The Blade Runner 2 mini RC heli: more control!

by Andi

Today’s RC helicopters come in two categories: 1. Those which are too hard to fly for most people because they’re just like the real thing. 2. Others which offer limited controls, but are easier to master. The Blade Runner series of helicopters counters this by offering a dual-rotor design (no torque, no tail rotor needed) with an extra catch. The tail rotor is mounted horizontally rather than vertically. What this …

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Remote Control Jousting Knights

by Al

Jousting Knights

It must be the season for cool (or crazy) remote control toys, we’ve had the uber cool R/C battle tanks and helicopters and the some what strange R/C horse racing and sumo wrestling, This next remote control gadget is both a bit crazy but also cool as you can now combat a friend medieval style with the R/C Jousting Nights.

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Coolest R/C Toy Ever – Picoo Z Sky Challenger with Laser Beams

by Al

Sky Challengers

Last year we reviewed the Picoo Z R/C Helicopter and it turned out to be one of the coolest presents ever, I’ve just read about a new version of Picoo Z, Sky Challenger, which lets you and a mate battle it out in the air. Like the remote control tanks we reported on a few days ago, these new Picoo Z’s use lasers to fire upon each other.

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R/C Battle Tanks

by Al

RC Tanks

Remote control toys are cool, remote control toys that shoot each other are even better and that’s just what the VS Tanks are, miniature battle tanks.

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Horse Racing Gadget Style

by Al

Horse Racing Challenge

I’m not a big fan of horse racing, I’ve been a few times and on each occasion lost my beer money pretty quickly. However this looks kind of fun, Horse Racing Challenge, a Scaletrix like thing with nags instead of cars. This nail-bitingly brilliant game utilises infra-red RC horses, so unlike other horsey racers you actually control your gee gee as it thunders around the track. This means you can …

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iBug – Radio Controlled Caterpillar

by Al

Radio Controlled iBug - Caterpillar

Now even toddlers can have their own remote control toy, the iBug, aimed at 3+ year old gadget lover. That’s what makes iBug different. It has been lovingly designed and created with small children in mind. From their bold colours, flashing antennas, blinking eyes to their simple function and easy to hold controller, the Ibugs are wonderfully fun toys for children aged 3 and up. You can get the iBug …

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Be serious… about your toys! The suitcase racing set

by Andi


Look at this! an aluminium suitcase featuring a nice clean finish. It fits perfectly with your corporate penguin’s suit. It will make you look very good when attending a meeting or just going to work. The real treat however is inside: It’s a guide rail racing track with go-karts. It respects the classic 1:87 scale. The track is well designed, looks pretty tricky to master and totals at about 2 …

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Remote control Flying dinosaur – The Pterosaur

by Al


Remote control toys are often pretty cool, examples being R2D2 and the wall climbing car, and some are just plain old wacky, R/C Sumo wrestlers and the farting teddy spring to mind. I’m not sure yet which category this one falls in, Pterosaur, the remote control flying dinosaur.

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