Car Interior Preheater

by Edwin

With winter’s chill headed our way in select countries, it goes without saying that keeping warm is one of the priorities this season – and doing so in style is an even better idea. Well, for those of us who do not have the luxury of a heated garage, parking our cars outside of our houses without any form of heating could prove to be torture to get into, especially …

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Marchi Mobile eleMMent RV – not for your regular millionaire

by Edwin

You know you’ve arrived on the world stage when everywhere you fly would be First Class, while you stay in hotels that have at least a 5-star rating, and do not do your own laundry or pick up after your socks. Not only that, driving a Ferrari is passe for you, been there, done that, and you constantly monitor your cash flow as well as investments to make sure that …

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Electric DeLorean DMCEV

by Edwin

I am quite sure that all you 1980s babies would have remembered the classic sci-fi film series, Back to the Future. There is nothing quite like the zany imagination from the past still keeping folks entertained today. I guess time travel is out of the question at the moment, and will be so in the immediate future, but how cool would it be to be able to travel through the …

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Street And Snow Scooter

by Edwin

At last, has scooters taken on the same kind of life as that of a car? After all, your four wheeler does have snow tires when the situation calls for it, so if you want to burn a little bit of extra energy, why not bring the scooter out for a ride – even if it is snowing heavily outside? This converted wheeled street model will feature skis, making it …

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20MPH Motorized Wheelrider

by Edwin

I guess you can role play as Batman with this $499.95 20MPH Motorized Wheelrider – it does look like a Batcycle at first glance, and those with a more enterprising mind and active pair of hands will definitely be able to do it up with various decals and physical mods to turn it into one lean, mean, riding machine. Whisking you along at a maximum speed of just 20mph, this …

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Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug

by Edwin

You know the drill – most of the time during your mornings when you find it really difficult to get those eyelids open and stay awake, there is either the colleague whom you have a vendetta with to walk by and snap you into consciousness so that you will keep your guard up, or for the majority of us, a piping hot cup of your favorite brew will also do. …

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Multicopter uses sixteen deadly spinning blades for flight

by Mark R

Sure, you could take a ride in a helicopter with one giant spinning rotor on top, or even go with two. However, why not live on the edge and go with sixteen smaller ones. This is e-volo multicopter from Germany, and even though I would never risk being the pilot, I admire what they were trying to do. Like most new flying vehicles, the first flight was not long. Pilot …

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iSafe cushioned car is the safest ever

by Mark R

Yesterday, we covered the Ford Motor Company’s lane keeping technology that could help prevent accidents. Today, I have discovered another way that accidents can be prevented with the iSafe. The iSAVE-SC1 by Humanix is essentially an electric-powered, three-wheeled golf cart that is the safest thing you can drive. It is essentially a frame made of inflatable balloons, and being hit with it is like being hit by a giant marshmallow. …

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