The UNI Case – Sign Language Interpreter

by Julie

Imagine trying to get a job in a country where you didn’t speak the language, and they didn’t speak yours. Think about how difficult it would be to impart your intentions and ideas to someone who had no idea what you were saying. Thats what it is like for about 2 or 3 people out of every 1,000 people in the United States alone, who are “functionally deaf.” Many of …

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5by – Video Sharing taken Personally…

by Julie

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Social media is an unstoppable force. Most folks find that they “share” a whole lot more online, than they ever did face to face. I can hardly remember how information got around before the likes of Facebook and Twitter. I’m not sure what comes next, but it is obvious that new ways to share things are showing up on our horizons everyday, and it is likely that a few of …

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Google announces the HTC Nexus 9

by Edwin


If at first you do not succeed, try again. HTC, the Taiwanese manufacturer that once looked as though there was no stopping them when it came to the world of Android-powered smartphones, eventually fell into a rut that it looked as though they were going to go the way of BlackBerry. However, the HTC One M7 did manage to redeem the company from the brink somewhat, and it seems as …

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Urban Armor Gear delivers rugged case for Surface Pro 3

by Edwin


Having a brand new tablet is more often than not the pride and joy for many a gadget lover, and with that, one will also take into consideration the different protective cases that one can purchase in order to ensure that said new tablet remains in pristine condition for as long as possible. Urban Armor Gear, a name that is synonymous with rugged mobile accessories for urbanites and adventure-seekers, intends …

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Toe The Line Tablet Bot reacts to light

by Edwin


When it comes to the world of robots, it can be an extremely complex topic to talk about. After all, it does range from the really large, industrial kinds to the type that normal people would be more familiar with – such as robots that are depicted in science fiction movies and the ilk. Having said that, what are some of the more interesting robots that you will be able …

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VTech’s InnoTab MAX- New, Fast and Fun!

by Julie


There’s no question that the world has gone high tech. Kids want toys that are “connected” they learn via the electronic screen. Kids see toys, and want to know what it is they do, and at first glance, you may wonder if something is being lost, like the art of creativity? I think that times are changing, and changing quickly. Gadgets for kids will help them keep up, and gadgets made …

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HP Stream range gets expanded with new tablets and laptops

by Edwin


One notable name among the tablet and laptop market would be HP, and this time around, HP intends to expand the HP Stream range of affordable thin-and-light Windows devices by offering two brand new tablets, and an equal number of laptops to boot. All in all, they will be the HP Stream 7 and HP Stream 8 tablets, while the new HP Stream laptops will arrive in 11.6” and 13.3” …

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Amazon Kindle Voyage arrives

by Edwin


When we talk about hardware released by Amazon, one of the surefire topics that rise up would be their range of Kindle e-book readers, such as the Kindle Fire HD that offers plenty of bang for your hard earned buck. Of course, there is also the Kindle Fire smartphone which never really managed to take off in a big way, which could be why Amazon has continued to concentrate on …

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