Swann has trio of new RC helicopters

by Edwin

When it comes to remote controlled helicopters, you cannot really go wrong with a name like Swann backing such an endeavor. After all, this company has had ample experience in the past, rolling out decent RC helicopters, and they now have a trio of new additions with two of those sporting on-board wireless video cameras, while the other will be able to “talk” to an iPhone, iPod and iPad. Both …

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iLaunch Thunder loves your iPhone

by Edwin

Feel like you are the President of the US with the £79.99 iLaunch Thunder – imagine you hold the “nuclear football” in your hands, and you have already been sent all the relevant launch codes to send a reply to North Korea’s recent nuclear attack on one of your country’s military bases – all it takes is a single press of a button, and a retaliatory missile is sent all …

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Micro Mosquito Helicopter 3.0

by Edwin

The Micro Mosquito Helicopter 3.0 is said to be world’s smallest, lightest, quietest, fully-functional RC helicopter. Now those a re a whole lot of superlatives when it comes to describing it, and we are glad to say that you can drop £49.99 for this puppy, as it is now available over at the gadget mavens known as Firebox. Just in case you are in need of spare rotors, those will …

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Crazy 3x3x7 puzzle will challenge you Rubik’s cubists

by Mark R

Our friend’s at Brando, who have created many fun gadgets in the past, have now created the Simplity Cubic 3x3x7 IQ Brick. I think the company is trying to avoid the word Rubik’s Cube due to copyright infringement. It really is the same basic principle, but instead of the 3 x 3 x 3 cube that you must solve, this is a 3 x 3 x 7 Cube. At least …

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Pinoky brings stuffed animals to life!

by Mark R

Bringing stuff animals to life can either be cute, like in Mary Poppins, or horrifying, like in Akira. The Pinoky is really nothing more than a claw with a magnetic grip which has the power to shake a part of stuffed animal. This includes an arm, a leg, or, if you are a snake, the whole body. I will let you decide what the effect of the Pinoky is, but …

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DIY Magnetic Levitating Sculpture Kit

by Edwin

Have you watched David Copperfield in action back when he was the magic superstar of the world? Well, he certainly did mesmerize plenty of folks with his collection and repertoire of tricks in his bag, including making the Great Wall of China disappear, but surely some of the seemingly more basic tricks have caught your attention too, no? For example, the trick of levitating an object or a person is …

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iControl Helicopter

by Edwin

We saw the iControl Ferrari the other day, so here is something which is far less grounded – a helicopter, so to speak, that will take to the skies while your iOS or Android-powered device functions as the controller. The iControl Helicopter will ship with a Smart Link Control which will make it plug into any iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Android device, giving you full and total control of …

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c-Jump Computer Programming Board Game

by Edwin

Some parents wish that they could live out their dreams through their kids, for instance, a pilot might want his son to enrol in the same school that he did when he was a wee lad, charting the son’s life path before he even knows what a Pokemon is. I say let your kids discover for themselves what their lot in life is, you cannot simply force someone to live …

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