First man-made electric helicopter constructed by Frenchmen

by Mark R

A while ago, I remember covering an inspirational story about a Chinese man who builds his own helicopter. I am just as inspired by Pascal Chretien, a French man who has created the first fully electric helicopter. Mr. Chretien does not work for any big company, he is an electronics and aerospace engineer who practically built this craft single-handed. Considering that the big helicopter company Sikorsky has been trying to …

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External Combustion Kraftwagen

by Edwin

Now here is something you do not see every day – the $999.95 External Combustion Kraftwagen that is actually a vehicle to help you get around for your daily work. Yes sir, this is a fully operational car that is powered by an external combustion Stirling engine. As with many reliable machinery in this world, this is made in Germany from machine-tooled solid brass, stainless steel, and aluminum. How does …

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World’s Largest Solar-Powered Boat on a World Tour

by Mark R

I really like the look of PlanetSolar’s TURANOR. Not only does it look like a spaceship on water, but it is very eco-friendly as well. As you might have guessed, the boat is covered with solar panels, about 5,380 square feet worth. In case you are wondering, the solar panels aren’t as fragile as they look. There are pictures from my Source of people walking on it. These solar panels …

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MIT Media Lab City Car could be our automobile future

by Mark R

MIT Media Lab showed off this particular CityCar at a conference lately, and it is very good. Just to let you know, it is still a concept, but it should be full-sized and in production in about 2013. You can watch a video of it after the jump, and you can see that it has a very unusual folding ability. The folding is perfect for city parking places, where space …

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Six-engine Oliver VTOL plane

by Mark R

Yes, this cool-looking aircraft doesn’t exist as yet. This is the Oliver VTOL (Vertical Take-Off Landing), and it has six engines instead of the usual three of a jet engine. Some of you might be wondering how such a vehicle could land. This is because you are seeing it from the front-facing view. If you could see it from the side, then you would know that the “top” and “bottom” …

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Boeing teaches two UAVs to flock together

by Mark R

Boeing is always doing some interesting experiments with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) before, and they have just created a new “milestone” with multiple unmanned aerial drones. Granted, it was only two drones (Boeing ScanEagles), but the company got them to fly together. These vehicles searched a test area through “self-generating waypoints and terrain mapping, and sent information to teams on the ground”. This means that unmanned aircraft can collect and …

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Trek Light Cycle Push Bike

by Mark R

Tron has clearly has an influence on “geek culture”, and I don’t see why someone hasn’t made a push bike that looks like a Tron light cycle. It appears that Trek designer Ryan Callahan has created a Tron scooter with the Trek Light Cycle Push Bike. Yes, that is its full name, as long and drawn out as it is. My Source does not have much information on this, but …

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Get to Space via Balloon with the Bloon

by Mark R

Now that the Space Shuttle program has been essentially grounded, it is time to start thinking of new ways to leave the atmosphere. Virgin Galactic may be banking on expensive trips with space planes, but this is the first time that I have heard of traveling to space via balloon. This lighter-than-air spacecraft, the Bloon, will reach 22 miles (36 kilometers) into space. That is enough to see the curvature …

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