iPhone unlocked by teen

by Edwin

I guess it was just a matter of timing, but a locked iPhone proved no match for a 17-year old teenager from New Jersey. George Hotz has successfully managed to unlock the iPhone, allowing it to be used on other operators in the US instead of AT&T (such as T-Mobile, one of AT&T’s biggest rivals). According to George, unlocking the iPhone is not meant for newbies as it requires approximately …

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Walkman powered by carbohydrates

by Edwin


While humans look toward bread and potatoes for their daily sustenance, Sony has decided to let electronics feast on carbohydrates as well. In their latest effort to appear ecologically friendly, the Japanese electronics giant has successfully developed a prototype battery cell that is capable of generating electricity from both carbohydrates and sugar, achieving output of 50 milliwatts in test cells. That amount of juice is more than enough to power …

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Is Redmond engineering a heads up display for automobiles?

by James

Microsoft’s New Adaptive Heads up display

They’ve been in airplane cockpits, feeding airspeed and other data directly to pilots since the early 70s. The 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme became the first production car with one, but sadly, the innovation never really caught on until now … maybe. According to patent filings, Microsoft is developing what it calls an “adaptive heads-up user interface for automobiles.” And, in addition to supplying a driver with speed, rpm, GPS and …

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Palm, the Foleo imbroglio continues

by Fred

the Foleo Imbroglio

First off, thanks to Peter Rojas who penned a great missive about the new Palm Foleo project to the folks at Palm. They’ve developed this new Foleo direction, and well, it doesn’t seem to be the right one. Peter (his article is here over at Engadget by the way). Well, here’s the neat part, they are listening! This is obviously important in a number of ways. First of course, they …

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iPod refresh is long overdue

by Edwin


Everyone and their dog knows that an iPod refresh is long overdue, and hence the suspense of seeing what else Apple can pull out of their hat will definitely set anybody on their seat’s edge. Currently, the world’s biggest rumor mill known as the Internet is alight with some next-gen iPod nano photos (or at least that’s what they pretend to be), although more well known sites have already been …

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Music Games allow kids to Jam

by James

Hannah Montana Music Jam

Last year it was Dance Dance Revolution – a game that allowed users to get a work out while they did the two step to fast paced megahit. Then came Guitar Hero – which allowed axe wielding wannabes to follow hard core riffs and get high scores. Now, it’s all about the Jam as new games go into interactive, yet social gaming. Witness Disney’s latest video game for Nintendo DS …

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Toshiba goes big with High Capacity SD cards

by James

New blazing SDHC cards from Toshiba

Toshiba Japan has announced worldwide distribution of both 16 and 32GB high capacity SD (SDHC) memory cards – the 16GB card ships next month, with the 32GB version coming out in 2008. In addition, they have released an 8GB microSDHC memory card. The cards will sell for about $350 US for the 16GB and twice that for the 32GB card. The microSD card will cost about $175.

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Next-gen DVD format war heats up

by Edwin


Just when you thought that the HD DVD and Blu-ray format war was over with the latter taking the spoils, a new development crops up to shift everything back to neutral ground yet again. Apparently Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. mentioned that they would offer movies exclusively in the HD DVD format instead of Blu-ray despite the latter moving more numbers in terms of sales. Why would both …

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