People-Powered Medical Devices?

by Alison

Medical devices seem to get smaller every year. Think of something as simple as a pacemaker or hearing aid. Like their bretheren PCs, these gadgets that help enhance and extend our lives continue to shrink. Yet the size of a power source to drive the device cannot decrease in size at the same rate.

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2012 Stuff Gadget Award Winners

by Alison

Late last week Stuff, the world’s best-selling gadget magazine, announced the winners of their annual Gadget Awards. Twenty categories – including four voted by readers – saw winners take home the honors during a glitzy bash at the London Film Museum.

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Cocaine Vaccine – Curing Addiction in One Shot?

by Julie

Drug addiction is a plague on society, watching someone succumb to an addiction is a horrible thing. Tearing apart families and causing untold amounts of physical and emotional pain. It must take a tremendous amount of emotional strength to fully recover from something like a true addiction. Luckily, I can’t imagine being in a situation like that, but what if someone I loved was? What would I do then?

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OraQuick – 20 Minute, at Home, HIV Test

by Julie

One of the scariest health epidemics of my generation was HIV. I remember quite clearly its emergence on the scene, the graphic news footage of those first infected, people slowly dying from something so misunderstood and scary. It doesn’t seem to be big news anymore, but it’s still killing people all over the world. Well, OraSure, the company that brought us the first healthcare administered oral specimen HIV test available …

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T3 Awards: Gadgets of the Year

by Alison

Revealed this week were the 2012 T3 Award winners. T3 – the UK’s leading consumer technology resource – once again pitted top manufacturers against each other in the biggest tech award show. Between the 7 judges and the 8th “reader vote” some surprises did arise. ASUS came out on top as Tech Brand of the Year backed by awards for their Eee Pad Transformer Prime (Design Award) and Zenbook UX31 …

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See Through Technology – Real X-Ray Vision!

by Julie

In one of our cars we have that annoying little back-up beeper, you know the one, it senses if anything is behind your car and emits a faster and faster beep tone the closer you get to running whatever it is over. The other car has a backup camera, much less annoying, and it has in fact, prevented me from running over my father in the driveway more than once. …

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Presta – for When You Want it Now!

by Julie

I remember my first apartment, it had orange tweed carpeting, but it was lovingly furnished with rental furniture, and I found it to be a whole lot nicer than my moms old couch, or having the common “mattress on the floor” scenario found in many first apartments. Yes I paid more for it, but the place looked good in spite of the orange carpet, and they came to get the …

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OUYA – Thinking way Inside the Box

by Julie

I probably shouldnt admit it, but I clearly remember our very first video game console. The Magnavox Odyssey. My parents brought it home, and I was mesmerized as it was hooked up to the TV, so many games choices (both Pong and Hockey) and I was able to sit in front of it for hours, with anyone willing to play. It was the beginning of my love affair with technology. …

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