Giant Green Machine motor trike could break a world record

by Mark R

Back in the days when I was riding a Big Wheel, there was the Green Machine. The Green Machine had nothing to do with saving the environment, but it was the Porsche of the Big Wheel cycling trikes with two giant brake levers for some serious spin-outs. At least, that is what the ads showed. A few guys from Parker Brothers, who have also designed a working Tron Lightcycle, have …

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Griffin Powerjolt Micro for iPad

by Edwin

Own an iPad and do a whole lot of traveling on the road? Well, we do know that the iPad (as well as the iPad 2) sports some pretty legendary battery life, but that doesn’t mean it is able to go on forever. No sir, even these magical tablets need some juice once in a while, and this is where the Griffin Powerjolt Micro for iPad comes in. Most of …

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Jabra announces FREEWAY speakerphone

by Edwin

Jabra has announced their spanking new speakerphone for those who tend to receive far more calls than they should whenever they are on the road. After all, it is considered to be a driving offense in most countries by now if you happen to hold up a phone to your ear while you’re behind the wheel, and the FREEWAY intends to make life a whole lot easier (and cheaper, since …

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1/2 Mile Driveway Alarm

by Edwin

For those who are extremely used to having the path of life open up for you way in advance, as other people do all the groundwork while you stroll into the limelight, then we might think the 1/2 Mile Driveway Alarm is a most suitable gadget for your home. After all, this alarm system will alert you whenever there is a vehicle coming up the driveway – from a whopping …

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Rolobox turns any cardboard box into a vehicle

by Mark R

You know how kids like to play in large boxes? Someone has actually created a toy that not only encourages this, but makes a whole lot more fun. This is the Rolobox, and it is essentially four wheels and a rope, designed to turn any big box into a wagon. It’s a wagon that will probably only work on specific indoor terrain like a tiled floor, but can still provide …

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BMW Culture Book includes RC car

by Mark R

BMW really isn’t about cars, but about culture. In fact, this is why they are putting out this new book with that title. This book won’t be for sale in bookstores, and will only have 1488 copies. Each one is signed by the author, Stefan Sagmeister. You can watch a video after the jump of them taking out the product from the box, and having him sign it. I’ll bet …

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What the Fiik? It’s a motorized skateboard

by Mark R

For some reason, I can’t seem to stop reporting on motorized skateboards. There’s the Scarpar, the GroundSurf, and now there is the Fiik. The Fiik is electric powered with an 800-watt motor with off-road tires that is good for about 19 miles of riding time. I’m not certain what its top speed is, but it has three speeds of it. The tires are the big off-road kind, which means that …

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This Sleek Vehicle is powered by two screwdrivers

by Mark R

You read the headline correctly, so here is some clarification. I am referring to the twin 18-volt electronic screwdrivers that power that back wheel that you can barely see here. The EX Vehicle is designed by Nils Ferber, and it uses modified bicycle parts. It is capable of speeds of 18 miles per hour. I’m not certain of the mileage of this thing, but the driver better bring some extra …

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