The USB missile launcher

by Paz

I know – another USB gadget, but bear with us! This is one of the coolest toy gadgets we’ve seen in a while; a USB missile launcher. This goes one better than the remote controlled missile launcher we’ve already featured. This missile launcher connects to your PC or laptop and can be controlled using software.

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Remote Control Floating Tray

by Al

Remote Control Drink Tray

We seem to feature quite a few swimming gadgets here on CG, so far we’ve reported on solar powered heaters, robotic pool cleaners, the floating pool bar and now we have the Remote control drink float. With this remote control gadget you are able to play party host from dry land whilst your guests are frolicking in the pool. Load up the drinks tray with up to 5 drinks, and …

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Remote controlled blimp – the kitschiest gadget ever

by Paz

Remote controlled blimp.

As you probably know already, the coolest gadgets team are getting pretty excited about the approaching football World Cup competition, and we’re thinking about starting a gadgets category for Cup football related gadgets, with this cool looking remote-controlled blimp as the first entry. Even if you’re not crazy about football, I’m sure you can imagine the ironic cheers of appreciation when this gadget takes off during a summer barbeque party …

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R/C Gas Powered Speed Boat

by Al

Gas Powered Speed Boat

If you enjoy remote control toys you’ll like this monster speed demon of a boat. The 54 Inch Gas-Powered Remote Controlled Speedboat is capable of speed up to 35 mph which means you’ll be able wreak absolute havoc on your local pond. The model uses design and technology that wouldn’t be out of place on a regular speed boat, like minimizing the surface area that is in contact with the …

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R/C Missle Launcher

by Al

Remote Control Missile Launcher

If you enjoy a bit of warfare in the office this little remote control gadget may be right up your street. The R/C Missile Launcher is a fully remote controllable armoured vehicle and shoots foam missiles up to 15 feet, guaranteed to make you feared in any office :). Comes with either a desert or green camouflage paint job, so get the one that’s most like your office’s drab color …

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