Lalaloopsy – Singing and Dancing Sensation?

by Julie

  The chill is in the air and you can just feel the holiday season approaching. I like to organize my holiday shopping so that most of it is done by Thanksgiving, this year I seem to be lagging a bit behind as it seems more than a little slow in the toy department. There are a few new items on the horizon and I’ll try to keep you informed.

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The Hot Tug – Wood-fired Hot Tub Boat

by Julie

Ah yes, I can’t think of 2 things I love more than hot-tubs, and being out on the open water. Ideally, I guess I would like to be using the hot-tub on the stern of my 115 foot yacht. Slipping off my high heels and sinking into the blissfully steamy water, while one of my outrageously handsome crew members serve me icy cold champagne and strawberries.

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A Football Fan Like No Other

by Alison

The NFL season is underway! It is great to see the players duking it out.  Die hard fans are showing their colors with the latest gear and gadgets sporting their team’s logo. With hats, jerseys, jackets and more fans express their true personalities. But why not take it to the next level and decorate your home? Hammacher Schlemmer has just the addition to show your spirit.

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Just Say “Pop” for Popcorn

by Alison

Popcorn rocks. I love sitting down to a fresh bowl and chowing down. In fact I think we should start a campaign to make popcorn a more common, everyday snack.  Making popcorn is certainly not the most convenient thing in the world however. And then there is the hassle of getting your fingers dirty while you eat it. That shouldn’t stop us though.

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Etiquette Checker – Tells you the Cold Hard Truth

by Julie

Gone are the days when I was out on the prowl, No more late night dance clubs, rock concerts or keg stands, I’m finally settled down and bored as… I mean, sooo loving my life. But that doesnt mean I cant enjoy finding some gadgets that might have been quite useful back in the day.

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The Bionic Cockroach

by Alison

We bring this to you from the “it sounds weird, but sure the applications would be numerous” bag. Researchers at North Carolina State University figured out how to remotely control an actual cockroach. No the objective was not related to extermination of bugs – but rather creating a wireless biological interface. The mechanics consisted of a basic microcontroller, transmitter and receiver. By attaching the device to the pest’s antennae, a …

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Dine On the Water – Literally

by Alison

Water lovers everywhere, look no further for the ultimate place to entertain! Sure, boats are handy for wakeboarding or water skiing. But they are not real practical when it comes to entertaining. And if you have a lakeside place you dine outside to enjoy the views and weather. Hammacher Schlemmer says combine the two and create a memorable dining experience for your next lake guests. The Barbeque Dining Boat does …

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BUG-A-SALT – Insect Hunting at its Best

by Julie

There is nothing I hate more than flies. Somehow, above all other insects, some of which I know are much more disgusting, the fly just seems to scream filth and disease. Did you know most flies vomit on whatever it wants to eat, in order to suck up the nutrients in liquid form? Anytime a fly lands on my food, I picture that, and I’m done, doesn’t matter how good …

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