The UM71 Motorised Skateboard

by Al

Fancy whizzing around the neighbourhood on a moving plank then you might want to look at the new UM71 motorised skateboard. Steering is done as per a normal board via leaing and practice , but you control the speed and acceleration via a wire free controller that wouldn’t look out of place attached to a scaletrix set. The skateboard isn’t particularly fast with a top speed of just over 11 …

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Bumper Dumper

by Anita


Okay, I found this cool gadget on a vacation website, but thought it would be appropriate for the holiday season as well. If you are doing any type of traveling to visit relatives this season and you have children you will more than likely hear “I gotta go”. This can happen anytime and anyplace if you have kids in the car. They are notorious for waiting until you get in …

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Dynaudio car audio systems

by Marc

Yes I’m still writing up bits I saw at the Stuff/What Hifi show and this deserves a paragraph. You may be familiar with Dynaudio from their HiFi speaker background. They’ve recently teamed up with a number of car manufacturers to offer premium stereo upgrades on new models. They were at the show demonstrating what they’ve managed to do with the new VW Passat and it was very impressive indeed. If …

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Gen-H4 personal helecopter

by Marc

Gen-H4 Personal Helecopter

Does anyone read Japanese? I could really use a proper translation of the website for Gen Corp and their H-4 personal helecopter. Odd things from Japan reckons it will fly at 56 MPH, although google translate reckoned about 6! I’d trust someone who reads the language over a machine translator any day, but reckon on the realistic speed being somewhere between those two.

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Honda’s driverless car!

by Marc

Honda LKAS

Real life is fast catching up with the movies when it comes to automotive technology. Not only have Mercedes put night vision into the new S class (that’s another story) but Honda have launched a car that really can autopilot! The ’06 model Accord will offer the option of a new safety system: LKAS (Lane Keeping Auto Assist). LKAS is designed to handle the specific case of drivers falling asleep …

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Vehicle specific PC case

by Marc

Opus vehicle case

I always faniced putting a PC in the car but there are some basic electrical issues to be overcome, such as how to not fry the thing when you connect it to the car power system! Opus solutions have come up with the answer – a PC case specifically designed for vehicle installation. What’s so special? The thing that cought my eye is the power system. Designed for standard mini-ITX …

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Geek pushbike!

by Marc

Flight deck

There are those who enjoy cycling for it’s own sake. Those people who actually enjoy tweaking and upgrading their bikes the same way I would do with a PC. Then there are people like me. I’d cycle somewhere, possibly, given a clear day and lots of time but I don’t really want to give up the creature comforts. The “Smover” concept from Shimano is marketed at the latter group. What …

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Wheely Cool – KMX Carts

by Al

KMX Kart

These look fun, wheely wheely fun :D. BMX’s, roller blades and skateboards pale into insignificance in the fun stakes when compared to the new 3 wheeled KMX Karts. These ingenious designed carts will draw admiring looks where every they are seen, and once you learn how to do stunts like 360 degree spins everybody in the neighbourhood will want a go.

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