Oregon Scientific announces MEEP! tablet

by Edwin

So your little one also wants to be like daddy and mummy, craving for a tablet of his or her own and throwing a tantrum that would even irritate the ears of Zeus on Mt. Olympus, what do you as a parent do? Do you give in, or do you place your foot down and show your kid just who is boss? Well, for folks who feel that it is …

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Netflix – Just for Kids

by Julie

I know theres been a lot of changes happening over at Netflix, and some folks are fans, others… not so much. I happen to fall into the fan category. I opted to give up the rentals by mail and use only the streaming videos, along with my regular cable, and using Google TV, I have to say I am NEVER without entertainment options, but do I want my little one …

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Lifeproof Nüüd for iPad

by Edwin

So you have just gotten yourself a spanking new iPad, and will be spending countless hours down the road on the Internet to check out just what are the best kinds of protection that your iPad will be able to enjoy? Look no further if you simply “know” that your iPad is going to end up wet on some days or situations – as the £129.99 Lifeproof Nüüd will be …

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HP ElitePad 900 announced

by Edwin

When it comes to the world of tablets, there aren’t too many choices if you were to take the operating system as the defining factor. After all, most folks would go for one of the two – Android or iOS, although it does seem as though iOS is going to remain top dog for some time to come. We might hear whispers of Microsoft’s Windows RT and Windows 8 operating …

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Apple-worthy iPad® Stand

by Alison

Apple revolutionized the world of PC design. Heck even going back to the SE/30 in the 80s, Apple always took the look of the unit as seriously as the unit itself. And oh boy, has it paid off. The iPad has become the “can’t live without it” device for many. Some even incorporate them into desk environments as an additional resource while working. On its own it looks just as …

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Attention Travelers!

by Alison

Face it, business or student travel really becomes an art form. Staying organized is key. Road warriors have favorite hotel chains, airlines, car rental agencies. We can travel for 3 days in a bag most consider an overnighter. We essentially take our office on the road with sizeable space for laptop, tablet, phone, chargers, books and paperwork. And traveling with all of that is no small task. You can always …

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Zooka – Let’s Get Loud!

by Julie

  I try not to spend a bunch of time dwelling on the negative, but if I do try and think of the downside of some of my newer technology I keep coming up with this… I hate to wear headphones. Yes, I can appreciate the big sound that a great pair of phones can give me, but sometimes I just want to lay my device down and have some …

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The NEW Bamboo Stylus Pocket – Because Fingers are Fat

by Julie

I honestly hate my husbands Smartphone, whenever we’re in the car and he asks me to answer a text for him, I hate it even more. I can’t say that I have particularly chubby fingers, but I can never seem to get through a whole text without mis-typing several letters. I can think of a few phones, tablets, or even some apps that could truly benefit from a nice stylus… …

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