In the future, there could be moving train stations

by Mark R

If there is one thing that can make trains more efficient, it is less stops. Unfortunately, people have to get on and off the train, but what if the stations themselves were moving, and all the train would have to do is slow down in order to board and unboard? You can watch a video of how it would work after the jump. It is computer-generated, but I would imagine …

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New Batmobile design is earth-friendly, designed by a legend

by Mark R

We have seen a lot of Batmobiles driven by the caped crusader in the movies, television, and comic books. Most of them have interesting gadgets, and many are not grounded in reality. Think about the Batmobile that drove up the wall in Batman Forever. Some people don’t like the Humvee look in the latest Batman films, and Gordon Murray, legendary Formula One car designer, created this one. As far as …

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We have a hoverbike!

by Mark R

I think that Hollywood has taught us that in the future, everything that is has wheels will be hovering. Think of any episode of The Jetsons, or the Back to the Future II hoverboards. An Australian inventor named Chris Malloy has figured out how to build a hoverbike, using nothing but parts from motorcycles. These propellers are powered by a 1,170-cc engine for 107 horsepower, with a 231-pound thrust-to-weight ratio. …

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iF Mode Folding Bicycle

by Edwin

Getting around on a bicycle is the way to go if you want to do your bit for the environment, so here we are with the £1699.99 iF Mode Folding Bicycle – rather pricey when you think about it, but there must be a reason to the madness (the price tag in this case). What makes this two wheeler so special that it deserves a four digit price tag? Well, …

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Bicycle Spoke LED Light

by Edwin

While you love going around on a bicycle, it might not be the safest mode of transport – after all, your body will cover the bicycle in the event of an accident, and not the other way round if you are in a car yourself. Well, this gives it all the more reason to make sure you are very, very visible when going around on two wheels, especially when dusk …

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Team Hot Wheels Life-sized track breaks world record

by Mark R

When I was my children’s age, I had some neighbors that had those orange flexible tracks for Hot Wheels cars. Try as I might, I never could get one of those cars to go through a loop. Clearly, I am not the person who planned this jump from Team Hot Wheels. You can watch a video of it after the jump, and see the longest jump by a four-wheeled vehicle …

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All Terrain Electric Bicycle

by Edwin

Everyone knows that exercising regularly is one of the key components when it comes to keeping your fitness levels up and at an optimal point. Sometimes though, doing the same thing week in, week out could prove to be way too repetitive for our liking, and a change is always more than welcome. Cycling could be one of the more interesting sports you can get involved in, as you can …

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Segway Rally Experience for Two

by Edwin

Have you ever gotten on a Segway before? The feeling is totally something else for first timers, and that is a given. Well, for those who want to experience a Segway and more can always fork out £39.50 for the “Segway Rally Experience for Two” from Firebox. This special offer might just be the perfect gift for your dad and you, or perhaps for you and your partner, letting you …

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