What iZ it, it’s an iZ

by Al

As you can probably tell by the picture this is one strange gadget, if we had to guess what it was just by looking at it we’d also struggle. According to the inventors of the iZ the green alien looking thing is an “interactive animatronic DJ/speaker” which basically means it’s a speaker that moves and you can interact with :). You can connect it to your favourite music player using …

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Stress relief…

by Marc

Foam Brick

I’m sure we’ve all had days where we just wanted to throw something. Hard. Usually at someone, or at the very least at something breakable. And most of the time you just don’t follow through – the lawsuits, paperwork and general hassle involved in replacing the windows are all enough to put you off the idea. But I say go for it – just make sure you’re doing it with …

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GammaMaster geiger counter watch

by Marc

GammaMaster watch

I was going to write a post about a cool Japanese watch I saw, but in trying to find it I came across this one which is much better! GammaWatch.com are selling an integrated geiger counter and digital watch, so if those pesky terrorists release a dirty bomb in your immediate vacinity you’ll be the first to know. (Although I think the big bang might be a subtle hint too). …

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Geeky Wrapping Paper for Forum Junkies

by Al

Geeky Paper

It’s all well and good buying the perfect gadget gift for that special geek in your life but wrapping the present in paper covered in clowns or balloons isn’t really appropriate is it now. You can now get much more suitable (and expensive) wrapping paper to prove how much thought you’ve put in to that special present.

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Not your average pogo stick

by Marc


Wow. Pogo sticks have come a way since I was a kid. The ones I remember were not much more than a spring in a tube. You could bounce around with them but you’d not clear more than a foot or so off the ground. The inventors of the flybar obviously decided that wasn’t good enough. They went back to the drawing board and came up with something that can …

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by Anita


Do you believe in UFO’s? Well, all of your friends will after you control this awesome remote controlled flying saucer. Just hide behind the trees or bushes in your neighborhood and see how long it takes for the neighbors to call the police, the fire department and maybe even the president when they see a flying saucer hovering outside their windows. This cool remote controlled flying saucer is made with …

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The Candy Grabber

by Al

Candy Grabber

I remember being taken to the seaside when I was a kid and having a go on those grabber machines which were only ever good at grabbing money off kids. The number of times I’d pick up a teddy that probably was worth less than the cost of a go only to see it fall from the grippers just before the winning post. Well you can reminis on your mis-spent …

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Pixel Blocks

by Al

Pixel Blocks

It’s times like this that I can forgive ThinkGeek and similiar sites for making a sizable dent in my income. But these look cool, an adult neon version of lego. Simpler than that technical stuff but more fun and advanced than the simple straight block, this is cool.

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