GM working on new enhanced vision systems

by Mark R

Research and Development at General Motors, in cooperation with several universities, is developing a way of using augmented reality in automobiles. This isn’t the same type of augmented reality used in scavenger hunts, but it is able to gather data from vehicle sensors and cameras to project images generated by compact ultraviolet lasers right on the surface of the windshield itself. Here is a link to a video where you …

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ExiTool: For those who fear being snagged by the seatbelt

by Mark R

I have a mother that cannot stand watching films where the main characters drive into water. I think she has an irrational fear of drowning in a car, and films that show characters caught in their seatbelt don’t help. In all honesty, I have no idea if a car’s seat belt will malfunction like that if it hits the water, but if you have this same fear as my Mom, …

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Car runs on coffee

by Edwin

Folks who need to have their regular cup of joe each day can definitely identify with this vehicle known as the Carpuccino. What used to be a regular ‘88 Volkswagen Scirocco has been highly modified (you don’t say) for it to run off of coffee grounds. Of course, mileage is worse than a ummer since you will need up to 56 espressos in order to move the vehicle a mere …

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Get your Jetpack soon!

by Mark R

it’s been a while since we covered designer Glenn Martin’s super fan pack, which I suppose is, for lack of a better word, a jetpack. Granted, it looks more like the flying pack seen by Quest Aerospace in the first Spider-man movie rather than the jetpack in the Rocketeer, but it can get you off the ground, and quite safely, too. I believe that I reported last year that these …

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Antro unveils new Solo electric hybrid prototype

by Edwin

Maintaining a really huge army could prove to be extremely expensive, as the US found out the hard way. Not only do you have to spend a whole lot of your GDP percentage each year to bolster your defences, there is the issue of making sure the army has enough oil, or black gold, to keep its machineries working and combat-ready at all times. Well, how does that affect ordinary …

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SuperSkin could help save lives

by Edwin

Fancy going fast on a motorcycle? Well, the thrill of speeding down the freeway on a two-wheeler with the wind blowing against your face is definitely something one should experience at least once throughout their lifetimes. Unfortunately, there are some quarters who literally throw caution to the wind by taking safety very lightly, which could not only endanger their lives but that of others. Needless to say, wearing a helmet …

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Greenlight Bikes offers e-bikes

by Edwin

There are many ways and methods to consider if you love going green in your lifestyle, so where do you start? For most of us, it would probably involve considering a greener mode of transportation, and that can be achieved changing to a smaller capacity vehicle or even using public transport always, with a bicycle to help get you around. What happens when you live in hilly areas like San …

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Garia LSV Concept Car

by Edwin

If you’re going to pay a visit to Geneva this coming March 4 to 14, chances are you would be attending the world-renowned motor show. While we’re pretty sure that there will be plenty of cool looking sets of wheels there, the Garia LSV Concept Car is one that ought to catch your eye as well, after all, this is a street legal version of The Garia Golf Car. This …

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