Scalextric Star Wars Race Tracks

by Edwin

Oh boy, who can forget the nail-biting podrace where Anakin Skywalker actually managed to beat Sebulba against all odds, securing his freedom from Watto unknowingly in the process? Well, I guess that it does not really matter just which galaxy you are from, but a race is still a race – full of excitement and adrenaline rushes. Having said that, Thinkgeek might have just the thing for you if you …

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Penbo Lovable Penguin

by Edwin

Love makes the world go round, or so that is what we have been taught to believe. Well, some of our friends in the animal kingdom are easily lovable without much effort on your part, such as puppies, kittens, and of course, penguins. It is not going to be easy keeping a pet penguin in your home due to the kind of special environment that it needs to thrive in, …

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LEGO® Movie Tributes

by Alison

We dare not go too long without something LEGO® here at CoolestGadgets. LEGO rocks. Then there is our love of sci-fi movies too. Some fanatical LEGO and movie fans decided to construct tributes to favorite flicks using favorite bricks. features a gallery of 32 different scenes, constructed by fans, paying homage to everything from Star Wars to Wall-E to Planet of the Apes. Major kudos go out to the …

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Rapid Reload Double Marshmallow Blaster

by Edwin

There is nothing quite like recollecting all that had happened in the past, those snazzy adventures and near misses with the rest of your progeny around a campfire, roasting marshmallows in one hand while keeping warm with some hot chocolate in a mug in the other. The thing is, you can also do so indoors, but here we are with another different use for tasty marshmallows – as ammunition. Wait …

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Barbie Photo Fashion Doll – Because Fashion and Photos Just Go Together

by Julie

I played with Barbies when I was a kid, I can’t say it was a very lengthy period of my childhood.I guess Barbie just got a little boring after a while, although I owned a newer Barbie-type concept, it was a doll that came with 3 heads, so you could pop on a different one if you desired a different look. Looking back, it was more than a little strange. …

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Furby: u-nye-loo-lay-doo?

by Julie

Every year as the weather starts to turn cooler and the kids go back to school, I start to get a feel for the holiday presents I will need to get my hands on right away, for whatever reason smack in the middle of September, it all becomes crystal clear… time to dust off my credit card and grab one or two things that I know I probably wont be …

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Giant Monopoly Game

by Edwin

One thing that is timeless about the game of Monopoly is this – greed is still an inherent trait in all of us, where we want more and more in our lives, so much so that owning a monopoly of things is always a good thing as long as we are the owners. Having said that, you might want to relive those classic Monopoly moments of your youth with your …

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Somersaulting Truck Race Track

by Edwin

So those normal race track games are pretty much boring in this day and age of the iPad. What must toy manufacturers come up with in order to wow the audience all over again? I suppose the answer is pretty simple, especially when you take into consideration the explosive kind of action that we see on the big screen these days. With the $99.95 Somersaulting Truck Race Track, you can …

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