Biblezon comes up with special tablet for the Pope

by Edwin

When you are a revered figurehead and leader like the Pope, you can be sure that you will have your fair share of adoring masses and fans, never mind the fact that you are a spiritual leader to more than a billion people on the planet as well. Well, this means the kind of stuff that you use need not be of the ordinary mold, and this would include the …

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Amazon Fire HD 10 announced

by Edwin


When it comes to tablets, the world is more or less divided into two different segments – one that aligns itself with iOS and Apple in the form of the iPad, while the other would be Android-powered tablets from a myriad of hardware manufacturers. Of course, certain manufacturers prefer to take the road less traveled with a variant of Android, and this time around, we have the Amazon Fire HD …

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Asus Transformer Mini is a lightweight 2-in-1 PC

by Edwin

Transformer Mini

Asus has definitely taken the right steps to work on the Transformer line of devices in the past, where the name itself implies that it is not so much a straightforward piece of hardware, but rather, it comes across as a multiple-use machine that fills up different niches from time to time. For instance, there was the Asus Transformer Book Flip that can function as a tablet or a notebook, …

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E FUN rolls out detachable Nextbook

by Edwin


I am pretty sure that many of us have heard of the name E FUN before, as this is one company that introduced the Nextbook brand which has frankly grown by a few more models over the years. This time around, it has rolled out a spanking new Nextbook that comes with a detachable design, and the company has even marketed it as a gift that you can get for …

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Alcatel Pop 7 LTE hits T-Mobile

by Edwin


Did you know that Alcatel happens to be the number four mobile phone manufacturer in North America? Yes, that might come across as surprising, but this does mean that the company would then have a certain level of know-how when it comes to rolling out mobile devices that are worth your time – and hopefully, money, too. Well, their latest attempt would be the portable LTE connected tablet known as …

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TechFaith Wireless ships rugged JNOTE Android phablet to Europe

by Edwin


Many of us already own a smartphone, and it can be safely assumed that an accompanying device o go along with the smartphone is a tablet. After all, a tablet offers a far larger real screen estate for your eyes to feast upon, not to mention that it will also be able to let you watch movies in a greater level of comfort tan ever before. For those who would …

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Huawei reveals MateBook tablet

by Edwin


Over at Mobile World Congress this year, the folks over at Huawei have managed to roll out the Huawei MateBook, which happens to be a 2-in-1 device that has been specially designed to meet the evolving demands of today’s modern business users. Huawei has had a pretty decent track record in offering beautiful and powerful high-end mobile consumer devices, where their latest outing, the Huawei MateBook, defines itself as a …

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End of the road for the Jolla Tablet

by Edwin


I am quite sure that we are now familiar with the following phrase – every saga has a beginning….before one cues in the Star Wars music and opening crawl. Well, to every beginning, there needs to be an ending as well, but as to whether the ending is a happy one or not remains to be seen. With the Jolla tablet, a device that started off with so much promise. …

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