks in various colors, a giant thumb, sake, shrimp, and even a plate of spaghetti for …

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Mind Bog-ling Bog Seat

by Al

Swash Toilet

Do you have a man in your life who you just can’t think of anything to buy for them? Well, have we got news for you! The Swash contoured, heated toilet seat. Not only does it contour to the user’s rear end, it also keeps it lovely and warm whilst carrying out the usual ablutions. Furthermore, you don’t even have to reach over for the loo roll as this system …

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