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Driving is fun for many, although no one would like to be stuck in a traffic gridlock. While it is convenient to get around in your own set of wheels, there is always some level of risk involved, and accidents to happen to even the best of us. In such circumstances, it would be of utmost importance if you have an eyewitness around to figure out who is right or wrong in a particular situation — and there is nothing better than a digital recording to capture all that had happened in the fender bender. Cobra Electronics has decided to come up with their all new Instant Proof Dash Cam that will help to protect your family, your vehicle, and your driving record through the recording of video evidence just in the event when an incident happens.

The new Instant Proof HD Dash Cam, also known as the IP 200, is a windshield mounted camera which will continuously records video of the road as you drive. It performs all of its video recording in high definition 1080p video while relying on a 120° viewing angle, ensuring that the entire road is filmed while still maintaining focus directly ahead that will be able to read out license plate numbers. With continuous loop recording, it captures and stores footage in 3-minute segments. In the event where the memory card fills up, the camera will then delete the oldest segment automatically in order to make room for the new videos.

There is also an integrated G-Sensor which will be able to sense sudden accelerations and collisions, and it automatically protects footage surrounding the incident. Clips can also be manually saved simply by pressing the File Lock button. Other features of the IP 200 include Motion Detection that offers visual event recording while a vehicle is parked, Auto Record that automatically starts recording upon powering up, among others.

The IP 200 will ship with a 4GB microSD memory card to help you get started right out of the box, with an asking price of $59.95 apiece.

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Magellan TRX7 introduces a HD camera for off-roading navigation Mon, 03 Jul 2017 13:00:30 +0000 magellan-trx7-csMagellan does more than navigation devices and dashboard cameras, as their latest device, the TRX7 CS, will function as the only navigation device in the market that will boast of thousands of pre-loaded trails as well as landmarks, street navigation, and High Definition (HD) video recording and photo taking capability, all without the need for having a data connection for this bad boy. This means that when equipped with the Magellan TRX7 CS, off-roaders are able to navigate from concrete jungle to trailhead, and then upload imagery from all of those travels.

The TRX7 CS marks the first-ever combined turn-by-turn GPS and HD camera system that has been specially designed with off-roaders in mind. It is extremely tough, because that was what it was built for — and will change the way adrenaline junkies navigate, capture and share their trail rides with everyone. It is now a snap to easily and confidently navigate from your front door to over 117,000 pre-loaded trails, record video/picture highlights with detailed geotagging, navigate home before uploading images to waypoints on Magellan’s interactive website.

The camera itself is no pushover, as it boasts of adjustable light settings, autofocus, a LED flash, a countdown timer and the ability to capture panoramic images/time lapse videos. You would not have to worry about how you are able to remember where all those adventures took place either down the road — as it comes with automatic geo location tagging ability. All of the featured trails have been approved for motorized traffic by government agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, and of course, it is built tough — being shock resistant and IP67 dust and waterproof.

The Magellan TRX7 CS will sport a $749.99 price tag if you are interested in picking one up.

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Scosche MagicMount Dash/Vent offers a magnetic mobile device mount option Wed, 31 May 2017 20:00:32 +0000 mm-scoscheScosche Industries is a name that is well known when it comes to delivering award-winning consumer technology and car audio products and accessories. Well, their latest addition will see the expansion of the MagicMount system of magnetic, mobile device mounts, where it is known as the MagicMount Dash/Vent that will carry the part number MAGDV2. When merged with other kinds of MagicMount products, including the MagicMount Wall Charger or MagicMount Pro Home/Office, this particular range will be able to conveniently offer users with a complete, tangle-free system that can be used to mounting devices neatly regardless of whether you are at home, at the office or on the road.

Known as the “MM Dash and Vent” in short, it is ideal for summer travel, where the 2-in-1 MagicMount Dash/Vent will make use of Scosche’s award-winning MagicMount technology in order to ensure that a mobile device is mounted to a vehicle’s dash or most vent types. The MagicMount Dash/Vent base can be mounted to the dash, or have the MagicMount itself be left in that position or removed and then moved to the vent by sliding the magnetic head off the base and sliding it onto the slats of the vent. The magnetic head can also double up as a kickstand on a hotel nightstand or airline tray.

The MagicMount Dash/Vent base will make use of StickGrip material so that it will remain securely held to the surface, sporting a soft touch, rubber lock-nut that can deliver secure positioning as well as a four-axis adjustable angle so that it can comfortably position a mobile device regardless of the angle. It is not only easy-to-use, but versatile as well, since it makes use of powerful rare-earth Neodymium magnets. These magnets will ensure protection for your mobile devices while maintaining a tight grip. Just like all other MagicMount products, it will ship alongside a large and small MagicPlate metal plate that can mount a smartphone and tablet, among others. The $24.99 MagicMount Dash/Vent is already readily available if you would like to accessorize your car.

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The Rollplay Turnado is what your weekend needs Fri, 21 Apr 2017 18:30:27 +0000 Rollplay Turnado

Another Friday has come to pass, and looking back on the week, it’s difficult to say what made it that much better from any other Friday that’s happened over the last month or two. It’s only natural to fall into a rut of ritual and routine, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be stuck there forever. Just like you might be tempted to buy a sports car for a mid-life crisis, we buy gadgets and toys to break the monotony of life.

The Rollplay Turnado is a go kart that only cool parents would get for their kids. As an adult, and if you weigh 150 pounds or less, then this can also be for you! You won’t be the cool “kid” on the block, but the haters only hate you cause they ain’t you. No need to spend your Saturday moping around at home wondering what you could eat for lunch when you could be blazing down the street at a whopping 12 miles per hour. It will run for 30 minutes on a single charge, and will take 8-12 hours to charge up all the way.

Needless to say it’s a pretty overkill toy, but if you are lightweight it could be $249.99 well-spent tearing up the pavement. It’s recommended for 8 year olds and up, but that means any of us could qualify. If you have the funds to make this 24-volt masterpiece your own, then there’s no reason your weekend should be boring ever again.

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ICOCO Portable Humidifier – freshen up! Thu, 13 Apr 2017 18:30:41 +0000 ICOCO Portable Humidifier

When you live in a hot and dry area, it can be hard to feel hydrated even when you’re drinking enough water! The sun is sometimes hot enough to cook an egg on the pavement, and getting into a car that had the windows rolled up without a reflector is like voluntarily climbing into an oven. Additionally, anything that has been sitting in the car will give off an odor, whether that means snacks, gym clothes, or anything the dog might’ve left behind.

Since we like to look, feel, and smell our best, we want to make sure that we’re combating the dry, arid place we live in with a humidifier. Since we can’t take the big Vick’s version we grew up with everywhere we go, this little ICOCO Car Humidifier can tag along in its place. This is a handheld device that will act as a negative ion sprayer, air refresher, car oil diffuser, and air humidifier. Thanks to a fancy nozzle, this shoots out atomized particles that will be easily absorbed by the skin.

There are two modes and several accessories, the first mode is accompanied by a yellow LED. This mode will last for two hours and shuts off automatically. The second mode uses a white LED and will last 7 hours with an auto shut-off. Any of the blue, pink, or white color options will cost you around $13, and you’ll need to be careful what essential oils you put in, lest you end up buying and breaking this portable gadget.

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The Talelight Electronic Bumper Sticker will let you change your opinions Wed, 22 Mar 2017 18:30:50 +0000 Talelight Electronic Bumper Sticker

Bumper stickers have long since been a way of communicating your thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the state of the world in a very public manner. You can cheer on a politician, encourage people to smile, or give warning that others are too close behind your car for your liking, all from a paper sticker on your bumper. The problem with this form of communication is that the sticker is going to fade from exposure to the elements, and your opinion on the content of the sticker might one day change.

If you like to spice up what you want the world to see on your vehicle, you could always get the Talelight Electronic Bumper Sticker. This is a full-color LCD screen that was made to survive being attached to the back of your car, and is powered from any standard 5V USB power source. That being said, it comes with a 15′ long cable so it can reach the cigarette lighter inside of your car.

This only shows static images, and has the space to store up to 25 pictures, of which it can play in any order of your choosing. The images being displayed are 1280 x 320 pixels, and can be created in any program. It’s not cheap at around $135 after shipping, but it will let you show anything you think is worth flashing to everyone else on the road. Now if only it could play movies so you could pull it in the car for entertainment on long trips.

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The Temperature Controlled Massage Chair – end of day relaxation, all day long Mon, 23 Jan 2017 18:30:07 +0000 Gideon Temperature Controlled Massaging Chair Cover

Keeping ourselves running at peak performance takes quite a bit of effort. Going to sleep at a reasonable hour, maintaining a healthy diet and workout regimen as well as keeping your home in order are just the tip of the ice berg. There’s children if you have them, personal projects, and the ever-looming work which takes up most of our lives and always bleeds into our personal time.

The stress can mount to the point where your body starts to be affected, so it’s up to us to keep it at a minimum. This Gideon Cooling and Heating Ventilated Seat Cushion will, if nothing else, give your back a small reprise from the ever-mounting workload that gets stuck on your plate. This can heat up rumps when it’s cold out, or give a fresh breeze to backsides when it’s blazing hot. The 5-speed cooling fans are especially important to those who want to use this in their car with leather seats while wearing shorts in the Summer.

There are also 6 vibration settings that can be used in tandem with the heating or cooling to ease knots and tension. There’s a corded control keypad to select what features you want to experience, as well as a strapping system and no-slip backing to make sure it stays put when in use. This will plug into a wall plug or your DC car plug, and will cost you $49.95. The only hassle would be transporting it from home to car to office, but the benefits would likely be worth it when you need to make every moment of down time count.

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rPlate interactive digital license plate Mon, 09 Jan 2017 21:51:47 +0000 reviverWe first talked about the state of California getting digital license plates all the way back in 2010, and it seems that Reviver is here to fulfill that niche. rPlate is a new take on the 125-year old metal plate in the form of an Internet of Things connected car platform. The rPlate will be made available to states such as California, Florida, Arizona, and Texas this year, where other states are set to follow in due time, being the first ever interactive digital license plate in the world.

Debuting at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit during Automobili-D, the rPlate will modernize the old school license plate, something which we thought would not need any kind of reinvention like the wheel. The rPlate boasts of an innovative, multi-functional digital display while delivering a major aesthetic and design upgrade. Being an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, it will open up the doors for unlimited opportunities when it comes to applications, such as DMV registration automation, hyper-local messaging, telematics and vehicle management.

Not only that, Reviver has numerous patents pending/obtained, where the approval of state legislators in California and Florida, preliminary approval from Arizona’s DMV and Department of Transportation, and legislation are in progress in Texas. There are already prototype rPlates operating in California, and Reviver hopes that the rPlate will be launched across all four states before the year is over.

While on the road, the rPlate shows your car number, but when parked, it can display custom messages as well as images. Any messages on the rPlate can change dynamically, depending on the geolocation configuration, as well as in and out of a dealership’s PMA (Prime Marketing Area). Reviver has worked to ensure that emergency broadcasts like extreme weather warnings and Amber Alerts are programmed inside, while automating the payment of toll road charges, parking fees, alongside others.

Integrated technology in the rPlate include a GPS, accelerometer, RF sensors, CAN bus access, storage and is hardy enough in its construction to be able to withstand all weather and extreme conditions.

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Volvo Cars brings Microsoft’s Skype for Business to its 90 series range Thu, 05 Jan 2017 12:00:58 +0000 volvo-skypeVolvo has the reputation of being the safest car in the world, and so far it does seem as though they have lived up to that. Well, being safe does not equal to skimping on incorporating new technology, and Volvo Cars intends to fit their 90 Series range of vehicles with Microsoft’s Skype for Business — something that might just entice business owners to make the jump if they happen to be driving around a different make.

Skype for Business happens to be Microsoft’s leading collaborative productivity app, and it will soon see action on the new 90 Series cars. This would place Volvo Cars as the first carmaker to roll out such an in-car productivity tool. As Skype for Business is actively used by millions of people at work around the globe, it should also play a safe and yet active role in Volvo’s 90 Series cars, allowing people to view their upcoming meetings and participant details, as well as to join up with meetings with just a single click thanks to the large centre display.

Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz, shared, “Skype for Business represents another big step forward for our in-car connectivity and communication offer. With the dawn of autonomous cars we see a future where flexible in-car productivity tools will enable people to reduce time spent in the office. This is just the beginning of a completely new way of looking at how we spend time in the car.”.

The whole idea of doing so is grounded in the desire to make Volvo’s customers’ lives easier as well as safer through the latest relevant technology — all in a smart manner. This particular partnership with Microsoft will also include the use of Cortana, which is Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant. The whole idea with Cortana is to introduce seamless voice recognition and contextual insights to support peoples’ daily lives by actively predicting their needs. This move is certainly in line with Volvo’s connected vision that they shared at CES last year.

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The HoverSeat – when standing is too tiresome Fri, 23 Dec 2016 18:30:30 +0000 hoverseat

While it is completely understandable to use alternative modes of transportation to help with longer walking commutes, use of hover boards has gotten a bit ridiculous. People are on their phones going 12 miles an hour and smack into poles, zoom into oncoming traffic, and also lose out on exercise. No harm in using them for leisure now and again, but we’ve hit the tipping point with practicality for owning and using these things.

That tipping point is called the HoverSeat. This is an attachment for your hover board that will let you sit in a chair of your choosing while it drags you down the street. It would make more sense to just buy a go kart, especially if you don’t already have the vehicle in the first place. There is, of course, plenty of real-world uses for this sort of device, as the HoverSeat is merely an aluminum frame with 2 ball bearing wheels and a clamp for your two-wheeled personal transit device.

This is going to cost you $89 for the frame, and it will only work with hoverboards that have a round middle, fitting 6 and 10” around, but not 8. Not only is this a not built to pack away for easy storage, but it also weighs 11+ pounds, and will add on around $29 for shipping. Instead of buying accessories to make one item into something else, you could just buy one multi-function device instead of paying out tons of money on multiple purchases, but maybe that’s just me.

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