2013 Toyota Avalon Limited gets wireless charging capability

by Edwin

If you are in the market for a new car at this point in time, perhaps it might be time you checked out the 2013 Toyota Avalon Limited that boasts a first in the world – it will hold the honor of being the first vehicle available in the world which comes with in-console Qi wireless charging for Qi–enabled mobile phones and devices, considering that this is part of a …

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INRETE Automatica announced

by Edwin

INRETE, a company from Europe that focuses mainly on Internet services for the automotive industry, has just rolled out Automatica, a special kind of device which will plug itself into the vehicle’s USB without the need for any kind of additional modifications, where it will allow users to enjoy the latest music or audiobook right from a personal cloud storage service and podcast channels, and all of this is made …

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Burrito Bomber UAV delivers food to the hungry

by Edwin

Fast food delivery is not something new, and has been around for quite some time already, ensuring that gamers who are glued to the front of their TVs will be able to receive the right kind of sustenance, while they continue on their quest to complete whatever game that has gotten them engrossed until now. Well, most of the food that is delivered to the doorstep is done on a …

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Police Officer’s Electric Chariot

by Edwin

Back in the day where the police were called “Bobbies” in London, you could say they went about the public, helping to maintain order and peace while bringing the bad guys to task with the help of chariots that were drawn by horses. After all, it is far faster than foot, and who knows what the bad guys have in terms of their transport – they could jolly well have …

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Perfect Gift for the Racer in your life: Go faster with Race Capture Pro!

by Al

Autosport Labs has done it again: The makers of the Megajolt Ignition System just launched their latest project on Indiegogo: Race Capture Pro! Learn to race faster- Race Capture provides pro-level race car data and real-time telemetry at a breakthrough price.

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Trotify lets your bicycle sound like a horse

by Edwin

Do you love the old school sound of horse’s hooves along a cobblestone road? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might want to know what this particular creative agency known as Original Content London in London (where else?) has launched – Trotify. To put it in a nutshell, cyclists will be able to get around on their favorite, eco-friendly two wheeled machines while making the sound of …

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Folding Electric Mini-Farthing

by Edwin

Is it me, or are retro designs starting to make their mark yet again in our lives? The farthing is one of the more popular ways to get around sometime in the previous century, but it sure as heck looked extremely weird. Fast forward to the 21st century, and we have Hammacher’s take on the farthing of yore – in the form of the $5,000 Folding Electric Mini-Farthing. I suppose …

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All Terrain Electric Bicycle

by Edwin

We have heard of and seen electric bicycles before, but what you read about here today does seem as though it hails from the Batcave – especially when you consider how a bicycle is not meant to handle rough terrain unless it is a mountain bike, but the $9,700 All Terrain Electric Bicycle gets the job done – and in style, to boot. Yes sir, the price tag does seem …

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