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There are good ways to travel and bad ways to travel. Many of the more efficient travelers in the world realize that gadgets can help ease the hassle of the journey. Check out the various travel gadgets that will help make your trips much more bearable or at least more entertaining.


The Anti-Sleep Alarm makes sure late-night drivers don’t doze off

by Caitlyn - on October 21st, 2016

We have all dealt with driving drowsy. It’s not safe, or a good idea, but sometimes you only have so much time to get from point A to B, and sleep has to go by the wayside. While it sort of goes without saying, this is super dangerous, especially if you don’t have someone else in the car with you to talk to you and keep you awake. It only takes a second to get in a serious accident or drive off the road, so if you’re driving a lot you’ll want to have some sort of precaution in place.

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The TRAKK Shell Backpack is a portable speaker for those who can’t sit still

by Caitlyn - on October 17th, 2016


There are some people who actually enjoy working out. It’s normally those kids who grew up playing sports and never thought that being outside is as much of a chore as it is to everyone else. Then again, once you start getting healthy, it is pretty fun to go on a run or take a scenic bike ride. It can be a nice way to take a break from staring at screens and working every second you breathe.

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Penalty Fee Preventing Suitcase could help you save a whole lot

by Edwin

penalty-fee-preventing-suitcaseFor frequent travelers, we have our favorite bags or suitcases that we like to lug around, not only for the design, but also the durability as well as functionality. While tough (and of course, expensive) suitcases are dime a dozen in the market, this does not mean that there are no alternatives out there. Just in case you want to make sure nothing untoward happens to spoil your upcoming holiday, you might want to get the $149.95 Penalty Fee Preventing Suitcase.

After all, flying with a budget airline tends to incur “hidden” costs, such as a wee overweight in luggage that costs a bomb if you did not pre-purchase. Well, this 26″ hard shell suitcase sports an integrated digital scale which will certainly go a long way in helping on to save one on overweight baggage fees. It will show its own weight in a matter of seconds when lifted by the scale-integrated handle. Made from durable 2.6mm-thick thermoplastic polymer (ABS) with an exterior layer of polycarbonate, the suitcase is more than capable of withstanding the bumps of baggage claim and the bruises of cargo storage. It will come with a soft nylon lining with a built-in divider that has a transparent pocket for separate storage of toiletries or shoes. Not only that, there is a TSA friendly three-digit lock and 12″-extending pull handle for added convenience. The Penalty Fee Preventing Suitcase will unfortunately arrive in just one shade: dark grey.

Muzo will give you a bubble of sound protection

by Caitlyn


When you live in a more populated area and work very long days, the hustle and bustle of everything going on around you will sometimes be more than you can handle. Honking cars, bikes, chatter, music, lights, TV, your phone buzzing constantly with conversations and email can all get to be a bit too much. If you’re living in an apartment with paper thin walls, this is amplified by 20.

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The Create A Space Partition – no touchy

by Caitlyn


When you’re traveling, you don’t really remember the helpful people unless they go far out of their way to help you. What sticks out the most are the people who act like human versions of hearing nails on chalkboard. More often than not, we also get stuck sitting next to those people on the plane, and since everything in coach relies on unspoken rules, you better hope you get to your seat first or you’re not going to have an armrest to use.

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Swiveling Gel Cushion provides your tush with a luxurious seat

by Edwin

swiveling-gel-cushionSome of us love road trips, while others absolutely loathe it. After all, isn’t getting from one place to another within the fastest time possible worth it, never mind that you have to cram it up with other economy class passengers? Regardless of whether your mode of transportation is by rail, sea, road or air, the $59.95 Swiveling Gel Cushion should be able to cater to everyone. Except for those who travel First Class or are chauffeured around in a Rolls-Royce, of course.

The Swiveling Gel Cushion happens to be the sole gel-padded cushion that swivels for easier maneuvering out of chairs and car seats. The cushion itself will rest on smooth-rolling steel bearings which will spin like a bar stool, so that users can effortlessly swivel their lower body when rising from a seated position. The cushion will arrive filled with 2″ of supportive visco elastic gel, and this gel assists to relieve pressure points so that comfort is enhanced during extended periods of sitting. It has a breathable polyester/spandex fabric cover that remains cool and can be wiped clean, while the sturdy plastic base delivers a textured, non-slip surface that anchors it in place. As long as you are no heavier than 300 lbs., the Swiveling Gel Cushion is worth checking out.

The Chargemander gives Pokemon Trainers another reason to keep going

by Caitlyn


If you’ve been bitten by the Pokemon Go bug, then you know how easy it is to lose hours of your life going on a healthy walk with friends to try and catch ‘em all. Of course, the problem with that app is that it drains your phone’s battery at around a percent a minute. If you haven’t already, it’s pretty much mandatory that you get yourself a backup battery tout suite.

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Evapolar is a personal space air conditioner

by Caitlyn


We’re pretty spoiled when it comes to making our environment how we want it. Smart homes are amplifying this as thermostats like Nest won’t just cool you down, but will remember precisely the temperature you want to be at, and when. Being holed up in a place other than home for a week or more makes you wish you could have that level of comfort wherever you go.

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