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Vrooom vroom. The accessories you add to your car express elements of your personality. And cars aren’t the only vehicles out there. Boats, bikes and motorcycles help too. CG readers out there won’t want to miss out on hearing about these vehicle-related gizmos – whether realistic or not – that help show off your gadget-y side.


rPlate interactive digital license plate

by Edwin - on January 9th, 2017

We first talked about the state of California getting digital license plates all the way back in 2010, and it seems that Reviver is here to fulfill that niche. rPlate is a new take on the 125-year old metal plate in the form of an Internet of Things connected car platform. The rPlate will be made available to states such as California, Florida, Arizona, and Texas this year, where other states are set to follow in due time, being the first ever interactive digital license plate in the world.

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Volvo Cars brings Microsoft’s Skype for Business to its 90 series range

by Edwin

volvo-skypeVolvo has the reputation of being the safest car in the world, and so far it does seem as though they have lived up to that. Well, being safe does not equal to skimping on incorporating new technology, and Volvo Cars intends to fit their 90 Series range of vehicles with Microsoft’s Skype for Business — something that might just entice business owners to make the jump if they happen to be driving around a different make.

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The HoverSeat – when standing is too tiresome

by Caitlyn


While it is completely understandable to use alternative modes of transportation to help with longer walking commutes, use of hover boards has gotten a bit ridiculous. People are on their phones going 12 miles an hour and smack into poles, zoom into oncoming traffic, and also lose out on exercise. No harm in using them for leisure now and again, but we’ve hit the tipping point with practicality for owning and using these things.

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Victorian Futurist’s Electric Cycle offers something different to get about

by Edwin

victorian-futurist-cycleNot all bicycles are created equal, as some other models tend to be more attractive than the rest. Well, when it comes to getting around in style, you can either own a flashy sports car, or you could perhaps take a slightly different route this time around — with the $12,000 Victorian Futurist’s Electric Cycle. Yes sir, the name alone is quite a mouthful to swallow or pronounce, but the sheer physical presence of the Victorian Futurist’s Electric Cycle is certainly food for thought.

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Q-See introduces QGo Dashcam

by Edwin

q-see-qgoDashboard cameras have become so commonplace these days, it is not surprising at all. After all, we live in a very connected and visual generation, where just about everything and anything that can be recorded, will be recorded. I am quite sure that you would have seen your fair share of recorded videos of road rage being shown on social media by now, thanks to the mushrooming of dashboard cameras everywhere. Well, if you have not quite jumped aboard the bandwagon just yet, then you might be interested in picking up the Q-See QGo Dashcam.

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The Anti-Sleep Alarm makes sure late-night drivers don’t doze off

by Caitlyn


We have all dealt with driving drowsy. It’s not safe, or a good idea, but sometimes you only have so much time to get from point A to B, and sleep has to go by the wayside. While it sort of goes without saying, this is super dangerous, especially if you don’t have someone else in the car with you to talk to you and keep you awake. It only takes a second to get in a serious accident or drive off the road, so if you’re driving a lot you’ll want to have some sort of precaution in place.

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Carbage Can makes you look like less of a slob

by Caitlyn


If you basically live in your car when you’re not at work, then you know how embarrassing it is to let friends ride with you. No one wants others to see such a vivid image of their filth littering the floor and overflowing out of the side door pockets. Or, for that matter, to judge them for the sheer amount of fast food trash and cold french fries that reveal previous carnage. For those that can’t help but have guests in their car frequently (carpooling), it might behoove you to have a bag for trash, or better yet, your very own garbage can.

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Swiveling Gel Cushion provides your tush with a luxurious seat

by Edwin

swiveling-gel-cushionSome of us love road trips, while others absolutely loathe it. After all, isn’t getting from one place to another within the fastest time possible worth it, never mind that you have to cram it up with other economy class passengers? Regardless of whether your mode of transportation is by rail, sea, road or air, the $59.95 Swiveling Gel Cushion should be able to cater to everyone. Except for those who travel First Class or are chauffeured around in a Rolls-Royce, of course.

The Swiveling Gel Cushion happens to be the sole gel-padded cushion that swivels for easier maneuvering out of chairs and car seats. The cushion itself will rest on smooth-rolling steel bearings which will spin like a bar stool, so that users can effortlessly swivel their lower body when rising from a seated position. The cushion will arrive filled with 2″ of supportive visco elastic gel, and this gel assists to relieve pressure points so that comfort is enhanced during extended periods of sitting. It has a breathable polyester/spandex fabric cover that remains cool and can be wiped clean, while the sturdy plastic base delivers a textured, non-slip surface that anchors it in place. As long as you are no heavier than 300 lbs., the Swiveling Gel Cushion is worth checking out.

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