Coleman Party Grill – Good Times, to Go

by Julie

With the summer weather upon us everyone’s all jazzed up to get outside, the kids are ready for hikes in the woods, days at the lake and they’re looking for a picnic every single day. We used to carry around a little old charcoal grill for a few hot dogs and hamburgers on the go, but it was messy, and getting the coals put out so the thing could be …

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Hoodie Travel Pillow

by Edwin

For those of us who tend to travel a whole lot, you would know that getting enough rest along the journey is key to ensure that you arrive at your destination as fresh as possible, and this mantra is even more important if you happen to cross several time zones along the way. Forget about the in-flight entertainment, get some sleep. The thing is, our necks tend to feel plenty …

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ECOROX lets you rock out in the water

by Chris

Isn’t it amazing to see how far technology has come over the years? Look at your cellphone, then look back at what you had 10 years ago. If you did have a mobile phone, it did little more than simply place and receive calls. Now it can do more functions than your PC, PDA, and another dozen devices combined. Unfortunately, what it still can’t do is survive a quick dunk …

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EZ Sleep Travel Pillow – Dream while you’re Flying

by Julie

It’s that time again, the kids are out of school, the weather is good, so let the vacations begin! I love a few weeks away, I just hate to fly. No, I’m not afraid, I just hate the small seats, talkative neighbors, and the complete inability to get any rest. Every time I fly I hope that I will sleep through the journey and awaken refreshed upon arrival. Hah! 

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Kelty Air-Pitch Tents, Get to the Fun.. Faster!

by Julie

First off I should admit I’m not much of a camper. My daughter always wants to spend the night in the tent and I have spent many a Saturday afternoon dutifully trying to figure out which length of tent pole goes goes where, sweating and swearing, and fighting with the fabric, all for the privilege of being able to sleep on the ground, and wake up to the moist heat …

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Duracell’s SnapBattery – Gets You All Charged Up!

by Julie

It’s gotten to a point where I need to marvel at just how attached to our phones we have become. I am old enough to remember a time when not only did we not have cell phones… our phones were attached to a cord, and most homes only had one. Now I live with a kind of low level anxiety about how much battery life I have left on my …

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iFi – Stands for I Found It!

by Julie

I used to be pretty organized, then I got married, had a child and started collecting stuff. Now it takes me an extra 40 minutes just to get out the door and countless hours trying to keep track of things. Forget taking a vacation, it’s almost too much work, who’s got the camera, the keys, the suitcases? Do you have your phone? Something is always lost or forgotten, is there …

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Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

by Edwin

Since Father’s Day is around the corner (all right, so it is sometime in June, but it never hurts to be prepared in advance) and you are sick and tired of thinking of the perfect gift as dad already has numerous ties, shoes, vests, cufflinks, belts, and leather wallets. Is there nothing out of the ordinary that you can give dad to bring a smile to his face? A luxury …

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